Thursday, December 11, 2008

Will YOU Choose Health?

According to comedian Conan O'Brien:

"McDonald’s is reporting that despite the bad economy, their domestic sales were up last month. Which just goes to show you a great thing about our country – you’re never too poor to get fat."
We laugh about that. If we did not laugh, we would weep. People, for whatever reason, do not understand the correlation between what we eat and how well we feel, how well we function.
Conan's joke reminds me of the fellow who ate only McDonald's food for a month and lost his boyish figure as well as his good health. I doubt McDonald's EXPECTS us to depend on them for ALL our dietary intake...
Why are we turning to fast food in this downturned economy? Cost cannot be the ONLY factor... ...Theories abound. Some people think it's because people are too lazy, too busy, too ignorant...others feel that cost IS the only factor.
For my money, it has always seemed to me that if we KNOW better we will DO better.
If people are taught, with love and care for others' feelings, that helper products used in foods we make at home are loaded with junk that works against good health, they will avoid those products. If people understand the value of whole foods, organic foods, homemade foods, they will appreciate the value of making different choices.
Sometimes people, kids especially, are sure they do not LIKE certain foods. I can appreciate that. I won't eat grapefruit, so I totally relate. But I also remember being TOO LAZY to cut the skin of thee sliced tomatoes my mother served. But eventually I DID eat tomatoes and found out they are delicious.
Maybe, if we encourage one another and coax our kids in firm and loving ways, they will understand that ketchup is not the only source of tomato goodness. I could cite other examples, but I'm sure you get my drift.
Parents are working, so fewer households have stay-at-home moms or dads now than in earlier generations. People are dreadfully tired. They are hungry. They feel impatient. It's no wonder and it's no surprise that those same people take the quick and easy way around food prep! It's not fair to malign them, under their circumstances.
WHAT IF those of us who do know better would offer to hold hands with those who wish to learn? Wouldn't it be fun to make a relationship with a person, a couple, a family and show them what you know about making a meal? Wouldn't it be fun to share a meal with someone to become better acquainted and share your knowledge and experience with someone who would be willing to learn?
I would offer you the challenge of finding a neighbor, someone in your church or someone in your kids' school who would benefit from your gifts of love and teaching.
If YOU are eager to learn about eating with health in mind, you can click on any of the ads on this page for immediate assistance. If you would likd to find out more about cooking, food prep, shopping and feeding your family you will love these folks and their experience: The Dinner Diva and Kristen Suzanne .
Connie Baum

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