Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alternative Medicine: Heal the Source?

No doubt you have heard the adage that goes something like this:

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

What would you say if I told you that is not true?

You might react the way I did. I did a double take and asked,


Dr. Alex Loyd talks at length about how he has worked with people of every age through his life’s work in ministry; in the mental health field; as a consultant; and currently with his association with The Healing Codes. He has learned from experience that people get blocked, stuck, mired in their own thinking and beliefs. The untrue beliefs take people to extremes, and it’s the extreme ends of the spectrum that creates issues, makes a mess of our immunity and contributes to feelings of guilt, regret and depression.

You see, the extremes do not serve us well. We get paralyzed in our ability to function optimally; our immune systems take a hit; our spirits literally droop.

So we either vacillate between the tendency to be perfect and achieve perfection or we despair and appear to be lazy because we are overwhelmed. Those are the extremes.

The word “responsibility” is defined by Webster as having a secure certain outcome.

We might conclude that responsibility is highly overrated by the world at large. Society sees responsibility as a good thing. But to focus on responsibility is to key in on an EXTERNAL situation. If we look inward, focusing on the INTERNAL, we understand it has to do with the spiritual side of our selves. Society doesn’t necessarily accept the spiritual aspect of life.

To focus exclusively on the external is to violate the spiritual law of nature. External imparts to the world appearances—in terms of money, of routine, of accumulation of things.

The extreme of this responsibility business shows another face: it looks like procrastination and may go by the name of laziness. You see, people who focus on the external become so overwhelmed that they are literally overcome by responsibility.

We human beings get stuck in our dogma, our belief, our paradigms.
It seems to me that the Good Book talks about the Source, or Power and the vessel, or conduit.

Here is a way too simple fix: Operate with our focus and intent on the internal! Would it not be possible, even delightful, if we lived not with RESPONSIBILITY but ACCOUNTABILITY? That would give us the opportunity to experience love, joy, peace.

When we need help to accomplish this we can rely on The Healing Codes.

Ask a 12 year old kid to STOP AGING. Insist that, with only a snap of your fingers, he must GROW. Ridiculous, isn’t it? These are issues that are out of the youngster’s control. Well, our lives are like that, too. We cannot control every aspect. All we can do, really, is to be our best selves. That’s what our Creator asks of us.

What I am asking of you, dear reader, is to take a look at The Healing Codes. But only if you desire to stand in your truth, experience joy, peace and love as never before.

Connie Baum
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Offline Career

If you look at the above picture you can see pretty much what Nebraska looks like on a snowy early morning. If you can envision that same scene at 2 AM you know it will be pretty dark, despite a fullish moon.

This is our life these days! We are proud to be the newest carriers here for the Lincoln Journal Star newspaper.

At 2 AM our alarm rudely wakes us. We shuffle to get fresh coffee and wake up our eyes. Norm pulls on his clothes and boots and heads for the newspaper drop at the tire store in our sleepy little town. There is open shelter there for easy access for the newspapers that have been dropped off to be delivered all over town. Sometimes the other Lincoln carrier and the World Herald carrier converge at the same time, eager to get their papers into the hands of their customers; they also want to grab some coffee and a nap!

Our route has approximately 70 papers, depending on who lives in assisted living or who went to the nursing home or who is vacationing. We bring the bundles into the house, fold, bag, tie and load them into manageable sized boxes. The larger bundles, meant for stores, are separated so we can drop them off at the appropriate place. It is crucial these newspapers be placed in bags to protect them from the elements.

If all goes well, and we don't get stuck like we did one morning-THANK YOU, ANDRE, FOR PLAYING THE ROLE OF THE GUARDIAN ANGEL-we are home right around 6 AM, just in time to unplug the telephone and catch some zzzzz's!

We bumble around in the dark, making every effort to identify house numbers, remember who gets a paper on which days and making certain the paper is placed where the customer wants it. You'll be happy to know it's getting easier every day! But not nearly as happy as I am! I am the one who's bumbling and stumbling!

The good news is that we've had no complaints so far! The bad news is that we got 126 papers that were not ours yesterday and they were bagged and tied before we knew what the real scoop was.

SIDEBAR: The real deal was that the delivery truck guy left them; I guess he had no clue they were not ours, either. 70+ PLUS 126 = too many papers for one route; LOTS of LAUGHS and GROANS; and one great story to tell! END SIDEBAR

We marvel that we have this opportunity to work as a well ordered team. At our age-you recall that there have been MANY birthday cakes with 33 candles in this house-that we are willing and ABLE to scramble uphill to driveways too slick and too steep to maneuver; that we can remember which house gets the Wednesday edition; that we have the umpity-go and limber enough joints to DO this daily deed is delightful to us and we are very, very grateful.

I wonder: Would we be able to manage this grind if we did not have The Healing Codes? Well, I'm not going to experiment and let them go. We have papers to deliver and life to live! Thank goodness for peace, joy, fun, success, laughter and the opportunity to work closely with the Normanator!