Monday, December 21, 2009

Mother Connie Sez, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

Mother Connie sez, "Time to take a holiday break! Play with the children! Spend time with your loved ones! Sing Christmas carols! Veg out watching movies and drinking hot mulled cider! Light candles and say prayers! Do something for others as a surprise! Make memories that make your heart go pitter-patter! Above all, have great fun!"

When Mother Connie returns, there will be interesting things to discuss and a new year to welcome.

Here's hoping your holiday will be wonderful and that 2010 will bring you and those you love best all the love and peace and joy possible!

We love you all a special much!

Mother Connie
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Decorations, Anybody?

It's quite possible that the boughs of holly that deck your halls don't include nail polish. But it was nail polish that made us especially glad we were in church today!

Unfinished preparations had been on our minds so Pastor Kathy Rahorst's sermon about being CONCERNED as opposed to WORRYING was timely and very appropriate. As we were filing out of the sanctuary we heard gales of laughter. In learning what the fun was all about, we were shown Bill Koehler's fingernails!

I hasten to mention that Bill Koehler has been 33 as many times as I have so he has a handful of grandchildren. He adores those kids and they hold him in very high esteem. Well, who WOULDN'T love a grandpa who lets the girls decorate HIM for Christmas?

Bill held out his well worn farmer's hands for all to see. On each fingernail was a teeny, tiny Christmas scene from the Baby Jesus in the manger to the Star of David with its light! Bill had patiently and lovingly allowed his granddaughters to paint the little vignettes on all ten fingernails. We giggled because it looked comical and a bit out of Bill's character-after all, he's all guy and a hard working farmer, at that-but we all knew what a kindness, what a gift Bill had given to his whole family.

Any man who is comfortable enough in his own skin to allow people he loves to deck him out in nail polish is a man who is living his truth in love. Those girls will have the best, most delicious memories to pass down to their families one day. Every kid in the world should have such a loving grandfather.

No need there for The Healing Codes!

Merry Christmas!

Connie Baum

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Alternative Healing: Take a Bath?

People who read this blog often ask Mother Connie, "How do The Healing Codes work, really?"

Her answer may seem impudent but it's the truth: "VERY WELL, Thank you."

Here's the thing: If you take a shower you scrub and rub and wash your skin so clean that it turns pink and squeaks. It's labor and work to take a shower! However, if you take a bubble bath, you relax and soak away the grime and there is no effort involved.

When you use The Healing Codes, you do not put forth great effort. The magic takes place because your body is wise and works to activate its own healing centers on its own. The important thing is that the protocol for the codes are practiced regularly.

Dr. Ben Johnson, a traditional medical physician, used The Healing Codes and got dramatic results. You can experience dramatic results, too. Learn more about The Healing Codes by clicking here: I want to have more joy, peace and love in my life!

Mother Connie sez you will have fun using The Healing Codes and even more fun when you see what great results await you!

Connie Baum

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mother Connie Sez: Take Your Own Advice?

After all the ranting and raving Mother Connie offered about not being stressed over the Thanksgiving holiday she is pretty red in the face. Oh, she made her own way, all right.

Stress does funny things to people. Even normal people. SIDEBAR: Who in their right mind thinks Mother Connie is normal? END SIDEBAR.

Here's the thing: There are two characters in the family who live in group homes in two different towns. It is a day long event to collect these guys, now 38 and 43, and all their STUFF to bring them home for a visit. While they are in our home they eat like football players and by the way, these guys will eat anything if it does not eat them first. For that, I am eternally grateful. Oh, and by the way, their return trip involves another daylong event.

Between the coming and going we have 2 extra faces to shave or see so the whiskers vanish; we have 2 more baths to supervise and there are a LOT more games of UNO to be played! It's a change in our routine, it's a change in theirs. And change is not anyone's strong suit.

So, in order to facilitate all the changes, Mother Connie immersed herself in cooking, cleanup and laundry. She made lists so everyone would remember where to be and what to bring. On Saturday, Mother Connie and The Normanator had a serious discussion about all the details of Sunday morning church. The plans were laid for an orderly Sunday morning whereby there would be a simple breakfast. The guys would have help getting ready in their Sunday-go-to-meetin' best and we would arrive in time to set up the communion elements and prepare our part for the following Fellowship time. The Normanator even baked one of his specialty cakes in honor of the day's activities.

Everything went like clock work. Some of us were up before the alarm sounded. Faces were scrubbed, teeth were cleaned, whiskers buzzed away and tummies filled with toast. We stopped to collect the boys' aunt from her home in the assisted living facility and off we drove.

We were the first to arrive at the little country church. It was not until Mother Connie turned on the kitchen light and noticed the calendar that it dawned on her: THIS is not communion Sunday! IT IS NEXT WEEK! So, of course, there would be no Fellowship Hour.

The picnic basket housing the cake was whisked away to the trunk of the car for safekeeping! After we finished laughing we sat, looking at one another; marveling that we had arrived so early, so well prepared and so erroneously.

The poor Normanator-it would have been useless to question this plan before it was executed. The stress level registered off the charts, so it was easier for him to just go along with this cockamamie, ill timed plan of Mother Connie's. Besides, he also thought the First Sunday in Advent meant communion would be served.

Mother Connie is living proof that stress addles the brain. With Christmas looming within the month, she would be wise to settle down and take her own advice about not stressing over the details of the holiday.

At least the family saw the humor in this comedy of errors!

She'll be doing The Healing Codes a little more often now, thank you very much.

Connie Baum
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Giving Thanks?

This week will find people busy making nice for guests, cooking, and sharing the bounty of the harvest with people they love.

Mother Connie wants to add her voice to the many who are offering their good wishes to one another.

There is so much for which we offer our gratitude. Something that tops my list are the faithful readers of this blog. And those who take the time to comment!

Without each you I would have far fewer reasons to hop out of bed each morning. This is the place where you have a soft place to fall; where you can learn about new and better ways to be healthy and happy. We ask God's richest blessings on each of you as you observe your time honored traditions on this Thanksgiving Holiday.

When quiet comes back to your lives after your celebrations, please return to this page. Mother Connie will be here, touting The Healing Codes, nagging everyone about water, reminding her faithful flock to do all the right things for all the right reasons. It's all meant to help you live in your truth, enjoy all the love you need and to live in a perpetual state of joy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Connie Baum

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alternative Healing: What if the Diagnosis is Draconian?

What would YOU do if you got a diagnosis that was as bad as your worst nightmare? Would you seek another opinion? Might you lobby for more money to find a cure? Perhaps you would call for prayer…or just give up.

If I tell you that help from alternative healing might be of value, would you listen and take the appropriate action?

There are as many alternatives to getting and staying well as there are people, I suspect. I have had wonderful results with an alternative that offers great promise to those who are suffering with chronic conditions and might face a bleak and sickly future, if they have any future at all.

I know of a traditional medical doctor, Dr. Ben Johnson, who was at his wits’ end when he learned about Energy Medicine. He was well into the second year of suffering with a dreaded disease that threatened his life. His traditional medical doctor’s bag offered nothing that would improve the quality of his life, nor could it extend it.

Another medical professional, Dr. Alex Loyd, was able to help his wife with a debilitating condition that not only threatened her own life, but her illness affected the quality of life for her entire family unit. That family has been positively impacted because Energy Medicine eradicated the symptoms that plagued them all for decades!

Energy Medicine is a safe, non toxic, and non invasive alternative treatment that human bodies respond to in a very positive manner.

The very first instance of Energy Medicine and my favorite line of defense would be prayer. Its efficacy is legendary and time honored.

Knowing what I do about health, healing and body mechanics, I would supplement prayer with a simple protocol that stimulates the body’s own healing mechanism.

By simply repeating this protocol symptoms vanish because the body knows how to heal itself. The body gets well from the top down, from the inside out, from left to right and from the present to the past.

The reason energy medicine is so effective and produces the results we desire is because it sparks the body to heal in the way it is meant to heal: top down, inside out, left side to right side and from now to before!

Each of our bodies has its own timetable for becoming well. As a trained and licensed massage therapist, I was taught that for every month we have felt unwell, our bodies would be likely to spend three months recovering. If a body has suffered with a chronic ailment, it may take a long time to feel and become as well as we’d like. You cannot hurry this process and you cannot slow it down! Mother Nature has her own way of healing our bodies and our bodies are in tune with her song!

If you or a loved one is not up to par it would be worth your while to pray and to look to Energy Medicine to alleviate any health issues that are looming. A life well lived can be yours by utilizing the alternative healing tool of Energy Medicine.

Connie Baum

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Placebos: Do YOU Believe in Placebos?

Whenever we hurt, whenever we feel puny, whenever we "take something" WE WANT RESULTS and we want them NOW.

Knowing this, physicians are offering PLACEBOS to their patients 50% of the time!

Here's what happened in one case: People who know how to measure these kinds of things figured out that when a placebo was administered to one patient who complained of chronic pain the patient's body actually manufactured morphine!

How can this be? It can happen because the body believed a lie! The body knew it could get relief. The patient believed this so strongly that the body created the very chemistry that would offer relief! Bruce Lipton writes about this sort of thing in "Biology of Belief" and it is riveting.

You must be wondering...if we get the desired result for chronic pain, can we have desired outcomes for our money issues? Relationships? Mental problems?

The short answer is yes. But I hasten to add that believing lies is not always a good plan. We have learned lies from infancy on. They do not always serve us well.

Results require POWER. That's an important point so I am going to repeat it: Results require POWER. THE POWER THAT'S REQUIRED IS BELIEF.

The power of belief comes from IMAGES. Image-less thought is impossible. We think in pictures. When our brain has images of incorrect ideas, or as Dr. Alex Loyd loves to call it-"heart junk"-we are believing lies. When the correct images for the truth are called up we can get the results we want in our lives. Our relationships will flourish, we will attract the success and income we deserve, we will have glowing good health and our lives will be joyous and peaceful.

The Healing Codes are NOT a placebo. The Healing Codes provide a power tool for calling up healthy images in our brains and hearts so we can live our lives in truth and joy and harmony. The Healing Codes are powerful "results getters" and provide an alternative healing program that could be used in conjunction with traditional medical practices.

Here is where to click to find out more about how The Healing Codes can help you with your life's challenges: CLICK HERE NOW.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mothers and their Dishes

If it weren't for our parents, we could not set the table! In fact, the table itself was owned by The Fred Baums and it stretches out like no other table I have ever had the pleasure to use!

The only tablecloth large enough to cover the table's great girth is one that Norm's mother had! You can see it in this photo, along with his mother's glassware that looks so pretty in our china cabinet. The china we use for special occasions is the same china my mother purchased at Omaha Crockery Company in the 1950's. I was bored with that shopping trip at the time; now I revel at every opportunity to bring those pieces out of the display case and onto the grand dining table!

Our table was set for 10 people on Sunday to celebrate a luncheon with the families of our church's newly formed Youth Group. Isaac had requested vegetable beef soup so that's what we had. The only problem with that menu item? The hostess served it over toasted French Bread. WHAT WAS I THINKING? The guests were kind enough to bring salad, rolls, desserts and great conversation to the table.

Sadly, we were missing one of our own-she was feeling puny that day-but it was a great way for your humble blogger to mark one more 33rd birthday.

The day was fraught with truth and love. And laughter, mixed with great memories.

Come to think of it, there was no official birthday cake. Thank GOODNESS. I would have just eaten it and I might get to be as wide as that antique table. That would not make for a another comfortable 33rd year...again.

The kind of special day we had on this occasion does not lend itself for the need for alternative healing or energy medicine or therapy.

No wonder I love my life!

Connie Baum

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Alternative Healing: The Very Last Word?

Seasoned police officers will tell you that if four people on four connecting corners witness an accident, each one will give a very different account of the event. Each person has his own unique perspective. Perspective changes one's attitude...if we change our attitude, we change everything in our world.

Keeping perspective and attitude in mind, let's examine an imaginary scenario:

What would you say to the person you love the most if it were to be your last word to them?

If you were going away on an extended trip or if they were ill and preparing to pass away or whatever reason you might think - what would your very last word to them be?

There is little doubt you would want your last words to your beloved offer them the key to a successful life and make a positive difference for them.

Let me tell you about Terri Cook. Terri was a player in a small church drama group. One evening as the actors were performing, Terri came out, spoke her lines and promptly dropped dead! It was a mystery as to why a perfectly healthy young student would leave this world so seemingly prematurely but she was gone.

After Terri's passing, her friends and family took note of letters and notes she had written to them. Every one had been signed, "Love Always!" almost as a command from the young lady.

One of us might wish to have our loved ones remember to be persistent, according to what Winston Churchill admonished in his "Never give up" speech. Another of us might want to be remembered for living life lavishly or doing good for others or any number of pieces of advice.

If we think about it, we want the people who mean the most to us in our lives to seek truth. We would hope that they would always live their lives with hearts open and lives filled with joy because they always sought truth.

What WOULD you leave as your last words to your most cherished people?

Whatever words we choose to leave with our loved ones, that represents our own personal truth. LET US LIVE THAT VERY TRUTH NOW.

I'd like to challenge you to consider your 'last words' carefully and return here to post your ideas in the comment box. You are free to be anonymous. There are no correct or incorrect answers; only your perception.

If you'd like to learn more about alternative healing, energy medicine and living with truth and love, please go here: The Healing Codes

Monday, November 2, 2009

Holidays and Family Dynamics: Are You Stressed?


It's that time of year when families gather and sibling rivalry can reign supreme in homes all over the country! The expectations everyone has for a "perfect" holiday scenario can lead to some hurt feelings, opening of old wounds, and general misery if we don't take care to avoid all the negativity.

Mother Connie has some unsolicited advice for everyone. Keep in mind that advice is only worth whatever you pay for it. In this case, I offer it gratis. but I also extend my ideas to you in love. I want everyone to experience the joy in YOUR LIVES that I have in my own.


  1. Make certain everyone gets enough rest and sleep!
  2. Keep all mealtimes, including holiday feasts as simple and as regular as possible. Offer healthy snacks to everyone, not just sugary, calorie laden treats-even though you deserve them.
  3. Stick to a routine as closely as possible to normal. If you don't HAVE a routine, I highly suggest you establish one, however loosely.
  4. Lower your expectations. Unmet expectations can crush your joy.
  5. Drink your water!
  6. Eat your vegetables!
  7. Take your whole foods supplements!
  8. Be grateful for every aspect of your life and don't be shy to express it!
  9. Remember to be generous to everyone! This does not include spending money you cannot afford to spend. Give of your time and attention, not material things.
  10. Take time out for yourself when you have needs: naps, hair care, pedicures-only YOU know what YOU need to feel de-stressed.
  11. Live your life in truth and with love.
  12. Stay in a positive frame of mind, relax and have fun!
If you follow Mother Connie's lead you will be able to stand with her and echo the sentiments you've heard from her so often: "I LOVE MY LIFE!"

If you do not love your life and your family dynamics have gotten the better of you, go here now to get the help you deserve by using an effective alternative healing tool. HELP IS HERE. NOW.

Connie Baum

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Alternative Healing: What Are You Missing?

Does it ever seem to you that something's missing? Do you ever feel as if maybe you don't have all the PIECES you need to make your life complete?

The truth of the matter is that we ALL arrive on the planet with something missing. This is normal, so there's no need to be alarmed.

People are just a little like computers, in that we have "hardware" which is our instinctual survival instinct. We also have "software" or cellular memory which we acquire from our parents quite naturally. There is more "software" that we get from life experiences from birth to around 5 or 6.

Babies and little children exist in Delta/Theta brain waves. EVERYTHING they see, hear, experience and think goes into their programming. Some of it is true; some of it is not. There is no filter on this programming; it just goes in.

The thing we are missing is not A PIECE but PEACE itself.

An example of how that works might be the way life worked for a bright young woman we will call Ava. Ava had an IQ of 180. It was anticipated that she would go to Wall Street, land a high paying job and take the world by storm. It was not to be, for she sabotaged herself and this brilliant career never materialized.

The reason? When Ava was 5 years old and still in Delta/Beta brain wave mode, her mother gave Ava's sister a popsicle but Ava got nothing. In Ava's 5 year old mind this meant that something was wrong with her and she did not deserve to have a popsicle...or anything else in life.

When Ava learned that it was a falsehood that kept her in "failure mode" she was able to be healed of that untrue belief and her life became highly successful after all.

If we believe lies and falsehoods, we live in misery. If we are living lives filled with truth and love we can experience unbridled joy.

This is not to say that we will never have problems or challenges. It simply means that we will think differently about life's circumstances and brush aside things we might have suffered over before we knew the truth.

The tool that helped Ava's life turn around was an alternative healing method known also as energy medicine. This tool is the wave of the future and helps provide breakthrough after breakthrough for many people. You can learn more about the most amazing alternative healing method on the planet by clicking on this link: Here is where to find YOUR PEACE.

Connie Baum

Monday, October 26, 2009

Energy as a Medium for Art?

I have bragged about energy for a very long time.

You have read all my diatribes about using the energy of color; you have seen many posts about healing with energy. No doubt you have seen the remarks made by my artist friend, Ralph P. Brown who emphasizes the energy of art pieces.

Today something about energy caught my attention and no matter where I put my attention, will not exit my thoughts. Here's the thing:

When my dear and long time friend, Sheila, went to church she met a woman who was wearing a cape. She knew who the woman was but had not actually met her until yesterday. All she knew was that this was The Cape Lady.

Just before Sheila settled herself for the service, the woman handed Sheila the cape she had been wearing. Sheila was astonished at the FEELING she noticed and held the cape, cuddling against it for a whole hour! She said that the energy of it was like holding a newborn baby. Before the worship began, Sheila inquired about the cost of a cape. The violin music and meditation of the service further wrapped Sheila as she held the woman's cape. Sheila was mesmerized by the energy of The Cape Lady's garment.

Before the worship service ended, Sheila wrote out a check and gave it to The Cape Lady so she could have her very own cape. Living in a cold mountain climate, she would really utilize the warmth of it.

The Cape Lady then gave Sheila her business card and invited her to go to lunch.

Last night Sheila visited the website listed on the business card and was dumbstruck! She was in AWE of what lay before her! You will be, too, when you see what this incredible woman has to say about the creation of the capes she makes to wear, to give and to sell.

The energy and love that is infused into these capes is phenomenal. Finding the correct fabric, choosing the proper style-the whole process is for this artist, a spiritual experience!

Sheila is a self-described "unconditional lover of people" so it's no wonder she attracted The Cape Lady to her! Please visit The Cape Lady and see for yourself the wonder of Energy as a Medium for Art! Then you will begin to understand Sheila's fascination.

When you've seen the beauty of this process, return to this page and leave your comment, won't you, please? We appreciate you so much! YOU give US energy and it feels as good as those capes!

Connie Baum

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Color as a Cost Effective Home Remedy?

When I went to kindergarten I thought it was great fun to use the Crayolas in the coloring can. I loved coloring in the designs our teacher, Miss Williams, provided for us. I never was artistic; oh, how I envied David Barta because he could draw the most perfect, prettiest yellow bananas! I fancy that David Barta became a graphics artist because of his great use of color in kindergarten!

The most profound experience I ever had with color was when I studied Massage Therapy. I was fascinated to learn that any color could be used to change-improve-the energy in the human body.

I bought brightly colored fabric samples and performed kinesiology or muscle tests on my clients to see how color affected them. It was amazing to discover that the color of a wheelchair a person spent time sitting in could adversely affect their body’s strength! It was equally astonishing to see how a different color could improve the person’s strength!

As I studied various Massage Therapy techniques I was delighted to learn about how the notes of the musical scale and the colors of the rainbow resonate at the same rate! Then I discovered that simply by using crayons-OR PRETENDING TO USE CRAYONS-amazing and wonderful things took place!
I’ve collected a few stories about color and how to use it.

My friend, Renita, used a purple headband on the morning when she felt she was not focusing. She reported to me that she was especially productive that day. Another time she was uncomfortable with a headache. She found her purple ribbon and shortly after she put that around her head her headache was history! These things made Renita a firm believer in the use of color with efficacy.

Just the other day Renita’s husband, Jerry, had difficulty with his throat and found swallowing to be a problem. Renita suggested that he use his finger, pretending that it was a light blue crayon. She asked him to stroke downward on his neck to make an imaginary light blue line, which he promptly did. She said the look on his face said it all as he swallowed easily!

Jerry and Renita also like that they did not have to spend a dime for this relief!

I know that if you are still reading this, some of you are rolling your eyes and scoffing. Just because you don’t BELIEVE this to be true, does not make it untrue! It’s not about what you believe; it’s about the energy of color!

When females use color, it’s most effective to begin with the tailbone and work up to the crown of the head. For males, start at the crown and work toward the tailbone.

For simplicity’s sake I offer you an example of how you might use color for a guy’s body:

Forehead: PURPLE
Nose/Mouth: DARK BLUE

Chin to Collar Bone: LIGHT BLUE

Collar Bone: BLUE-GREEN

Chest: GREEN


Low Back: ORANGE

Tailbone: RED

As an example of how to alleviate a man’s low back pain, for instance, you might apply orange. It could be a piece of fabric; you could apply crayon markings, stroking downward; you could even IMAGINE orange color on that area. This is energy healing in its simplest form.

And it doesn’t cost a dime!

Connie Baum

Friday, October 23, 2009

Got Depression?

These boys appear NOT to be depressed...

Depression is...well, depressing.

Those who suffer with it describe it as very, very dark and miserable. They search, sometimes for years, to find the answers they long to have. Entire families are affected by depression-it seems to be a family affair because every member of the household is touched by the depressed person's misery. Depression invades every aspect of every life.

There can be a physical manifestation of pain. There can be anxiety, despair and inability to function. The person with depression can be cranky, out of sorts and very unpleasant. They may have extreme mood swings. People who have feelings of depression live in fear and falsehoods. They feel very unhappy; joy escapes them.

Dr. Alex Loyd is married to a woman who suffered from depression. That's what led him to the discovery of The Healing Codes.

Many ailments begin with stress. Dr. Bruce Lipton has written extensively about how our bodies are designed to go into fight-or-flight mode for our protection. But if we STAY in that mode long enough illness and disease can follow 95% of the time. That's a staggering statistic and a good reason to DE-stress.

Doctors often experience extreme stress. This was true for Dr. Ben Johnson. A successful physician, he was a very sick man when he found The Healing Codes-or did THEY find HIM? In any case, Dr. Ben used The Healing Codes and became free of a debilitating disease. So did Mrs. Alex Loyd. I am pleased to report that she has recovered from her serious, life-threatening depressive condition.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, M.D., Nobel Prize Laureate in Hungary said this:
"Treating humans without the concept of energy is treating dead matter."

The Healing Codes work with the body's own mechanisms on an energetic level. Our every cell-we have TRILLIONS, by the way-resonates with energy and our bodies are wise enough to correct imbalances as the Codes are implemented.

Prayer was the first spiritual healing. I would not bypass prayer in the matter of depression or any other matter. I would suggest looking into The Healing Codes, however. They are non toxic, non invasive and fun to do.

We could all live our lives with the pure joy and fresh abandon of the little guys in the picture above, if only we would live our lives in truth and love.

For more information about The Healing Codes, click on these words now.

Connie Baum

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Was Prayer the First Energy Medicine?

I have a couple of questions to ask you:
  1. What SHOULD you be doing?
  2. Why aren't you doing that?
The chances are excellent that we all know what we ought to be doing. The reason why we don't? Well, we may not know why. We also may be dismayed because we CANNOT DO whatever it is.

Sir Isaac Newton came up with a few laws that applies to this sort of thing. It was he who first discovered that whatever is in motion continues to be in motion until something comes to stop it. The only thing that interferes with us performing certain acts will be the pain it causes us.

Another of Newton's laws deals with our capability to effect changes. We must have the POWER to change and willpower is NOT on that list! Stanford's Bruce Lipton proved that our beliefs are a million times more powerful than our willpower!

Thirdly, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This accounts for the domino effect when any change takes place.

So you see, if we have an issue in our lives that is causing us grief we will wait until the pain of that issue is unbearable. We will focus on change and the pain will lift, being replaced with pleasure.

Let's use divorce as an example, just to illustrate a point. When someone is unhappy in their marriage, they imagine that by divorcing the spouse life will be perfect. Or they may feel that IF ONLY the spouse would be more subservient the marriage would improve. They may even suppose that if they, themselves, become more subservient, life would be peachy all around.

In the example I just drew for you, all the blame was on the EXTERNAL. The reality is that ALL ISSUES begin INTERNALLY. It has to do with programming. Solomon knew all this 3000 years ago but medical science is just now catching up to that. We tend to believe that our problem is external but if/when we change the focus to the internal problem, we completely change the problem!

When soldiers returned from World War I and bore no scars but were terribly afflicted by the battles they fought we began to understand that injuries do not necessarily show up in the physical plane. But the UNconcious mind can be damaged just as terribly as when flesh is torn by bullets. 95% of all illness can be traced by stress! What could be more stressful that a war-torn battlefield?

Appropriate tools are necessary to do any job. In working with stress, illness, any internal issue we need effective and appropriate tools. Early on in mankind's history, prayer was the first power tool of Energy Medicine. It is without a doubt the best first line of defense for any problem. The second is The Healing Codes. You are encouraged to learn about this easily accessible and efficacious tool right now by visiting this link: The Healing Codes.

Many people have changed their lives by using these tools on a regular basis. When you change a problem and your approach to solving the problem, you create a chain reaction that improves everything quite rapidly.

Raise your hand if you are now ready to do what you know you should be doing!

Connie Baum

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Healing Codes: Got a Couple of Minutes?


It only takes a couple of minutes on a regular basis to eliminate the damage stress can cause.

Here we will name a few of the causes of stress:
  • Workplace issues
  • Money Woes
  • Fear of (fill in the blank)
  • Worries of health-your own health or the health of other family members
  • Loss of self esteem, death of a loved one, devastating fire or flood
It's normal to experience stress but when stressful feelings go on over an extended period of time it is hard on a person's physical health. Here are some of the results of excessive, ongoing stress:

  • Insomnia
  • Tension/Anxiety
  • Unclear Thoughts
  • Errors
  • Poor Judgment
  • Irritability/Anger
  • Depression
  • Blood Pressure Issues
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Ulcers
  • Asthma
  • Premature Aging
There is nothing on that list I'd want for me or anyone I love. So, what's a person to DO?

Dr. Alex Loyd, who discovered The Healing Codes and his partner, Dr. Ben Johnson, who was healed of Lou Gehrig's Disease, often inquire of people, "Do you feel stressed?" The answer may surprise you, as it did me. 50% of people say 'yes' they feel stress and 50% of them say 'no' to that question!

What that means is that half of us are accustomed to stress and no longer notice that it is problematic!

That's what leads us to the second list-all the maladies that can befall us if we do not get that stress under control. We want to control the stress, not the other way round!

If you are stressed or if you feel OVER stressed, here is what you can DO: please visit The Healing Codes to learn all you can about them. Life is meant to be lived with joy and peace. By spending a couple of minutes daily or even oftener, you can be relieved of the misery stress is capable of causing.

Connie Baum

Monday, October 12, 2009

Family Portrait?

The beautiful baby in the baptismal dress is Avery Ryan.
Her maternal grandmother, who fashioned this frock from her own wedding dress, is standing Center Right.
The adorable little boy is Jacob Robert and these are our grandchildren.
Oh, the cute couple on the sofa are our kids.
The seasoned folk standing with proud grins? Those would be the grandparents.
The baptism was performed by Rev. Jim Miller at Trinity Methodist church in Lincoln, Nebraska on October 11, 2009.

We will hold the memories of the sacred ceremony, the bell choir, the children's sermon, even the sermon for the adults-and the family bonding in our hearts forever.

Our kids are parents who can be admired; we hope other families emulate their devotion to those they love best. The in-laws are people we respect and whose company we enjoy. This group of folks is bright and cheery. They are relaxed and hospitable, too.

Indeed, we are blessed.

If the relationships in your life are not as filled with joy as this group's please consult the good folks at The Healing Codes to repair that issue. If you live your life in truth and love you can be just as blessed. Click on these words for more information.

Are You Taking Time to Smell the Roses?

If your life is anything like mine you are a busy person. You have responsibilities where you live, where you work and maybe you are involved in community activities and events which require your attention.

I'd like to invite you stop whatever you are doing and take a moment to reflect on your life.

Ask yourself these questions. Only honest answers matter:
  • Are your days filled with activities that nourish you?
  • The people in your life should nurture your being...but, do they?
  • Do you feel as if your work matters to not only you but to others?
  • Sometimes, do you think you'll never get things finished?
  • Is there ever a nagging thought that your work, your products, even YOU are inadequate?
  • Thoughts of a negative nature can creep in uninvited-are they invading YOUR head?
Deepak Chopra, well known author, says we are spiritual beings having human experiences.

As spiritual humans we might like to consider taking an occasional break from a demanding world with too much to do and too little time to get it all done! We would do well to SCHEDULE some time just to BE.

I'm going to give you permission right this moment to feel free enough, confident enough, worthy enough JUST TO BE. Take the time to smell the roses, if that's your desire. If you prefer to nap on the couch, be my guest. Perhaps you have in mind to take the whole day off and go to a matinee. You might even decide to have popcorn with real butter!

When you were little you felt entitled to sit under a tree-or IN a tree-reading a book or coloring. You may have sung or whistled spontaneously and loudly. You never hesitated to run like the wind or just sit in a porch swing and listen to the birds.

But as we grow and become more and more responsible that little child within us gets pushed aside. We work longer and longer hours because it is the responsible thing to do.

Samuel Hahnemann, the famed homeopathic physician, taught us that less is more.

When we take the time to retreat for a while to follow our passion we come back to our responsibilities more fully prepared to be as creative and productive as possible.

So, what do you say? Let's go turn cartwheels in the driveway and be our best selves! I'll beat you out there!

Connie Baum

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Healing Codes: How ARE You, Really?

How are you? I mean, how ARE you? Really?

Lila thought she was quite fine. For 25 years she had followed Mother Connie's advice to the letter: she ate organic foods, practiced yoga, got adequate sleep-the whole nine yards. Lila was shocked to realize she was suffering with a serious problem when she was diagnosed with a serious illness, replete with strange, debilitating symptoms. When someone recommended The Healing Codes, Lila began to use them faithfully with results she describes as "feeling as if she has been rewired." She is delighted with the progress she is making and feels at peace.

Things change in our lives. If we become ill, that is a gradual process and when we work toward wellness, that, too, is a journey. Sometimes that feels like a steep, uphill climb.

The Healing Codes do not address physical symptoms. They help to alleviate stress and the body's healing mechanism automatically goes into action to bring the body into balance, which includes bringing physical symptoms into alignment. The emotional, mental and spiritual aspects assist in healing the physical body.

Dr. Alex Loyd devised The Healing Codes when he was eager to find help for his wife. It's very likely there was Divine Intervention in that instance, because Dr. Loyd and The Healing Codes program has impacted one life after another in positive ways. When we live our lives in truth and with love, wonderful things take place. We become the people God meant for us to be.

You don't have to feel unwell to benefit from this amazing program. You don't have to suffer to improve your life. There is no need for anyone to experience failure or weight issues or relationship problems. There is hope and that hope will not present itself in the form of a prescription or toxic chemical. It is neither complicated nor invasive.

Mother Connie Sez: You will appreciate having The Healing Codes. I know I have. Oh, yes, and the FTC wants you to know that the good people at The Healing Codes will pay me something if you order the product. I want you to know that you need The Healing Codes whether I see a dime or not. If you don't want to do business with Mother Connie, then you are free to pursue the codes on your own. I just want people to be well and happy. My hope is for everyone to live their truth in love and experience the joy that I know.

Connie Baum

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Healing Codes: Loving or Hateful Thoughts?

Al was a young college student. He found the girl he wanted to marry. To his horror, she informed him she 'just wasn’t that into him' and she broke off their engagement. Turns out she had been dating other men in addition to Al.

Brokenhearted, he moped around the campus. Friends of his former fiancé made an effort to console him. He felt betrayed that her friends had known about the other men for a year but never told him until after the break-up.

Al’s response was to offer to submit to a paper cut and let them pour lemon juice into it; he was thoroughly distraught and felt THAT would be less painful than the misery he felt from his situation and the way it had been handled!

Al learned the painful lesson that thoughts are critical to our well being.

It would be good to have a lasso, just like the cowboys use, to collect negative thoughts and tie them up.

Just as an example, let’s analyze thoughts about going to the grocery store.

Let’s suppose for a moment that we need to buy milk. First, we think about the need for milk. Then we consider that it is 5 PM and the traffic to the store and within the store will be terrible. Besides, we remember that we wanted to watch a particular television program at that time. We think perhaps we could let the milk purchase go until the next day. But we realize milk will be important to have at breakfast time…

See how these thoughts unfold?

We could analyze those thoughts: We could tell ourselves things like these: “We should have bought more milk the last time we shopped” or “I can’t ever plan ahead.” We might tell ourselves we are “too lazy to go” or “ashamed to be unprepared.” We think we are “too disorganized” and “we’ll never get organized” or other unrealistic thoughts.

Here’s how to divide those thoughts into one camp or the other: WHO WOULD TELL ME THESE THINGS? Someone who loves me? Or, would it be someone who hates me?
Here is the criterion:
Things said lovingly and in truth come from someone who loves us.

So now we know that pretty much every negative thought can be chalked up to fear and lies!

Next time a negative thought crosses YOUR mind, pay close attention to it. Think about whether it comes from a place of love and truth or from a hideous untruth, borne of lies and deceit.

Living in truth and love will help us all live our best lives, be our best selves and make the world a much more delightful place for everyone everywhere.

Prayer was the first Energy Medicine. To learn more about Energy Medicine and how it can partner with prayer, click on these words. You will be amazed and delighted at how Energy Medicine will improve your life.

Dr. Roger Callahan determined that no matter how depressed or desperate a person is, we ALWAYS all respond in truth to these statements:

“I want to be healthy.”
“I want to be sick”


Energy Medicine is a wonderful tool to enhance our well being. Be sure to tell those in your sphere of influence about Energy Medicine.

Connie Baum

Monday, October 5, 2009

Birthday Parties are Fun at ANY Age; Even 18. Again.

We have been privy to Mother Nature's wardrobe change. She is doffing the rich varied greens of summer and donning the golds, reds and browns of autumn. She looks to be quite the Fashionista.

The reason for our opportunity to enjoy her 'runway appearance?' A birthday party which took place two hours from our home.

Michael Birdsong turned 43 over the weekend. He is our adopted son. He lives in a Group Home because he is considered "special needs." We just think of him as our Resident Character. He came to us 40 years ago and has been entertaining us ever since.

He's been obsessing about his Big Day since 2008.

This is nothing new. While he lived in a nursing home he designated himself the ad hoc "Card Guy" and made it his life's work to prepare a card for everybody's everything. Birthdays, anniversaries, Get Well Soon-you name it. He had a card for that. One year he took a card to the nurses' station and asked the people there if they wanted to sign it. Of course, they were delighted to participate. They put their John Henries on the page and he folded the card and pressed it into his fanny pack. Some thought to inquire who the card was for and he proudly announced "ME!"

Every year we wrangle about how OLD he should be. Since I proclaim to be 33-which nobody in their right mind believes now-I INSIST he should tell everyone he is 18. I rationalize this to him by reminding him that I am the mother and the mother gets to decide. He believes I am 33 but he will have none of the 18 business.

His dad and I took him to a nice place for lunch and presented him with a CD player. He was taken aback. He has always been into tapes but failed to note that it is now 2009 and CDs are the thing. I loaded the little machine with a CD of a church service and his face lit up as if in neon: "MOM! There's music on some guy is talking to me!"

I don't know what was the best part for him; the CD with the guy or the humongous barbecued pork sandwich he ordered. Maybe it was that his root beer was in a bottomless glass and the waitress fussed over him each time she refilled it. Or it could be that his best part was the cheesecake that topped off his lunch.

The best part for me was hanging out with two of my favorite guys.

I'm so grateful for Energy Medicine.
Without learning about that we may still be visiting Michael Birdsong in the nursing home.

Connie Baum

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mother Connie Sez: Water is a Girl's Best Friend

Mother Connie has nagged about water for years. Yesterday Mother Connie herself used some oft-given advice of her own to rid herself of a pesky headache.

Headaches are far more common than we may realize. Pain is caused because there is too much energy in one place. Water is good to dissipate pain because it carries that energy away from the congested place in your body-in the case of headaches, your skull-and makes the body more comfortable.

By drinking more good water, that headache disappeared as if by magic.

There are more tricks up Mother Connie's sleeve when it comes to headaches. The oldest trick in the world is to run HOT HOT HOT water in a bathtub. Add enough water to cover your ankles. Sit with your feet in the hot water and apply ice to your forehead and the back of your neck. Sacks of frozen peas work as well as anything, if you don't have bona fide ice packs. You can laugh if you like, but water used in this way works like a charm because the heat draws the pain to the bottom of the body and the ice helps that process.

Another good tip for headaches is to use the color purple. The color purple has an energy that resonates with the top of the head. Because of that, purple is a good color to use to stimulate creativity, imagination, memory, and focus so when you use purple on your headache it relieves the discomfort.

Here is how to use color for such a remedy:

Pretend your finger is a crayon, paintbrush or colored pen. Use this imaginary tool to apply PURPLE to your head. Simply use your finger to write the word "PURPLE" wherever your head hurts.

See? I have not asked you to spend a penny! And these ideas are practical because they are effective!

To avoid headaches and other discomforts of life it is wise to take in 1/2 ounce of water for every pound of body weight. If you weigh 100 pounds, you would do well to take in 50 ounces of water.

DRINK WATER, NOT FLUIDS! Just because your coffee or tea was made with water doesn't mean that counts as water. When you add something-anything-to water, it's not just water any more. Simply because something-soda or juice, for instance- is WET does not indicate that it is water. Water cleanses, balances and brings harmony to your body. That creates harmony in every aspect of your life.

Mother Connie sez! CLICK HERE NOW to learn about really good water!

Connie Baum

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Healing Codes: What Do YOU Do?

We have a house guest with us for a few days. Our son, Andrew, lives in a group home with a couple of other fellows and there is Staff who looks after them. We thought it would be fun to give him a change of pace and bring him home with us for a few days' "vacation." His being here has changed the dynamic in the house and it's been interesting.

One of Andy's favorite questions to ask is, "What do you do tomorrow?" Sometimes he just wants to know what you DO.

He did not know how to respond when I answered that question with "5 things!"

You may not know, either. So I will tell you one of my habits.

It is my custom to write a To Do list at the end of every day so I can start each morning with focus and purpose. When that is done I list AT LEAST five items for which I am grateful. Numbers are not my forte` so I often make a list that's twice that long.

SIDEBAR: When I'm dead and gone and my kids find those notebooks filled with Mom's scribbly notations they will know for sure Mom was 'touched in the head!' Hopefully, they will find it at least mildly amusing. END SIDEBAR

My list may include the names of people who have touched my life that day or it may be physical things, like Mom's good dishes or new socks. Mostly it's details like colors and cloud formations and sunsets or having fresh tomatoes or crunchy garden carrots or a joke for a meeting.

I like to thank the Creator for favorite teachers from school and memories and picnics. I am fond of listing books I've read or foods I prepared or having a good hair day. It makes me feel good to list my good health, my warped sense of humor, a blog post I liked.

I enjoy thanking God for electricity and great laundry equipment, right down to the clothespins, and a line that was recently and lovingly adjusted by The Normanator so the sheets don't scrape the grass!

Whatever it is in your life that makes you feel grateful, keep a running list. You'll be delighted at the joy it gives you when you read the list later and remember how nice it was to have hot water after you mowed the yard or how great it is to have a coffeemaker that brews the stuff just the way you like it.

Our lists could fill an entire billboard. But we keep them private and add to them as the blessings pour into our lives.

One of the greatest assortment of blessings to come my way has been Dr. Alex Loyd; Dr. Ben Johnson; Ken Johnston; their informational conference calls and, of course, The Healing Codes.

What do YOU do?

Connie Baum

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Healing Codes: Are You in Crisis Mode?

There is no denying that we live in trying times. The economic picture is gloomy. People are losing their homes. Floods and fires and war and strife dominate the newscasts on every channel of the television. Some of us feel anxious and worried. We are so afraid it makes us sick. Literally.

There are three things we can do when we feel as if we are in crisis mode. In fact, things can be going swimmingly in the EXTERNAL environment but if we are INTERNALLY feeling stressed and critically upset, we ARE in that crisis mode. The reverse is also true: when things are bad outside ourselves, we can feel a peace inside ourselves if we keep our wits about us.

Here are the three things to keep in mind:
  1. Remember who you are.
  2. Keep to the fundamentals.
  3. Give up the end result.
1. Whenever we feel so badly that it is a crisis, we have lost our identity. We have had thoughts of self rejection; someone has rejected us in some way; we might feel rejected by God. We feel shame or guilt. We feel we have been judged or unforgiven. We feel inadequate. We feel so bad that we are in a crisis mode. It is important to remember the truth about who we really are.

2. Keeping to the fundamentals means that we will live moment by moment in truth and love. If we remain in falsehoods and fear, we stay in crisis mode. Truth and love will deliver us into states of success, high energy, joy, peace and fun!

3. By giving up the end result, we relinquish expectations. Dr. Dan Gilbert of Harvard University and Dr. Joe Mercola have thoroughly researched the matter of expectations and have concluded that the expectations of future results are absolutely sure to kill happiness! The chronic state of feeling fight or flight produces internal crises that cannot produce joy or any good thing.

It's very important to focus on truth and love. Do you remember the song whose words said something like "Accent-uate the positive; eliminate the negative and don't mess with Mr. In Between?" That lyricist understood the critical nature of living in truth and love.

If shame, guilt, fear and all the rest of it are too much to tolerate, and you have grave difficulty finding truth and experiencing love you would benefit mightily from prayer and Energy Medicine. Prayer was probably the very first Energy Medicine "product" and it is highly effective. Energy Medicine is yet another tool in the tool kit of life.

You can learn all about Energy Medicine by clicking here

Connie Baum

Thursday, September 17, 2009


One of my favorite activities is reading. I just received a delightful offering and I want you to know how much I enjoyed it, so I am making this review available for your perusal here:

One must never, ever judge a book by its cover or by how thick or thin it is.
This is particularly true for Camille Olivia Strate's new book titled, "Whispers."

Just observing the charming and inviting front cover of the book, you might imagine that this is a quick and easy read and that devouring the entire volume might be done over a lunch break.

You might be able to read it on your lunch break, but I could not have done it on mine. There were problems, you see. The author neglected to post a "Tissue Alert" in the front of the book, so I had to put down the book, hunt for a tissue box, dab at my eyes and find my place again. These things take time!

Another factor: There was all the time I spent just laughing out loud! I chose to read this book while I was home alone-sans adult supervision-and no doubt the neighbors, who were off at work, could hear me cackling and guffawing my way through the sweetly illustrated pages.

Ms Strate writes with candor about her own quantum life experiences. While I have not shared many of her life's events, I could certainly relate with her highs and lows. She has a way of expressing introspection and her epiphanies without seeming egocentric and narcissistic.

Camille Olivia Strate might well consider teaming up with the late night television comics, for her material lends itself to the one-line humor often utilized there. For example, even her FOOTNOTES are humorous. I do not recall ever being amused by any other author's footnotes!

The magic that has presented itself in Camille Olivia Strate's life is mysterious and delicious! It inspired me to reflect on the joy and mysteries of my own life!

"Whispers" is not a book that will be read and soon forgotten. As readers are immersed in the accounts Ms. Strate so vividly shares, they will be uplifted and inspired to order copies of the book for friends or coworkers; they will want relatives or neighbors to have their very own copy because there is a keen understanding that others will resonate with what this author so openly shares.

If this book appeals to you and you would like to have it on your very own shelf, please feel free to click on the Amazon link to the left of this post. Ordering online is a cinch and the speedy delivery of your book may surprise you! Mine came in only 4 days!

Connie Baum

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Emotions, feelings and desires are the powers that push people to take action.
--Remez Sasson

At our recent Toastmasters meeting of LibOrators our Table Topics Master asked me to discuss a matter with passion, which I was charmed to do.

Some people shy away from their emotions and do not express their feelings with passion. Maybe they think others will disagree with them; perhaps they fear that someone will show disdain for them for making any statement. It may be that they have not identified their feeling and because of that, they simply have not formed any opinion. Or they do not really admit-even to themselves- what it is they truly desire.

In any case, you can know with every fiber of your being that people-ALL PEOPLE-have been programmed from birth forward to believe something, even if that something is incorrect.

It's a matter of perception, really. The small child may PERCEIVE that his busy mother is ignoring him, so he misbehaves to draw her attention to him. This causes Mommy to focus on the child so the youngster PERCEIVES that he must be naughty to get Mommy's attention. I'll bet you have children like that on your block! I know guys like that who took a trip to prison!

We all do whatever it is we do because of what we believe. And what we THINK we believe may just well be a lot of bad programming! Dr. Alex Loyd refers to this as "heart junk" and when he refers to the heart, he means the 'I love you with all my heart' heart.

The truth lives in our I-love-you-with-all-my-heart heart. The unconscious mind sends messages to the brain, which is the image maker. We all have this; we think in pictures with our conscious minds.

King Solomon knew this centuries ago. Do you suppose that's how Solomon earned the reputation for being so wise?

Science has caught up to what Solomon knew. They agree that most illnesses are borne of stress.

When we live without truth, we also forfeit joy. First, we become stressed. It's our bodies' way of responding. The stress wears the body out until we become ill. All because of not living with truth and love! We cram more heart junk into our lives than our cells can process!

Of course we can undo all that stressful, untruthful living if we but employ a simple tool called Energy Medicine. To learn what Energy Medicine can do for people, please click on these words to visit The Healing Codes.

You have seen quotes on this blog by Dr. Bruce Lipton. Soon I will be publishing a book review about his book, "The Biology of Belief." I hope you will look forward to reading that.

Life was never meant to be stressful or joyless or without love and caring. We can all be well and happy if we understand ourselves with clarity and use the tools sent from Heaven to create the kinds of lives we dream. What might Energy Medicine do for YOU and those you love?

Connie Baum

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayze: GONE?

Many in this world feel sad today because Patrick Swayze lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. We who are left behind ask many blessings on the family and friends of Patrick as they mourn his passing.

Those of us who flocked to his movies and moved to the beat of the music while he strutted his stuff-the dance moves his mother taught him-are all wishing it were not so.

What could have saved this famous man? Goodness knows he must have had the means to treat the disease in any way he chose. He had radiation and chemotherapy, according to the news sources I heard.

All the fund raisers in the world did not help Patrick Swayze. Heaven only knows the research did not find a cure in time to save the man. Exercise alone did not save him from the ravages of cancer. Radiation only burned him. Chemo only poisoned him. The dollars people ran, biked, hiked, begged for the cancer coffers only produced nails for yet another coffin.

The so called 'war' on cancer is about like the quagmire we saw in the shoot-em-up war in VietNam. Lots of action, lots of dead bodies. No relief.

Somehow this nation of sheep has deluded themselves they must 'ask your doctor' and obediently follow the yellow brick road as laid out by Big Medicine and Big Pharma. Take your medicine, keep your appointments, make sure you have a positive attitude.

When do you think, if ever, the pendulum will swing and we will again think for ourselves? When will we listen to our bodies? When will we understand that traditional methods only serve a certain segment of the population and that segment does not necessarily include those with cancer? Nor does it seem to help anyone with any ailment.

What's the answer? We know folks get sick in spite of their diets, their routines, their supplements and even their beliefs! Is there NO relief from the draconian diagnoses with the heinous side effects and hideous outcomes?

There is a faction who believes and teaches that illness is borne of imbalance. The pH factors in-if a body is too acid, it becomes sick. If a body becomes dehydrated, it will be sick enough to expire.

So, what IS the answer? One way to deal with ANY ailment, no matter what the cause or what the name might be is-you guessed it-energy medicine.

Energy medicine is a tool for wellness. It's not the ONLY tool in the toolkit but it's a very good one. If you are interested to learn how this tool operates, it behooves you to visit The Healing Codes to learn exactly how Energy Medicine can help you and those you love.

Do you have an opinion to share about this or a comment about Patrick Swayze? We'd love to have you chime in. We do moderate the comments before they are published but we are interested to hear what you have to say. Thank you for stopping by and for your participation.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cruising Down the River On a Sunday Afternoon?

Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson are all spokespersons for living in truth and love. Each of these good doctors understand implicitly the importance of expectations.

Your humble blogger makes every effort to keep this in mind as life happens. Joy is always the goal, but it's never a good idea to set yourself up for disappointment when you anticipate any event.

When we were invited to a concert on the Belle of Brownville Riverboat I imagined that it would be enjoyable. Beyond that, I held no high expectations.

I'm here to tell you that I can't imagine Heaven being any more joyous than that riverboat cruise!

There were about 50 members of the widely acclaimed Southeast Nebraska Community Band on board. They opened and closed the concert with their signature songs, "Star Spangled Banner" and "God Bless America" and in between those were everything from rock n roll and polka music to marches, movie theme songs and big band sounds. We clapped and tapped our way up and down the Missouri River as we were treated to the stunning scenery.

It was interesting to note that on this bright and breezy mid September afternoon the greenery of the deciduous trees was marvelously, breathtakingly gorgeous! Those trees are not yet showing signs of fall the way the trees in our yard just West of there are!

We passed underneath the Missouri River bridge and saw cars slow down because they could hear the beautiful music floating up and then down the river. We watched with fascination the mud daubers nests on the supports for the bridge. We were mesmerized by the flow of the current as the big riverboat paddled along.

There was an announcement about food being served, so the crowd on the upper deck, where we were seated, snaked their way to the serving tables. The array of food displayed there gave a whole new meaning to the word 'smorgasbord' and I never in all my born days saw such a variety of delicious foods! As if they had not offered us ENOUGH hospitality, they also made sure we knew that second helpings were available! Oh, my stars and garters!

As we traveled, so did the sun and there were warm spots and shady places which changed the look of the landscape. It was fluid, it was alive, it seemed to evolving.
Over the three hours or so we enjoyed the company of other music lovers on that boat the time seemed to evaporate! When it was over, and the time came for us to dock and walk to our vehicles, it felt as if we had been dreaming the whole afternoon.

In my wildest imagination, I would never have dreamed that an event, a day could be so perfect. We experienced JOY at its most JOYOUS!

Now we savor the memory of being together with precious friends, wonderful music, food for our bodies and our soul and we thank our Creator for giving us such a delicious time in our lives!

No need for Energy Medicine today, Dr. Loyd. If need be, we can find it, though:
CLICK HERE to get the straight skinny.

Connie Baum

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sans Adult Supervision?

This looks exactly the way I feel when The Normanator goes to work and leaves me
at home, without benefit of adult supervision!

Truth be told, I am very easily amused.

When left to my own devices I can while away the hours daydreaming, eating chocolate, reading, or doing absolutely nothing.

I feel free to run through the house, singing as loudly as I can. I have license to jump on the beds, if I want to. SIDEBAR: I often don't really want to; I prefer to threaten that I might jump on the beds. After all, I'm the one who must tend to the beds! END SIDEBAR. I may choose to chat on the cordless phone and dust the furniture OR I can choose NOT to dust. Mealtime is whenever, not according to a clock. Paying attention to the desires-or lack thereof- of my appetite is to my discretion alone.

Common sense dictates that I would be wise to be concerned with the whereabouts of the Fun Police. If they are patrolling within earshot, there is every chance that they could threaten to take me to Kangaroo Kourt, to be judged by a panel of my peers.

That wouldn't be so bad, you see. They could round up other children in the neighborhood-I did say "PEERS" did I not?-and they would understand my ways.

I may talk with those children as soon as they come home from school. Maybe their moms will let them come for a tea party in the front yard today. I have lemon cookies and peach tea! I feel a party coming on!

We could all live our lives in "party mode" and experience the delightful joy that is ours by our birthright, if only we WOULD make that CHOICE!

If you aren't experiencing childlike joy in your life that could enhance your quality of life, maybe you need a dose of Energy Medicine.

I can connect you with all the right folks. CLICK HERE for more information.

In the meantime, I would highly suggest you burst into song right this minute and don't fret or even concern yourself about what other people think!

Connie Baum