Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Promise To Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

From the time I moved out of my parents' home, on New Year's Eve my parents would call me. I'd pick up the telephone and hear both of them shrieking, HAP-py NEW Year! at the top of their lungs. And we would all laugh as if that were the funniest joke on earth. It was one of the many things I missed when they were both gone.

As a family, we did not make a fuss over the old year going and the new year coming. I remember one year they were invited to a party and my dad had the flu and was not up for the festivities. I must have been 8 or 9 years old. At midnight we three sat around the kitchen table with cups of hot chocolate and my dad, the liquor store owner, groused, "Unless this cocoa has CREME DE COCOA in it I'm not much of an advertisement for my own products!" Sick as a pup, he could still joke.

Another year I recall being invited to a party hosted by one of my high school classmates. No one drove in those days. As we were walking home, someone suggested we raid the liquor cabinet of one of the absent parents. I deferred and went straight home, sure I had missed something. My parents' bragging on my 'correct behavior' more than made up for anything I may have missed. Besides, I had no headache the next day...

We have never done the resolution thing, either. We made promises to ourselves and to one another. We would promise to be kinder and more patient, to learn bigger words in the coming year, and to help more people in more ways. My folks were big on doing nice things for other people and never getting "caught", like when my dad forgave the huge grocery bill after the mother of a big family died and my mom took food to people whose kids had stolen candy from their store because she knew they were hungry.

For 2009 I promise to myself to remember all the fun I've known, and indulge in more fun, to keep in close touch with all the people I love, and to SIMPLIFY. I hope I can help people and not get "caught" and I hope I live long enough to see world peace. I promise to drink my water , eat whole foods, take my vitamins and minerals, drink that delicious stuff with the funny name- Limu. There is no reason I can't promise to maintain my health, think beautiful thoughts and live a joyous life. I promise to manifest good things for me and mine and live in abundance all through the year.

What will YOU promise YOURSELF? I'd love to know, if you care to share. Just leave your comments and it will be my delight to peruse them. Remember, I promised myself to have FUN, didn't I? wink/grin

Happy New Year, World!

Connie Baum

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Are You Changing a Habit?

"Compassion is the healing salve for all suffering. An open heart changes the world." ---author unknown

Does that quote resonate with you? I wonder what we could MAKE HAPPEN if we all thought of this very thing every morning when we first wake to greet our days.

I was told that it takes 21 days to learn a new habit. Now conventional wisdom dictates it takes 28 days! So if you move into a new house, it would take nearly a month to remember exactly where the light switches are!

So, what's a week, when you mean to impact the world? Let's just make ourselves a mutual challenge: Let's agree to write this quote on a slip of paper and read it, faithfully, every day for 28 days. Let us ponder how WE could show more compassion, how WE could open OUR hearts, how WE might change the world, one heart at a time.

How do you imagine this could make a difference? Well, I suppose it would be hard to gauge. But what harm would it cause? If everyone whose eyes fall on these words just did that AT ALL, it might improve the crummy world situation, if only for a moment.

Every one of us behaves from our beliefs. Each person on the planet seeks pleasure and avoids pain. When our collective hearts are healed, there is no doubt that world conditions will improve, our personal lives will be better, and things will continue to become significantly impacted worldwide.

Lofty, isn't it? But isn't it worth a try? Let's all write this little quote on a paper, put it in a place where we'll see it-bathroom mirror?-and think of it every day for 28 days. Place the results YOU notice in the comment box on this post and let the world know how YOU are helping to create world peace!

Happy New Year! When you finish partying, please visit The Healing Codes to heal your heart. And do remember to keep that heart open!

The Healing Codes
Connie Baum

Monday, December 29, 2008

How IS Your Health?

These are two of my favorite people:

Left: Dixie Brown
Right: Jeff Wellman

They are the famous gurus from Lay Off Your Boss 2 and they have been teaching and coaching internet marketing with great success. Now they have parlayed their strategies and joined forces with another successful internet marketer, Paul Counts. Paul is young, energetic, experienced, and knowledgeable. I am certain he is a Boy Genius.
So now the Dynamic Duo has become the Tremendous Trio!

Paul Counts

These three are up to something special... They are conducting a contest, looking for 3 or 4 people who would be willing to accept their FREE ONE ON ONE COACHING for a few weeks in order to learn how to earn cash quickly!
All you need to do to enter this contest is to log on to their new blog and click on COMMENTS. Tell the Tremendous Trio what it would mean to you to have this opportunity and earnings. They want to do everything in their power to help you and your success story will appear on their sales page when their new product is launched! To make it even easier for you, here is their URL:
If you are worried about cash flow, making your mortgage payment, keeping your head above water you won't do your health any good. Be good to yourselves and check this out right away.
Mother Connie has even more advice, wouldn't you know it? Be sure to get enough rest, drink plenty of good water , eat your vegetables, and take your vitamins and minerals . Get some exercise, have some fun and make sure you find reasons to laugh out loud!
Get excited about Jeff, Dixie and Paul's contest! Tell your friends and relatives about it, if you like. The more the merrier. The Tremendous Trio is all about helping people so let's work with them on that! YOUR PHYSICAL HEALTH AND YOUR FINANCIAL HEALTH CAN BE IMPROVED. RAPIDLY.
Connie Baum

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


HAPPY 2009!
During this festive holiday season, as 2008 draws to a close, we hope
your celebrations and traditions give you much comfort and joy!
We sincerely hope you are enjoying vibrant good health!
Your readership and support has been welcome and we want you to know that each of you is LOVED and APPRECIATED.
Connie Baum

Monday, December 22, 2008

Have I Been DUPED?

WELL! I WILL be dipped in dew!

Headlines all over the place are insisting that all the studies prove there is no good effect from taking vitamins and minerals!

Well! Well! Well! I wonder if they will also put up BILLBOARDS to that effect...

What became of the depletion of the soils? Has THAT changed? I saw no headline to that effect and the Feds themselves made it clear in 1936 that the soils were depleted of minerals and vitamins.

I wonder what the Feds and the people who conducted those studies would have to say about the fact that when my eye was red last week I used whole foods and Limu , not to mention water and my eye was 100% improved in 24 hours. Or, how would they be able to prove that my son's terrible, debilitating, recurring infections could not be managed by antibiotics but whole foods and vitamin supplements as well as good water eliminated all signs of infection very quickly? When Big Pharma's toxic substances gave us fits with horrible side effects and no cure how does that determine that vitamins and minerals are of no consequence?

I have NO CLUE who paid for these studies that make these claims but I have a funny feeling in my gut that if one were to follow the money the facts would show what we all suspect: IT IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL AND GREED.

Hey, headlines like those in the newspapers grab readers. They must do whatever they must do. It's a free country and if you want to spend your hard earned money to take antibiotics and yield to yeast infections, that is most certainly up to you. If you want to cave in to the fearmongering and take flu shots, that's entirely your choice.

I'll be honest with you, though. I'm going to continue eating whole foods, taking and drinking whole foods supplements, drinking great water and thinking good and loving thoughts. Sidebar: That means I won't give a thought to Big Medicine, Big Pharma and all those negative side effects; mustn't give them any of my energy. End Sidebar.

I dearly hope you understand how precious your good health is. Please don't pay any mind to those silly headlines because they simply are not true.

I have NOT been duped! And don't YOU get duped, either. I would love to invite you to learn the truth about vitamins and minerals, particularly Fucoidan, for example. Please visit .
Connie Baum

Friday, December 19, 2008

Is Company Coming?

There was never a time in my life when I didn't hope for "company". I always wanted the house to be full of people who laughed, enjoyed good food, liked to play cards or watch a sports event or just sit and talk.

When I was a schoolgirl-yes, Virginia, schools had been invented as I grew up-I used to hurry home after the final bell rang to see if there might be a car in our drive or a neighbor sharing conversation over a cup of coffee with my mother. On most days, I was disappointed to find an empty driveway or to learn that no one had called to announce their arrival. But I always hoped...

There is something very special about making nice for someone you love: putting fresh sheets on the guest bed, laying out clean towels and fussing over the menu they will share while they are here. Cooking with their special favorites in mind, setting the table with the "good" dishes, making memories with them is just something that turns my crank. I am blessed to have a husband who is as hospitable and gracious as can be and he shares my passion for people.

Yesterday we got a call that since the weather was getting ugly our dear friend, Anita, planned to brave the elements and come for a "sleepover". Her trip was made treacherous by the ice, sleet, snow and cold but she arrived in one piece, grateful her bed was ready and pleased we had hot chocolate with marshmallows at the ready. Our home is a safe and welcoming haven for her.

Maybe you are not into having company the way I am; perhaps you'd prefer to be the guest and not the host. Either which way, YA GOTTA EAT. If you are seeking fresh inspiration for nutritious, easy-to-prepare family meals at your house, with or without guests, I'd suggest a visit with the clever and creative Leanne Ely . Furthermore, here is a cordial invitation for you to visit Food Stamps Cooking Club and find some ideas there to inspire you with ideas for
saving some money while feeding those who put their toes under your table, especially if company is coming!

Food Stamps Cooking Club
Leanne Ely

Connie Baum

Monday, December 15, 2008

Have You JUST HAD It?

Do you feel the same way I do?

Are you sick to death and tired of all the flap, all the hype, all the fund-raising and fear mongering about cancer? And other ailments, as well?

It is true that cancer has claimed many lives. And that's very sad. The tragedy of suffering and dying, the misery of the financial cost, the grief of losing people we love is heart wrenching and all of it creates terrible, painful issues with which we must deal.

With all the hand-wringing, all the fund raising, all the hype and promotion, why is no cure forthcoming?

Here is an interesting and telling fact, provided by Dr. Tullio Simoncini, an oncologist: "75% of doctors say they'd refuse chemotherapy if they were struck with cancer, due to its ineffectiveness and its side effects"

Here is an interesting fact from a medical journal called "Clinical Oncology". It is an item published about the results of a study done in December 2004. The study showed chemotherapy has a success rate of just over 2% for all cancers. Put a different way: Chemotherapy has a 98% failure rate!

Yeah. Not to mention the hideous side effects.

Current therapies are not about health. They are about control and money. Follow the money and you'll understand completely.

So...what IS the answer? To my way of thinking there are as many avenues as one might care to travel. I choose to point you in THIS direction: The Healing Codes because I know it is effective. You have heard me brag about water, whole foods, that delicious drink with the funny name, organic products, and the whole nine yards...the whole deal is that you MUST MUST MUST become less acidic and more alkaline in order to have vibrant good health!

Seriously, kids: The Healing Codes

Connie Baum

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Must I Mend My Ways?

When my life was wrapped around massage therapy I was blessed to have the finest, most caring instructors imaginable. One was a cranky German woman with an accent and an attitude. She was also one of the most loving, most caring, most compassionate women who ever walked the earth: Hanna Kroger.

Part of Hanna's legacy is a book her family made available after she passed away. I was thumbing through it recently, just for my own amusement, when my eyes fell on some information that suddenly felt pertinent.

She wrote extensively about the THYROID and she described some symptoms that I have observed in other people around me. On a closer look, I realized some of them applied to me and then I rationalized: "Oh, I'm just being hypondriacal."

Am I? She reminds me from the pages of this comprehensive book that caffeine and sugar weakens the thyroid. I could feel my face redden as I recalled how she shook her finger at all of us, insisting that we live clean lives, devoid coffee and sugar!

Even though coffee with sugar and cream is my daily decandence, I realize I must give it up. And not just for Lent! I must mend my ways.

Those around me may choose to deal with thyroid issues in the traditional fashion: cut, burn, poison. But I will remember the information Hanna based her life's work on and I will allow my body to maximize its own well being with the use of proper foods, herbs, homeopathic remedies, as well as all the other tools I have implemented heretofore: water , Limu , and a diet wisely chosen.

I'm delighted to note that Hanna's dietary recommendations include some of my favorites. Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Kelp, oregano, and sea veggies are foods I've been craving and using lately. I find the synchronicity of that fascinating.

Hanna Kroger was ahead of her time, much to the world's good fortune.

Now, I must brew some of the tea she recommended...

When thyroids are not working properly, Energy Medicine can be a tremendous boon. Please visit The Healing Codes .

Connie Baum

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Will YOU Choose Health?

According to comedian Conan O'Brien:

"McDonald’s is reporting that despite the bad economy, their domestic sales were up last month. Which just goes to show you a great thing about our country – you’re never too poor to get fat."
We laugh about that. If we did not laugh, we would weep. People, for whatever reason, do not understand the correlation between what we eat and how well we feel, how well we function.
Conan's joke reminds me of the fellow who ate only McDonald's food for a month and lost his boyish figure as well as his good health. I doubt McDonald's EXPECTS us to depend on them for ALL our dietary intake...
Why are we turning to fast food in this downturned economy? Cost cannot be the ONLY factor... ...Theories abound. Some people think it's because people are too lazy, too busy, too ignorant...others feel that cost IS the only factor.
For my money, it has always seemed to me that if we KNOW better we will DO better.
If people are taught, with love and care for others' feelings, that helper products used in foods we make at home are loaded with junk that works against good health, they will avoid those products. If people understand the value of whole foods, organic foods, homemade foods, they will appreciate the value of making different choices.
Sometimes people, kids especially, are sure they do not LIKE certain foods. I can appreciate that. I won't eat grapefruit, so I totally relate. But I also remember being TOO LAZY to cut the skin of thee sliced tomatoes my mother served. But eventually I DID eat tomatoes and found out they are delicious.
Maybe, if we encourage one another and coax our kids in firm and loving ways, they will understand that ketchup is not the only source of tomato goodness. I could cite other examples, but I'm sure you get my drift.
Parents are working, so fewer households have stay-at-home moms or dads now than in earlier generations. People are dreadfully tired. They are hungry. They feel impatient. It's no wonder and it's no surprise that those same people take the quick and easy way around food prep! It's not fair to malign them, under their circumstances.
WHAT IF those of us who do know better would offer to hold hands with those who wish to learn? Wouldn't it be fun to make a relationship with a person, a couple, a family and show them what you know about making a meal? Wouldn't it be fun to share a meal with someone to become better acquainted and share your knowledge and experience with someone who would be willing to learn?
I would offer you the challenge of finding a neighbor, someone in your church or someone in your kids' school who would benefit from your gifts of love and teaching.
If YOU are eager to learn about eating with health in mind, you can click on any of the ads on this page for immediate assistance. If you would likd to find out more about cooking, food prep, shopping and feeding your family you will love these folks and their experience: The Dinner Diva and Kristen Suzanne .
Connie Baum

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Could They Be WRONG?

Yesterday the news was splattered all over the television like blood over a crime scene...the media pretended to have a big scoop: "Supplements do not do anything good for the body" (my paraphrase).

Oh, really?

The newsman was careful to mention that the study covered a decade and included many people. One study in particular had to do with men and prostate issues. The numbers were staggering. Since I don't 'do' numbers I'll avoid specifics in that realm.

What nobody DID mention would be the KIND of supplementation that was used. Brands, types, etc. Did the test groups drink soda pop? Did the test groups get adequate rest? Did those in the test group drink good, pure, water ? How about everyone's diets? Were they eating microwaved junk? Did they dine on french fries? Did either test group get involved with exercise? What environmental elements were in place? Did these folks smoke, drink, use prescription medications?

You know that these numbers had to be rigged. For one thing, we don't know WHO PAID FOR these studies. For another, we don't know what type or brand and strength or amount of supplementation was used.

The argument that it must be genetics doesn't wash with me. I am only one person out of my entire family who does not deal with the issue of Glaucoma. My grandparents and aunts on both sides of the house lost some or all of their vision to that disease. I often wonder what good supplementation and all the rest of it would have done for them...

I'm in the Senior category, yet I do not have health issues. Surely, my body is aging and not looking the way a 40 year old body looks. But there are no achey joints, no loss of vigor, NO GLAUCOMA, and I can function quite well for someone who has been 33 years old this many times...

Maybe I'm just lucky? Yes, I am. I am lucky enough to drink Limu twice a day. I am lucky enough to drink lots of good, clean water and sleep on a bed that helps me wake refreshed and renewed. I make every effort to move my body regularly; I make sure my diet is loaded with whole foods andI get fresh raw vegetables and fruits, grains, seeds, nuts; not so much sugary stuff. I NEVER MICROWAVE FOODS and if I know foods are microwaved I avoid them like the plague. I also take a whole foods fruit and a vegetable supplement every day. Good luck provides me with pure, alkaline air to breathe in the comfort of our home.

I forgot to mention that I avoid traditional medical attention: no flu vaccines, no xrays.

Isn't it interesting that all those people in the studies found no advantage to their supplements and I am in the pink? Go figure.

Check 'em out: Limu and BioPro

Connie Baum

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Are YOU On Drugs?

By now you have come to realize what a health nut I really am. Some might argue freakishly so...however, I am quick to point out that I am exceedingly healthy, have no achey joints, and do pretty well for a kid who has been 33 as many times as I have. So maybe I am onto something? Could be.

Take my stance on prescription drugs, as an example. I have long held that prescription drugs are dangerous, full of side effects, and not good for the body. Apparently I am not alone in this idea:

"Pharmaceutical drugs may have side effects. What an intentional obfuscation this is! Pharmaceutical drugs do not have side-effects; they have EFFECTS! And lots of them! If you take drugs, plan on them affecting your health in many negative and and acidic ways."
-Dr. Robert O. Young

I'll spare you the horror stories; you probably have some of your own...I will remind you that the body is not comfy or well when it becomes acidic. Alkalinity is our friend. Here is but one way to help your body become more alkaline in a delicious, convenient way:
Limu and you can scope out the proof about what's there by visiting .

Connie Baum

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Can You ACE It?

Wherever people gather the conversation turns to matters of health. One had surgery, another has an appointment, someone else had to see a specialist. I overheard an exchange today that stuck in my craw: "Well, at least the doctor ordered an antibiotic so that should take care of it."

Oh, contraire, mon sherie! Get a load of THIS: Since antibiotics are the acidic waste products from fermentation they have never really been proven to be efficacious! Antibiotics DO NOT KILL bacteria; they are simply an acidic by-product of fermentation, which is nothing more than yeast and sugar. Jeepers! We might have that in our fridge! This explains why my kid wound up with yeast infections before his mom got wise to the games of the medical establishment. Really, what takes place when antibiotics are administered is that the antibiotics cause bacteria to transform from one form into another form.

Incidentally, Dr. Robert O. Young, my new best friend, is the one who made this information available. I hasten to mention this, lest you think I made it up.

If you DO have an infection, please remember that the body heals itself and you can assist the process by "ACE-ing" it. By that, I mean that if you take vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E diligently you will provide the tools the body needs to deal with illness effectively.

And you won't create a yeast infection!

Like any good mother, I also remind you to drink your Water !

Connie Baum

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh, NO! Not Another Rant?

No rant today; just facts. I found a piece by a Dr. Robert O. Young. Here is a man with credentials who supports what I believe to be true about the medical establishment.

I have long held that traditional medicine is, for the most part, based on lies, deceit, greed, control and programming for the purpose of lining the pockets of an entire segment of the population at the expense of people who are suffering.

According to Dr. Young, that is precisely what's going on. He cites the following example, among many others:

Flu Vaccine: There is no such thing as a flu virus! Why would anyone allow themselves to be injected with a toxic soup of poultry embryos, detergent, mercury, formaldehyde (isn't that like embalming fluid?) and alcohol? Dr. Young and I are on the same page about flu: The way the body rids itself of disease is to raise its temperature in order to eliminate the acidic waste. Our persperation, urination, and defecation are all the result of an activated lymphatic system.

Clearly, our bodies heal themselves from the top down, from the inside - out, from the left side to the right side and from the present to the past.

Here is the kicker: Dr. Young agrees with me that it is wise to assist the body in balancing its own pH by taking in alkaline fluids such as Water and using a Far Infrared Sauna .

Connie Baum

Friday, December 5, 2008

Are You Ready For Christmas?

This is the standard question wherever people gather as they go about their lives this time of year. And many times the answer is in the negative. People are worried about the economy and travel details. There are programs and parties and practices; some are dealing with recent loss of loved ones or the war has family members living afar. They have food to prepare, gifts to choose and wrap and mail...the whole Christmas season can be overwhelming.

There was a time when I, too, got caught up in the details of matching all the Christmas ornaments for the tree with the color of my child's hair ribbons and hand made Christmas dress. The food had to be JUST SO; the house had to look perfect; I thought I had to be perfect.

It will come as no surprise to those in my circle of influence to note that am not perfect. Nor is my house or my food or much of anything else in my life.

There may have been a period in my life when I fell prey to the famous gurus, slick magazine pages and savvy television ads who tout perfection in every aspect of the holiday observances when I did too much, slept too little, baked and ate too many holiday goodies, said 'yes' to too many commitments and cried buckets of tears over what I can't even remember now. Either I heeded my mother's advice or I matured or I just finally GOT IT.

In any case, I got over STUFF the way you get over the flu. Over time I have learned to shake my head in the negative and match that with a nice smile and firm "no, thank you" and I recognize the importance of relaxing and breathing! I don't get all worked up any more over decorating - after all, whatever you put up must be taken down and put away - and I surely do not bake and eat too many holiday goodies any more.

It's not that I am against any of the holiday traditions. It's more a matter of having learned to live within my own limitations.

We watched a wonderful program on TV about the lighting of a Christmas tree. It was very sweet and beautiful and timely. My husband and I looked at one another and I asked him if he had to have lights and music to put himself in the Christmas spirit. He just grinned at me. That grin said it all. He does not need stuff, or lights, or music or cookies to put him into a giving, loving, joyful mood. He lives that way every day of the year.

Well, now that I think about it, he may like to leave the Christmas goodies in place...

If you struggle with the stress and busy-ness of the holidays and you feel less than delighted by the whole season, you may want to scope out a helpful source of stress relief: The Healing Codes

Connie Baum

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy UN-Thanksgiving?

One of our houseguests greeted us today, the day following the holiday, with "Happy Un-Thanksgiving!" and it set me to thinking...

Perhaps the fun and comfort of being around family made our guest yearn for more of that FEELING of the special holiday. Maybe it was not so much the traditional fare of turkey and pumpkin pie as it was the warm and cozy feelings of connecting around a dinner table with aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings. The conversation, the laughter, the ambiance of a good experience like that is very impressive to our sensibilities-no matter our age.

Family customs, family activities all work to program our hearts. As human beings, we all seek pleasure and avoid pain. When we gather for a meal on Thanksgiving Day we make memories and those memories are stored in our image makers (hearts) until the pictures are seen and recalled by the brain as memories.

Here's hoping our children have had the kinds of experiences surrounding holidays and every day to program their lives to be filled with love, peace and joy. The more good experiences that are provided , the better able they will be to create holiday memories for their families. That will make the whole world a better place.

The energy of love and loving memories is very powerful, extremely comforting and exceedingly healing.

For more information about the healing power of energy and energy medicine you might like to visit The Healing Codes .

Connie Baum

Monday, November 3, 2008

Do You Know What Month It Is?

November is Native American Indian Month.

We observed this occasion in Grand Style: we attended a Powwow at the invitation of the Native American Social Club Association (NASCA) on the campus of the Tecumseh State Correctional Facility near our home.

Our Indian hosts were as gracious as ever, if not moreso. We were greeted warmly as we arrived. We were offered hot chocolate and soda until it seemed to drizzle out our ears, and the men seemed genuinely grateful we chose to spend Saturday evening with them.

There was the traditional drum, of course. My son, who is of Cheyenne and Danish descent, was honored to sit with the drummers for the entire Powwow! He thoroughly enjoyed his time with the men and although he knew some of the fellows, he made new friends around the drum.

One lone dancer wore regalia. Sometimes I grieve that the inmates are not allowed the regalia from their own must feel to them like being a priest and not wearing a collar. But the dancer who did have regalia had a bustle and a headdress. There were shiny silver earrings with beadwork on them dangling from both his pierced ears. He also had bright blue mocassins, which had been made for him by the artistic hands of an Indian brother. That artist was not dancing that night, for he is in mourning. The dancer also carried the Dance Stick and the Feathers. He wore colorful beaded wrist bands and his knees were covered with bells which jangled as he danced and moved. He danced with passion from the beginning drumbeats to the last.

The Master of Ceremonies announced there would be a dance to honor the women of the group. Each woman was to choose a partner with whom to dance. I chose a tall man with long dark hair and a brightly colored shirt with the club's logo on it. He seemed embarrassed and told me that he really could not dance. I laughed and responded, "Hey! I'm PINK; what would I know about how to do heya?" He grinned and took my hand. We stepped into the dance circle with the others. The dancer who wore the regalia held his Dance Stick over each woman and danced near to us as the song was drummed. It was a high honor for each female there, to be recognized as a woman, as a guest, as a dancer.

At the appointed time, the guests were invited to the buffet table. The men in charge of serving the food had carefully and patiently opened individual packets of chips and placed bean dip and cheese spread over the middle of each. They looked like square plates from a fancy-schmancy eatery, replete with tri-fold paper towels from a dispenser. There was a host for each guest to fetch soda, spoons, more napkins--whatever was necessary for the perfect dining experience. Just in case we'd not had our fill, someone came around to hand out individual packets of peanuts! Our hosts lingered to chat as we ate together. It would have been difficult to distinguish who enjoyed themselves more-the hosts or the guests.

The hour approached when the party had to end. The announcement came that there would be one more song. The entire company of people drew close to the drum for the Freedom Song. The drum was louder than it had been all night and the singing was not only louder, but was also higher pitched. The passion and love and energy that filled that gymnasium could have lit the whole of New York City for a week!

As the drumming and singing filled the air, the Dancer handed me the Dance Stick! I wasn't sure what it meant, really, but I knew I had received a great honor. Tears stung my eyes and dripped down my cheeks. The Dancer smiled at me and nodded. I smiled back but I could barely see for the tears. They were tears of joy. Later I learned that the feathers in the Dance Stick had belonged to the Dancer's ancestors. He had honored his ancestors and me by allowing me to hold the Dance Stick at the high point of the Freedom Song! With that information, my heart melted.

There were goodbye handshakes and hugs and last minute thank yous. Then we walked out of that environment into a still and starlit night. The air was cool and the wind had been hushed. Hearts had been healed that night. Honor had been given and received. Love was all around. It was palpable.

Here's hoping you can observe Native American Indian Month with joy and passion. If you are looking for some way to make it meaningful you could view an Indian art exhibit. Give yourself the treat of visiting the website of one of the most amazing artists on earth. You will be honored for your effort. This site features the pointillistic impressions of portrait artist, Ralph P. Brown, a Mohawk Indian: Mirrored Windows .

Connie Baum

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Was I Eavesdropping?

The conversation was so loud I could not help overhearing it...the young blond woman with a stick figure went on at length, describing her lunch.

"Oh, I was so concerned about the fat content that I used the low fat cheese and if I use the low calorie, low fat bread I could have a grilled cheese sandwich!" she gushed. She continued her monologue, " I only use the low sodium, low fat canned soups so that way I can stay within my Weight Watcher points..."

Someone opened a discussion with the dimunutive-size 0-young blond about the good fat content of nuts, which sparked a whole new monologue about cholesterol...

The conversation trailed on but in my head I had moved on to other issues.

I guess I was the only one in that room who understands the critical nature of REAL FOOD, WHOLE FOOD, RAW FOOD. I also guess that crowd wasn't really open to the idea. And I am sure none of those folks had seen these headlines:

Raw Broccoli, Cabbage Slash Bladder Cancer Risk by 40 Percent; Cooking Destroys Benefits

Vegetables May Reduce Hardening of Arteries

Availability of fruits and vegetables improves eating behavior of schoolkids

Americans still not eating enough fruits and vegetables
On reflection, I might have suggested to this little person some super snack ideas: I could have offered her the idea of carrying a hard cooked egg in her lunch bag so when lunch was over and supper is a long way off she might get in a little protein. Maybe she never thought of slicing an apple, sprinkling a pinch of salt to keep it from darkening and sealing it into a plastic container. She's probably sick and tired of eating carrot and celery sticks. Maybe she could mix it up with colorful slices of red and green peppers or napa cabbage for dipping into some hummus? Those travel well. I may have been remiss in mentioning to her that she might enjoy packing her lunch with a few crunchy slices of pickle or an olive or two...maybe she'd like fresh slices of mushrooms with a touch of guacamole? I probably missed an opportunity to educate bad

Actually, it seems to me that the people of this nation have been programmed to believe that if it is in a box or bottle or can on a store shelf and they have the cash to buy it , it must be all right to consume. All this flap about low fat, low sodium, low calorie and no sugar gets me crazy! It is hard to resist the tempation to rant and rave.

But I'll show great restraint. I'll keep my pie hole shut and point my beloved, health-seeking readers to good places to find real assistance when it comes to eating well and being well. Here are a couple of my favorite people:
These experts are in the know about health and good food. I am proud to represent them on the world wide web because they both understand the importance of eating well. Please, won't you do yourself a favor by visiting these sites and taking their information to heart, and to your food table?
Connie Baum

Monday, October 27, 2008

Do YOU Have a Tough Choice to Make?

What is the toughest choice you ever had to make?

For me, it was the decision to place my own son into a nursing facility. It was incredibly painful for me and for him. I was sure at the time I would never be able to forgive myself for making the choice I did.

He, on the other hand, thought he had done something wrong and he was being punished by not being allowed to live at home any more.

It was an unbearably miserable time for our whole family.

You'll be pleased to know that there is a happy ending to this drama. Even though he was not expected to live much longer after his admission to the nursing home, he stayed in that facility for ten years, thriving as the years unfolded. At the end of a decade he was able to live successfully in a group home, work in a sheltered workshop, and create a whole new life for himself at the tender age of 39!

Here's hoping your family never has to make those kinds of choices. The chances are good, however, that you will be faced with not only WHETHER to place your loved one in a professional setting but WHICH facility to choose.

I have discovered a wonderful resource for dealing with this issue. It is a handbook of 'How To' prepared by a former Nursing Home Administrator and legal guardian of two nursing home residents. She knows what's really going on and can help you navigate and negotiate the process of choosing the right facility for the right reasons! The name of this book: "Nursing Home Secrets Revealed", authored by Aileen Avinedo, RN, BSN

I'm not the only one who thinks this woman has good advice. Look what this man had to say:

"This is the most comprehensive book on nursing homes I have ever read. As a physician who has visited many facilities (nursing, assisted living, and independent living) I found the information to be thorough and accurate. Aileen correctly identifies the important issues one faces when considering a long term care facility for their family member or themselves. This book is an asset for this type of search."
--Dr. Bryan F. Walther
Loveland, Ohio

Aileen Avinedo is making a difference in Senior Care. Please look carefully at the sage advice she offers. It can make a difference for you and your loved ones, too!
Connie Baum

Friday, October 24, 2008

No Cooking? NO KIDDING?

By now you know what a health nut and foodie I am. You know I love to cook and I am all about healthy eating habits...

Some of you have complained to me that you don't LIKE to cook. Even those of you who do enjoy food prep and were pleased to have consulted with The Dinner Diva -continue to roam the aisles of the grocery store, hang from your cupboard doors, and poke your head into your fridge to answer the family's cries, "WHAT IS THERE TO EAT?"

I have such exciting news for you!

How would you like to have access to 400 ways to eat raw foods?

Now, don't you roll your eyes! I can hear you groaning, thinking it is just awful to think of veggies and fruits and no steak dinners! I know. You have a picture in your head of what Thanksgiving Dinner looks like and it does not include freshly squeezed wheat grass!

But I know about this Raw Foods Chef who has been a competitive body builder and she has proved by using raw foods and developing programs based on raw foods that you can be really healthy and it's not a lot of bother! Impressive, don't you think?

Her name is Kristen Suzanne. She is a beautiful woman with a real zest for life. She is devoted to helping us feel great, have more energy, and live longer. WHAT A CONCEPT!

Kristen is eager for us to have sound nutritional content, featuring phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. And she stresses the importance of COLOR!

Does Kristen's message sound like an echo of Mother Connie's? If it does, then you know why this is such good news!

Please do yourself a healthy favor ASAP and meet Kristen Suzanne !

Connie Baum

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is This Just a Fairy Tale?

Long, long ago, in a land far away, there was a man and a woman-that would be Norm and me-who aspired to build a multi-level entrepreneurial empire of sorts, built around magnetic health products. We gathered people into our network, embracing every one. The group bonded over Executive Luncheons , training exercises, phone calls and demonstration events that all took place in the "executive suite" known as our combination living room/dining area!

The winds of change blew through all our lives. The company we all had praised for teaching us more than a college education might have disappointed us. People strayed from the group because of work schedules. Some of our people joined other companies. Some started their own businesses. We moved from the area.

You might expect that we would have closed the book on all those relationships. I am so happy to say that was not the case.

While we love every person in our circle, and still stay in touch with them, there is one woman who stands out from the others. She is the woman who always came to the 7 AM meetings on time, bearing freshly baked kolaches. She always brought a dish to share whenever we hosted an Executive Luncheon. She was fun to travel with. She always invited guests to our events and her guests were as friendly and as dear as she is. At the finish of any event I would bid the guests goodbye and turn to find this darling friend in the kitchen, engineering the clean up!

We share many things in common. We are close in age-she, too, is "33"-and we just CLICK. We have always found ways to celebrate her birthday with her. We call her frequently, just to get our "fix". She has a wonderful sense of humor, she is a devoted church member and her family means the world to her. This lady is an avid culinary artist, gardener and loves doing yard work. Whenever we get together we talk for hours and hours about health and healing.

She had another "33rd" birthday recently. It took her nearly 2 months to come and observe it but she showed up, knowing our guest room was reserved for her. She arrived in time to take in a Tea our church's Women's Fellowship hosted.

It won't surprise you, as it did not surprise me, to note that when the event had ended and people took their leave, there was Mildred, wiping tables and helping with clean up!

It should not surprise you, either, that everyone loves Mildred a special much!

We share one more thing: She followed us when we joined BioPro !

Connie Baum

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Does Uncle Sam Care?

Sometimes, I think Uncle Sam only pretends to wish us well.

Something came in the mail from Uncle the other day. It is titled "Healthy is as Healthy Does." It enumerates all the things one must do to stay healthy during the colder months of the year. The piece suggests we should stay safe, be active, eat well, get enough sleep, be properly hydrated and wash our hands! SIDEBAR: Wash our hands? Does our aging Uncle Sam fancy we are still in Kindergarten? END SIDEBAR

Of course, as we might anticipate, Uncle thinks we need flu shots. I won't go there. I have ranted and raved sufficiently on that subject. But in all honesty, if Uncle wanted us truly to be well, that business about flu shots could have been left off the list and eliminated altogether.

There is a whole section in Uncle's letter dealing with Power Foods. Blueberries are good for a flavenoid boost. SIDEBAR: Who can afford to buy blueberries? END SIDEBAR

Another way to ramp up the favenoid factor is dark chocolate. Uncle consider dark chocolate will lower blood pressure and keep the arteries from plugging up. That's good news!

Sweet Potatoes, if you eliminate the marshmallows and roast them with a little olive oil, will nourish you with fiber, carotenoids, vitamins. They can be steamed, too. Uncle failed to mention that sweet taters are THE most nutritious veggie of all veggies. They also failed to mention how scrumptious sweet potatoes are.

Broccoli will add nourishment to your diet because you can enjoy this treat by steaming, sauteeing, or munching it as a raw delight. It can be dressed up with cheese or enjoyed 'naked'. Uncle Sam did not mention the undressed vegetable; he did mention the President who does not like the green goody.

Nuts have had a bad reputation for oil but almonds, for example, have high protein and mineral content. They are filling without the side effect of spoiling your appetite for dinner!

Spinach will provide you with iron, B Vitamins and fiber. It is yummy raw, cooked-add a dash of rice vinegar to perk up the flavor-or creamed. Uncle Sam never even mentioned that spinach is a whole food...

Using whole grains-organic if it's available to you-will provide rib-sticking nourishment that satisfies your palate.

Here are other foods Uncle Sam names as nutrition boosters and whole foods: citrus fruits, salmon, tomatoes, dry beans.

But Uncle never once mentioned a real Power Food: ENZYMES. We use this superfood in many ways and our favorite comes from barley grass. It is a fine powder that adds oomph to salads, fruit sauces, juices, even rice milk!

In our little kitchen I cooked some organic Northern beans this week. After these beauties were cooked I stored them in their own juice in the refrigerator to be used as needed. They made a fine addition to salads, skillet suppers, and a rich, wonderful soup. To have complete protein beans must be paired with grains. I often prepare a potful of brown rice to be stored for later use. Brown rice scattered across a bowl of fresh salad greens, topped off with barley grass powder is a really nice addition.

Well, it's true that Uncle Sam tells us some good things. And he did say something about Water. But he supports a center for disease control which is really an agency to manage disease...

I think Uncle Sam is out of my loop. He did not mention even one word about Energy Medicine. If YOU want the straight skinny about health care, not disease management, go here: The Healing Codes .

Connie Baum

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are YOU a Flowering Tree?

You've read about "my guys" who make up the Toastmasters Club at our local state prison. I am honored to be their Sponsor so every Monday I am treated to speeches about varied and interesting topics.

One of my favorite speakers is a highly accomplished member of the Mohawk tribe from New York. His presentation last night moved the group and his evaluator had no enviable task in finding ways for Wolfie to improve his technique.

Wolfie often draws upon his Indian Traditions and last night was no exception.

He drew a shape on the white board which resembled the letter Y. He indicated that the Y represented a tree, and he drew a line to show the earth and roots of this tree.

He used his 7 minutes wisely in sharing about the DUALITY of the Universe. He used several examples of opposites: men/women; hot/cold; black/white and urged the audience to find the commonality in each example. He wrote 'men' on one side of the Y, 'women' on the other. The common denominator for each example was HARMONY.

He explained the lessons of his heritage with passion and gusto. He remided us that the Keys to the Kingdom lie within that harmony. The harmony of RELATIONSHIPS, THOUGHTS/FEELINGS, and ACTIONS. He talked about how all things come from one Source. We may refer to that Source as God, Creator, Allah, whatever name we choose.

Wolfie went into great detail about keeping our minds, our thoughts and feelings, our words, and our actions in alignment. He admonished us to behave with love and take actions for goodness.

As he spoke, he drew some cartoon-like circles on both arms of the Y. They were meant to be flowers. He offered to us that if we keep our heads, hearts, words and actions in line with what the Creator would have for us we could own the keys to the kingdom! We could all become Flowering Trees!

The whole room was silent and motionless until he finished. Then they erupted in applause for this welcome message, filled with hope and love. These guys respect Wolfie. They were glad to be enriched by his eloquent words, offered from a favored Leader, a Teacher, and Healer.

As he returned to his desk I was struck by the fact that Wolfie had articulated what I have learned from my association with The Healing Codes. Live in harmony. Do all that you do in truth and with love. Think and feel in postive ways to feel the harmony that your Creator offers. Truth is very simple.

I hope you will see for yourself that the Truth, just the way Wolfie described it, can be found in The Healing Codes !

Connie Baum

Monday, October 20, 2008

What Is There To EAT?

I'm no different from you. I like to take the easy road. Doesn't everybody? But when the family wants to know what is there to eat, well, I'm just glad I have a plan: and you owe it to yourself to click on her site and see what all is there.

Leanne Ely has become my new bff - best friend forever. "Why?", you ask... Well, because she has taken all the heavy lifting out of food preparation. She is the next best thing to having a sous chef in your very own kitchen!

This Wonder Woman of Culinary Craft popped up while I surfed the net, looking for anything that would make home care better for my family. She was 'living' on one of the pages of Maria Cilley's "FlyLady" website. There were generous offerings about how to stretch an ole dead chicken, easy ideas for nutritional, low cost fare for anyone's dinner table. I was intrigued...and hooked on Leanne's easy ways in the kitchen.

Her own website is chock full of how-to videos, recipes, menu plans, tips and ideas. Her ad appears on this page. You can click on that banner or you can click on any of the underlined blue print on this page. Your family may not clamor for every single idea she has there but if you only find one or two gems, you'll feel as if you've won the lottery!

Whether you are wrestling with the daily care and feeding of a brood or if you are just another foodie you will have a good experience by clicking here and visiting The Dinner Diva!

Connie Baum

Saturday, October 18, 2008

"What Are YOUR Childhood Memories?"

Small towns have many advantages, as do little churches. Oh, the shrinking congregations, like ours, have people who bear more responsibility than they care to shoulder at times. Then there are the fabulous, memorable times like we had today.

We are a social bunch. Every year our Women's Fellowship likes to entertain the women of our Sister Church, another congregation whose population is dwindling, with a special event. This year it was a Tea.

The theme for the day was "Childhood Memories". The tables were decorated with toys from days gone by. Nutcups were filled to look like ice cream sodas and tricked out with personality-laden paper dolls.

Some of the ladies brought toys they'd received as small children. One woman, a grandma, brought a child sized ironing board Santa had brought her. She found out later that Santa had the same surname as her own father.

One lady brought a tiny handkerchief she described as "only being carried for dress" and recounted stories of the women in her family. Someone else brought a child sized rocking chair. There was a dolly high chair in the room.

Most people shared memories of toys and games. One who marches to the beat of a different drummer brought a doo-dad. She told about how her grandmother would make doughnuts and she HELPED by using this doo-dad to cut out the pastry treats. The look on her face clearly expressed the delight and the devotion she had felt as a child and enjoyed recounting for the group.

Other ladies brought only memories. I anticipated that the memories we'd hear today would all be good ones. This is in part because I had an idyllic childhood. It made tears in my eyes to hear the stories of women whose mothers had died in childbirth, or accounts of mommies who left their children behind by passing away. There were two guests whose memories had been swept away by fires. Their stories, their belongings, their lives, had literally gone up in smoke.

We sang familiar children's songs such as "Me and My Teddy Bear" and "Oh, Playmate, Come Out and Play With Me". We oohed and aahed over the tea sets and dishes, tops and paper dolls that lined the tea tables. We marvelled at the displays featuring doll houses, replete with miniature furnishings. We all nodded when primers and Little Golden Books were trotted out for show and we silently mourned that metal jacks and Pixie Stix are no longer sold in today's marketplace! How times do change!

As the morning passed and we chatted as girls are prone to do over home made cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit, juices, and coffee, I could not help thinking about these women's hearts. I wondered to myself if each person there truly knew the beliefs that live in each of their hearts. Are they living their truths? Are they feeling loved?

Quite naturally I am not privvy to another's "heart junk" nor would I choose to be. I trust that each of these precious souls is at peace with their childhoods. I trust their hearts are healed from any wound that may have been incurred. Furthermore, I pray that none of them ever NEEDS The Healing Codes .

Connie Baum

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Have You Heard...?

I freely admit that yesterday Mother Connie ranted and raved about flu shots.

Maybe there is something in the ethers, because today I found something sitting in my Inbox which speaks to the very same topic of my rant:

was the headline. I went on to read the article and learned that last year's record was not so hot: 50% of the injections were ineffective. This came, by the way, from a place called "Vitamin Research Products," an entity promoting healthy aging.
The article went on to say that side effects were a serious issue, as well.
What Big Pharma and Big Medicine do not appreciate is that the human body heals itself. Healing takes place from the TOP DOWN, the INSIDE OUT, from LEFT to RIGHT and from the PRESENT to the PAST.
You may remember the story I related about Jerry, whose healing process caused him grief, for which he "credited" me. I was only the facilitator. His body did the honor of detoxifying so Jerry could heal.
As the body heals itself the head will be the first to find relief. (TOP DOWN)
The body excuses the waste. (INSIDE OUT) The LEFT SIDE is more likely to find comfort before the RIGHT SIDE. It is very possible to dream wild dreams, have memories pop up, seemingly out of nowhere, and encounter people you have not seen in eons. (PRESENT TO PAST)
This is the reality of healing. The body does not heal because of Big Pharma and their high priced, toxic concoctions. The body does not heal because Big Medicine writes permission slips to send to Big Pharma.
It is crucial to support the immune system. It is our responsibility! By drinking good, clean, Water that is loaded with antioxidants, by eating plenty of raw vegetables and fruits, by supplementing our diets with whole foods nutrition, getting adequate rest, exercise and thinking good thoughts will offer far more benefits than any old shot! Besides, drinking 2 oz of Limu morning and night is the least painful way to beef up your health.
Beyond the suggestions I have described on this post and in order for you to be truly well from your heart, I would also direct you, with love and in truth, to The Healing Codes !
Connie Baum

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Can We Just Get Our Priorities Straight?

It's that time of year: There is an awful lot of hype in the media, on bulletin boards everywhere, and in clinics across the country about getting flu shots.

I suppose there is a school of thought that espouses the notion that flu shots will prevent people from getting the flu.

I have MUCH better solutions for avoiding the flu.

The way I see it, we need to take responsibility for our own well being and that includes keeping our immune system supported and healthy and strong and vibrant. As we age, that immunity diminishes. That gives me all the more reason to take action to prevent illness.

Support for the body's immune system is not only important but it is amazingly easy, and you won't have to dip into your trust fund to make it happen. Drink plenty of good, clean, pure, healthy
Water , for starters. Eat an abundant amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, including the peelings, as much as possible. Get enough sleep. Take power naps, if you must; you deserve to be rested. There are mushroom formulas that enhance immunity, there is a plethora of supplements available. You can buy bottles of liquid minerals, you can purchase homeopathic cell salts (sometimes referred to as biochemical tissue salts) for very little money and you CAN avoid the flu without injecting toxicity into your cells!

Moving your body regularly can serve your immunity very well. Aging decreases vitality but exercise can increase your well being in every way.

Keep your life, your blood, your body as clean as a whistle. Dry brush your skin. Deep breathe. Detoxify. Dr. Sherry Rogers admonishes us to "DETOXIFY OR DIE" and it's true. The more junk we ingest, the more junky thoughts we have, the more junky air we breathe, the worse we will feel and the more "heart junk" -Dr. Alex Loyd's term- we will accumulate.

Keep your immune system in check by making sure there is a balance between what goes INTO your body and WHAT COMES OUT. It is wise to have good fiber in your diet by using raw foods, peelings and all. Using your body by moving about will help elimination, as will drinking good water. I am reminded of this truism: "Cold water constipates. Warm water lubricates. Hot water eliminates." Keeping your immune system up to par is key to your good health and well being.

Avoid electromagnetic exposure like the plague: microwave ovens produce foods that are altered and not good for human consumption. This compromises your immunity!

Also not good for human health are all the prescription drugs that the American public has come to demand. Every presciption carries with it side effects and none of those side effects enhances anyone's health. This would include flu shots.

OK, I admit I have probably told you way more than you wanted to know and you may not have found the remedies you seek. Hang with me, boys and girls. On these posts you will find many ways to avoid the plague of the flu bug and other health disasters. I pledge to you that I will assist you in reordering your priorities, starting with good, clean, healthy, pure Water !

Connie Baum

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hey, Dave: "May I Borrow a Page From YOUR Book?"

I have many luxuries in my life. One of my favorites: the late night comics. I particularly enjoy David Lettermans' Top Ten lists. I am using his format to present some ideas that may appeal to you.

SIDEBAR: Please understand I am not the comedian Mr. Letterman is, so don't expect Dave's brand of humor here. END SIDEBAR

The TOP TEN REASONS why you might use Cinnamon:

  • 10 - Gas Studies in India and Japan revealed that taking honey and cinnamon powder may relieve your tummy of flatulence.
  • 9 - Flu A Spanish scientist discovered that honey contains a natural ingredient which kills the flu germs, saving a patient from flu's misery. (Can you say, "Cost effective and pain free"?)
  • 8 - Indigestion By sprinkling cinnamon powder on 2 Tablespoons of honey before meals, the acidity is relieved and the heaviest of meals is easily digested.
  • 7 - Upset Tummy Honey taken with cinnamon powder can cure stomach ache and clears stomach ulcers from the root.
  • 6 - Common Cold When you feel a cold coming on you'd be wise to take one Tablespoon lukewarm honey with 1/4 Teaspoon of cinnamon powder for three days. This process will take care of most coughs and clear the sinuses.
  • 5 - Cholesterol Two Tablespoons of honey and three Teaspoons of cinnamon powder mixed into 16 ounces of tea Water has been found to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood by 10% within two hours!
  • 4 - Bladder infections By taking 2 Tablespoons of cinnamon powder and one Teaspoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm Water and drinking immediately it is possible to destroy germs in the bladder.
  • 3 - Fatigue Using 1/2 Tablespoon of hney in a glass of Water that's sprinkled with cinnamon powder increases the vitality and strength of the body within a week. It would be a good practice to dry brush the skin at 3PM when fatigue sets in and then drink this tasty concoction. SIDEBAR: Folks who work outside the home have permission to skip the dry brushing part of this remedy! END SIDEBAR
  • 2 - Weight Loss Drinking honey and cinnamon powder boiled in one cup of water daily in the morning half an hour before breakfast, on an empty stomach, and again at night with your tummy empty will reduce the weight of even the most obese person. Drinking this mixture regularly will allow the body not to accumulate more fat.

Longevity! Tea made with cinnamon powder and honey, when taken regularly, arrests the ravages of old age. Take 4 spoonsful of honey, one spoon of cinnamon powder and 3 cups of water. Boil to make like tea. Drink 1/4 cup three or four times every day. It will help keep your skin soft and fresh and it will ARREST OLD AGE! By doing this you can increase your life span and you'll find that as you age you are performing chores the way a much younger person does.

Mother Connie has written a number of health related articles which appear on so if you seek more information you can log onto that site and search for articles by Connie Baum

Here's hoping you find this list helpful to your well being. You are reminded that since it is critical to use good Water in preparing these solutions, we refer you to High Tech Health .

Wishing you well,
Connie Baum

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Could You Pass The Salt, Please?

Time was when salt, a highly prized commodity, was used as a medium of exchange, the way we use cash today.

In this culture, salt is a wonderful, low cost, low tech remedy for a number of life's discomforts. Especially SEA SALT.

For example, a simple tap or two of the salt shaker into your palm will empty enough salt to quiet a tickly cough, in many cases. The pH of the body is apparently rebalanced by the addition of that little pinch of salt. The best results come from SEA SALT, because it is just salt with the water removed. No additives, no toxicity.

SEA SALT can be a good remedy for mommies-to-be, too. When that wave of nausea hits, a pinch of salt or a bit of salt in water that is very slowly sipped can alleviate the misery in short order. According to the Macrobiotic way of thinking, expectant mothers are becoming more Yin-expanded-and the salt creates a condition in the body that is more Yang-contracted.

Salt makes a wonderful exfoliant. As the days cool and we are more prone to dry skin, it is very soothing to rub SEA SALT on our skin at bath/shower time. The salt stimulates the skin and the lymphatic system, as well as the circulatory system and it feels tingly and invigorating. It all rinses off in the shower or tub. And of course, all the dead skin cells are sloughed off and away with the salt.

Soaking in a tub of SEA SALT water can be helpful and soothing. I like to run a tub of VERY hot water, add a cup of SEA SALT and soak until the water cools down. Sometimes I add more hot water. Other times I end my soak in the interest of time. Soaking in salt water draws out any toxicity and it assists with joint discomfort. Besides, it just feels good.

No doubt you have all heard 'The Lecture" about how bad salt is for you. I have good news: that simply is not true. Especially if you use SEA SALT! Dr. Batman Helidj taught us that there are two oceans in the body for balance: the ocean of water and the ocean of salt. When those two oceans are in balance, health is prominent. Imbalance of those two oceans is caused from too much acidity in the diet, in the water, even in the air we breathe!

I know a guy who had an infection in his foot. When he used SEA SALT in his food and drank less fruit juice and more pure water, the foot improved significantly. Observing that process was enough to make a believer out of me!

SEA SALT is low tech, low cost health care. Commensurate with our culture today, we can refer to High Tech Health for great pure water, up-to-date ways of balancing the body's pH, and products that enhance the well being of the entire family!

Could you please pass the sea salt? Thanks. And please, do remember to visit our friends at High Tech Health !

--Connie Baum

Friday, October 10, 2008

Broccoli, Anyone?

Oh, the news about broccoli is going to make your mother so happy! She may say, "I told you so!" but that's okay. The news should please everybody.

The prestigious Johns Hopkins University has learned that the dark green cruciferous my be helpful in dealing with chronic lung diseases.

Now, your mother may not have been a researcher at Johns Hopkins, but she did chide you about eating your veggies, I am sure. That's a mother's JOB, after all.

The report I read had a whole lot of big medical words and letters. I wondered as I read it if I might be looking at jargon or code! At any rate, studies have linked chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD, and improvement in the condition when broccoli is used in the diet.

I can just hear the gears in your brain shifting right now. You are already stressing over what to DO with broccoli. Not to worry. I have the answer to that for you. The Dinner Diva will be too happy to come to your rescue in that department!

Leanne Ely never lacks for ideas when it comes to food. Whether you are looking for economical ways to use broccoli or any other food, for that matter, Saving Dinner stands ready to assist you.

The mother in me wants to remind you that raw vegetables have the most enzymes and nutrition. I have some broccoli beside me as I write this and I am enjoying little florets dipped in hummus. How fast and easy to prepare! How economical and delicious it is!

It's no wonder I'm healthy! Here's hoping my own mom would be proud to know I listened to her. So would The Dinner Diva, I think.