Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pictures, Images, Holograms!

Human beings think in pictures, images. The BRAIN is the image maker; the HEART turns thoughts into images. The HEART knows what’s really goin’ on! Science has finally revealed what ancient books have long recognized. Our true beliefs live in our hearts. Our desires are fully known in our subconscious.

The fact is that our HEARTS make decisions automatically and instantly. Will power is a misnomer because our HEARTS decide whether to fight or flee. We see life the way we want to see life. Our HEARTS see life the way it truly is.

Albert Einstein is remembered for, among other things, his famous formula for mass energy equivalence: E=MC2. He famously stated: “The imagination is more important than knowledge”, showing that he understood the BRAIN is our Image Maker.

These pictures are not JUST images. Oh, no…they are not wispy, gauzy, fleeting snapshots! The pictures we humans think in are GINORMOUS, MOVING, TECHNICOLOR theatrical-quality productions!

We can improve our performance in athletic competition, business, studies, virtually anything we think about. As we THINK, we have IMAGES. Our hearts will make the decisions about fight or flight. Our HEARTS see the reality. All we need to do is to change our paradigm, the way we view things.

Whenever we are willing to do this, to think differently, to allow the pictures to present themselves and BEHAVE according to those images we can instantly and vastly change our lives.

The thing that takes place is so exciting that it’s hard to keep still about it! Our lives literally become more vibrant when we are open to this concept. The pictures we see are holograms and this holographic plate is a “how to” handbook for us. Each hologram contains many dots and each dot contains the whole. This is the proof we seek for how the heart works! EACH CELL, EACH DOT, has all the information needed by the body and this information is accessed at the speed of light to give the body whatever it needs.

So there you have it. The heart holds the truth of all your desires.

There is a wealth of information about this and about turning on the success mechanism which takes us where we want to be in our lives in The Healing Codes as found on Mother Connie’s website:
If you are interested to improve the quality of your life or if you have a loved one who needs more help than you have been able to give them, you are well advised to visit the site and look for The Healing Codes. It is a healthy, helpful adjunct to whatever else you are currently doing for yourself!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

As the proud grandmother of two men in uniform, I bid the USA a very Happy Memorial Day!

I never served in the armed forces but I greeted my beloved uncles when they returned from World War II and I was overjoyed when my brother in law returned from Viet Nam.

Now the next generation is carrying on the work of defending our flag.

Yesterday our little town had a full blown celebration to honor the service and sacrifices of all service people in general and in our county in particular. I helped others to put up 468 American flags around our Court House Square. They flew in the strong Nebraska wind and as the band played God Bless America I could feel the pride rise inside me.

We are blessed to live here, even though life is fraught with various and sundry imperfections.

Thank you to all our service men and women! Thank you, Corey and Justin!

God bless America!

*Mother Connie notes with dismay that our people are returning from their service with serious issues of healing. If you have a service person in your sphere of influence please let them know that every issue they may face is addressed in The Healing Codes as found in Mother Connie's website:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Energy, Harmony and Color: 10 Easy Steps to Feeling Balanced

Wouldn’t you appreciate having an easy way to drift off to sleep at night or end an exercise session feeling balanced, relaxed, and whole? There is a simple, zero cost way to accomplish this.

The magic is in the vibrational energy of color. The colors in the rainbow match the resonant vibrations of the notes of a musical scale. Both the rainbow and the scale have the same value. They vibrate at the same rate. This rate is harmonious with the human body, and it provides a simple, speedy way to ‘wind down’ and relax.

Until you learn the order of the colors to use you may wish to list the colors on a file card or use paint chips from your local paint store to remind yourself of the order in which they are aligned.

How do I begin?

· Think of your breath as being the color you will inhale and exhale.
· When you breathe IN, imagine you are accepting the feelings assigned to the color.
· When you breathe OUT, envision you are releasing energy that no longer serves you.
· Until you learn the order of the colors to use you may wish to list the colors on a file card, collect crayons from a child you know, or use paint chips from your local paint store to remind you of the order in which these hues are aligned.

OK, I’m ready; now what do I do?

Get comfy. Sit in your favorite chair or lie on your bed, sofa, or yoga mat. Practice this when you are a passenger in a car, bus, airplane, or train. If you are having a really bad day at work you could even step into a restroom stall and go through this simple routine and no one but you will be the wiser.

*By way of explanation, I must tell you that this listing is the GIRLS’ version. The reason is that energy moves through each of us from the top down, from the left side to the right side, from the inside out and from the present to the past. When working with the energy patterns for women, we must REVERSE the order, so when we balance the energy for WOMEN, we work from TOE to TIP. GUYS’ energies need to be worked from the TOP DOWN, similar to a convertible…that makes this easy to remember.

Now may we begin?

Now that you are comfy and have your list where you can reference it we begin:

1. Inhale an enthusiastic shade of Red and concentrate on activity and decisions. Exhale all that does not serve you.

2. Breathe in the cheery color Orange and know that you are safe and secure. Breathe out all that does not serve you.

3. Now you are ready to take in the strong, sunny color Yellow, accepting life, people, and situations as they are and letting go of all that does not serve you.

4. Inhale deeply the rich Green of peace, forgiveness, generosity and cash flow. Take one more Green breath in, as this is your heart center and there is much love to notice. Release all that does not serve you.

5. Feel the soft Baby Blue of your breath as you consider your choices and feel the relief of letting go all that does not serve you.

6. Cobalt Blue, an intense hue, will be refreshing to you as you breathe in through your nostrils the gifts of expression and let go through your mouth all that does not serve you.

7. Imagine, deeply inhaling the royal color Purple: a flawless memory, a lovely flood of creativity, and a well organized mind. Breathe out all that does not serve you.

8. The color of Spirit is represented by a bright, fluffy Pink. As you take this pink oxygen into your lungs, know that Spirit resides inside you and breathe out all that does not serve you.

9. As you breathe with your normal rhythm, be assured that there is a Silver cord connecting you from the tip of your crown directly to your Creator. As you take in your breathe and release it, be keenly aware of this tender tie and recognize we are all One.

10. You are connected by your feet to a limitless ocean of abundance, represented by the color Gold. Know with certainty that all your needs are being met.

This feels great! Must I stop?

As often as you go through this “ritual” you can savor each breath, each moment. Go at your very own pace. Take all the time you need to thoroughly enjoy this time of anchoring your center and regaining the balance our workaday world and all its demands can deplete from us.
With practice this can be done easily and effortlessly and the rewards will be gratifying. You may notice you are feeling less cranky or edgy and more patient with yourself and others.
As mentioned earlier, this is the routine for FEMALES. If you are of the MALE persuasion you would begin with the PINK and work your way to the RED, working with the energy flow for fellows.

And did you NOTICE? No one asked you to spend a dime!

So, what’s next?

There are so many things to help you relax and be well. You can visit the website mentioned below to help you find solutions to your health issues. You are encouraged to place a comment on this blog post and then hurry to Mother Connie’s website ASAP: http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?113070
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

I DID have Somebody's Ear!

Several days ago I posed the question: "Is Anybody Listening?" and today I offer that someone did listen! I have an exciting video to share with you about the dangers of cell phone use.

Remember, the idea is NOT to ditch your electronic devices! The plan is to protect yourself.

Take the time NOW to watch this compelling video. Here is the link you need:
After you have looked at the video, log onto www.mybiopro.com/agman
and find the solution to the increasing, cumulative dangers of cell phone radiation.

Okay, maybe you think this is a blatant commercial. And maybe it is. But I offer it for your Highest Good.

Now, PLEASE, go look at this powerful video and take immediate action.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

There's Excitement in the Air!

The atmosphere with the Mother Connie Team is positively electrified!

We are constantly making every effort to bring information and products to our visitors and readers and we are breaking news about a company with whom we are thrilled to be associated. We are so pleased to introduce High Tech Health and their spokesperson, Matt Schmid to you.
High Tech Health has amazing products that every home would do well to include if optimum health is your goal. In our household health is our passion. We believe we are not alone in this regard.

The Scandinavians have long held high regard for the traditional sauna. Our space program gave us technology which improved on the sauna most of us know. That technology is Far Infra Red. Without telling you more than you want to know, Far Infra Red or FIR helps the body to be well by balancing the pH factor. If you are too warm, FIR will make you more comfortable by cooling your body temp. Conversely, if you are chilled, FIR will warm your body temp and give you cozy comfort that way.

When we first learned about FIR we did not understand how it could be effective. I can promise you, though, that it IS highly effective in contributing to our good health. To give you an example, I’ll share a little story about the SOCKS. Since I was a little girl I complained of cold feet. As soon as I put on socks with Far Infra Red fibers woven into the knit fabric my feet stayed warm and toasty even in the wicked Nebraska winters! Conversely, my feet are comfy when I wear the same socks during Nebraska’s blistering summer heat. Yes, I do launder my socks between seasons!

High Tech Health has used the same technology featured in those socks for their Far Infra Red SAUNA! By simply relaxing in the comfort of the unit you can change your pH factor from acid to alkaline. This promotes good health and well being.

When your pH balance is optimal, you will feel your best. You will not be plagued by disease or discomfort or ailments. If the pH factor is too acid you will be in agony, have draconian diagnoses, and feel pretty crummy.
High Tech’s sauna will assist your body to deal with viruses, bacteria, and anything willing to assault your immune system. Everyone on your family tree from tiny babies to very elderly seniors can enjoy the multiple benefits of this High Tech Health product.

Hurry NOW to www.motherconnie.com and see for yourself just how smart looking these units are and how you can have one in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on the sauna or the list of many benefits! YOU WILL BE SO GLAD YOU DID!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Is Anybody Listening?

There are campaigns all over the world to provide information about SAFE SEX. But who is paying attention to the potentially deadly issue of safe mobile phone usage?

In the United Kingdom one expert warns that mobile phones are 'more dangerous than smoking'.

Dr Vini Khurana conducted a study he calls the most devastating indictment yet published concerning the health risks. There is growing evidence that using handsets for 10 years or more can double the risk of brain cancer. Cancers take at least a decade to develop. This information invalidates the official safety assurances which included few, if any, folks who actually USED mobile phones for that specific period of time.

Earlier, the French government warned against the use of mobile phones, especially by children. Germany also advises its people to minimize phone usage, and the European Environment Agency has called for a reduction in exposures. In the United States of America we have multi media campaigns TARGETING CHILDREN as users of these radiation devices! Does this shock and anger you?

The good doctor notes that malignant brain tumors can represent a “life-ending diagnosis” and adds that he fears “unless the industry and governments take immediate and decisive steps”, the incidence of malignant brain tumors and the associated death rate will be observed to rise globally within a decade from now. By then it will be too late for medicine to intervene.

OK. We have seen the bad news. Now I'll give you the good news: There’s no need to give up the convenience of your phone. You can protect yourselves and your loved ones against this deadly radiation by simply placing a tiny chip on your phone to harmonize the negative effects. Find out more about this easy fix at the web address shown below. Please bear in mind that a land line unit may emit even more dangerous radiation than mobile phones! Go NOW on Mother Connie's advice. Follow
this BioPro link Click Here to learn how to protect yourself from harmful radiation. Do not become a statistic! Be pro-active!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Opening Act

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, on the stage of human affairs I find myself under the spotlight. There are a great many things to share with you and this will be one of my forums to do so.

Should you choose to return to this blip in cyberspace you will be reading my thoughts about various topics and I will be pointing you in the direction of concepts, techniques, products and people who can help YOU in YOUR performance in life.

I will be doing this alone BUT I can't do it by myself. Your comments will be the lifeblood of the effort and it will be YOU who really direct the performance!