Monday, October 26, 2009

Energy as a Medium for Art?

I have bragged about energy for a very long time.

You have read all my diatribes about using the energy of color; you have seen many posts about healing with energy. No doubt you have seen the remarks made by my artist friend, Ralph P. Brown who emphasizes the energy of art pieces.

Today something about energy caught my attention and no matter where I put my attention, will not exit my thoughts. Here's the thing:

When my dear and long time friend, Sheila, went to church she met a woman who was wearing a cape. She knew who the woman was but had not actually met her until yesterday. All she knew was that this was The Cape Lady.

Just before Sheila settled herself for the service, the woman handed Sheila the cape she had been wearing. Sheila was astonished at the FEELING she noticed and held the cape, cuddling against it for a whole hour! She said that the energy of it was like holding a newborn baby. Before the worship began, Sheila inquired about the cost of a cape. The violin music and meditation of the service further wrapped Sheila as she held the woman's cape. Sheila was mesmerized by the energy of The Cape Lady's garment.

Before the worship service ended, Sheila wrote out a check and gave it to The Cape Lady so she could have her very own cape. Living in a cold mountain climate, she would really utilize the warmth of it.

The Cape Lady then gave Sheila her business card and invited her to go to lunch.

Last night Sheila visited the website listed on the business card and was dumbstruck! She was in AWE of what lay before her! You will be, too, when you see what this incredible woman has to say about the creation of the capes she makes to wear, to give and to sell.

The energy and love that is infused into these capes is phenomenal. Finding the correct fabric, choosing the proper style-the whole process is for this artist, a spiritual experience!

Sheila is a self-described "unconditional lover of people" so it's no wonder she attracted The Cape Lady to her! Please visit The Cape Lady and see for yourself the wonder of Energy as a Medium for Art! Then you will begin to understand Sheila's fascination.

When you've seen the beauty of this process, return to this page and leave your comment, won't you, please? We appreciate you so much! YOU give US energy and it feels as good as those capes!

Connie Baum

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