Friday, June 27, 2008

Am I a Designer Yet?

I've always declared I'd prefer having my offspring become hair dressers or designers, rather than doctors or lawyers. That's because I adore having my hair done and one of my passions is caring for our home. That involves pushing furniture around. The way I see it, I could have made a great career in the Moving industry. And I might have taken it to another level: an art form!

My poor family would leave for school, work, a trip to the store and when they returned they nearly did not recognize the house. Someone suggested that might be just the ticket if a husband tip-toed in late and night and tripped, signaling his arrival to the entire household. But that was never my push. My idea was to make the rooms look different, freshen them, spiff them up. Back in the day, there was no money for designers or design elements. Besides, that was long before I had a daughter in law who grew up to be an interior designer. My only alternative was to rearrange the furniture.

I mention this because I have done some major rearranging on! It is recognizable, but only barely. If you are a regular visitor there, you know that we have planned all along to add products and information and that's what's happening now!

The process has been arduous but rewarding and the offerings we display for you are all with your health and well being in mind. Each day you will see things that are critical for good health being added incrementally.

Not to worry; your old favorites are there: The Healing Codes, The Far Infra Red Sauna, the remedies for mole removal and tinnitus. Now you can view some kitchenware and more items are on their way. Your links to Limu and BioPro are intact so you can order those things online if you seek enhanced health, rosy cheeks and a spring in your step!

Please, leave your comments in the COMMENT box. They will not be published if you ask for them not to appear and all comments must pass Mother Connie's scrutiny before the comments are posted.

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to get the living room furniture where I want it before my Favorite Husband comes home!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Bananas, like everything including milk, gasoline, and utilities have soared in price. That's why I was delighted to find a bargain bag full of the delicious snack at our local market.

But today I learned HOW to PEEL a banana! How could I get to be this old and not have learned that primates peel theirs from the BOTTOM to the TOP? That's a good way to avoid the stringy things that are so annoying!

I also learned that you must SEPARATE your banana bunch when you bring them home. If they are connected at the stem, they ripen faster.

These lessons came to me via my email network! Hooray for the internet!

Well, at least I knew not to refrigerate them. They do freeze beautifully, though. I have put them into the freezer with the jackets on and when they come out they can be mashed and added to recipes. I have put the frozen things through a juicer, as well. YUM. Just like ice cream!

Bananas are helpful to the body because they are easily digested and assist the body the way only complex carbohydrates can do. They keep the blood sugar modulated and they offer essential minerals for the muscles.

Did I mention they taste good?

Being well is not hard work. It is fun, tasty, and affordable!

As you know, I am fond of referring you to the BioPro products on If you are serious about your well being I strongly encourage you to put the BioProduce into your health regimen ASAP. They also modulate your blood sugar, add phytonutrients, assist in the protection of Electropollution and are easy to swallow. So, log
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Monday, June 23, 2008

It's a Top Down Day!

It's Monday! The sun is shining. The birds are singing and if my friend, Nancy, were here, she would declare it is a Top Down day! Nancy drives a convertible.

I sat at the picnic table in our front yard this morning, eating a banana. There was some foot traffic by the house-people on their way to the post office-and we exchanged pleasantries as they passed. Squirrels were busy being squirrely and I just thought to myself how much I love my life.

The thing about loving life is appreciating the ordinary, the mundane, the routine. There is a rythm to our days that is soothing to me. I love to take care of our home and I enjoy cooking and doing the laundry and even making the bed. Just doing these simple things day after day makes me feel secure.

I also feel secure about knowing that I am healthier than many of my counterparts. Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson talk about living from the heart. If living from the heart is following your bliss then I have every reason to believe I can maintain my good health.

If, for any reason, my health would come into question, one of my first lines of defense would be The Healing Codes on . By accessing the codes and healing the wounds of the heart, full health could be restored. If you, or someone you love, struggles with health issues, be sure they know about The Healing Codes' multimedia program on Those codes are just a click away.

Since I am able enjoy the delights of this Top Down day, I think I'll fix a pitcher of pink lemonade and make a bee line for that picnic table. It sounds like a great way to spend my Monday afternoon!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Diabetes and Baldness?

I have long been a devotee of Dr. Sherry Rogers. We have most every book she ever authored and the pages are dog eared from referencing them so often. She speaks with the voice of reason and authority.

In her most recent newsletter she discusses Diabetes at length. She reports that over 17 million Americans have Diabetes at this time. An additional 6 million people have Diabetes but have not yet been diagnosed.

These figures do not begin to reflect the vast numbers of people who will eat processed foods that are laced with corn syrup, trans fats, and water permeated with plastics, which will all contribute to the burgeoning epidemic of Diabetes.

Dr. Rogers previously minimized the ways Diabetes could be avoided or its condition improved…her focus was cancer and heart disease because those were the top two killer diseases. But Diabetes is inching up in those stats.

According to USA Today, this country spends more money to manage the
disease of Diabetes than all the monies spent in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the global war on terrorism combined! The costs associated with Diabetes are also much more than the $150 BILLION in damages caused by Hurricane Katrina! As a nation, we are spending as much money to manage Diabetes as we are spending to tend cancer. Cancer does kill twice as many people every year. This one disease, Diabetes, could bankrupt both state and local economies because over 20 million people have Diabetes!

You may be wondering why this epidemic is taking place. The reasons are
myriad. The plasticizers, phthalates, that appear unavoidably in our air, food, and water actually CREATE insulin resistance and Diabetes. Not only that, but the processing of foods strips them of minerals such as zinc, vanadium, chromium, selenium, as well as the essential fatty acids as found in cod liver oil, EPA, and DHA.

These elements are all critical for protecting against Diabetes and, even more critical, for healing it.

One of the amazing elements that assists the body in dealing with Diabetes is plain old Vitamin D. That is plentiful this time of year. And, unless you spend too much time under Ole Sol, there are no negative side effects, as with prescription drugs.

The obvious ways of dealing with this draconian condition is diet, exercise, weight loss and no smoking. Beyond that, there is much to be done to prevent the rapid progression of accelerated aging, heart attacks, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, poor circulation resulting in amputations, impotence, and infections.

Dr. Rogers proceeds to a detailed explanation of the function of the pancreas in Type I and Type II Diabetes and how those differ. She has recommendations for treating both types. Those recommendations have to do with NUTRIENTS, not drugs.

One of the best nutrients I have ever known is something that changed my
experience with the way my own body manages my blood sugar. I was not
diagnosed with Diabetes but I was "in that zone" when I discovered that by ingesting two fruit capsules with my breakfast and two veggie caps with my dinner I absolutely avoided food cravings and hunger pangs between all my meals!

These are not just any old products. These are the BioPro BioProduce
capsules that I intend never to be without for the rest of my days. They have been prepared in such a way that they do not create a spike in blood sugar but the components in them harmonize the body functions so my body can utilize them fully. My cells seem to smile when they are present.

The method for doing this process can’t be told. The manufacturer told a
group of us that if he told, he’d have to do us in! But we DO know that these gems have been imprinted with Energy Resonance Technology (ERT) so they not only heighten my energy level but they also protect my every cell from the poison known as Electropollution or Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF). Since this is no drug, there are no negative side effects. Just glowing good health, anti-aging, and protection
from all that bad stuff.

Do you have all the energy and bounce you’d like to have in YOUR step?
Do you struggle with having the time to shop, prep and eat properly?
Do you worry about the damage Electropollution is doing to YOU?

Maybe it’s time for you to check out and click
on the link on the right side of the page: BioPro. Order a twin pak of the
BioProduce. Take 2 fruit caps in the morning with your breakfast. Take 2
veggies at dinnertime. See if you put a spring into YOUR step, improve your energy level, and a twinkle in your eye.

Golly. I know a bald guy who started to use BioProduce and I’ll be darned
if he didn’t grow a headful of hair! That strategy did not work for my Norman, but you never know until you try!

Hm, I wonder what Dr. Rogers has to say about balding...

Friday, June 20, 2008


If someone says, "Birthday" you will have a picture in your head of what a birthday is. You might "see" a decorated cake in your mind's eye, decked out with candles; you may picture a photo of yourself as a child; you may even see images in yourhead of birthday cards and gifts.

The reason this is so, according to researcher Antonio Damazio, is that the ability to display these images is THOUGHT. In other words, humans think in images. The mind is just like a filing cabinet the size of many skyscrapers. A thought can access a picture or series of pictures in a nanosecond.

In fact, Damazio goes so far as to say that imageless thoughts are impossible! Unless blilnd from birth, human beings are ALWAYS imagistic.

You cannot drive a car, kiss your lover, use a bathroom without a picture having formed in your brain. These images, this programming, takes place before we reach the age of 6, according to Alex Loyd, MD, PhD. And this programming forms our belief system. This belief system is the basis for ALL of what we think, feel, and do for the rest of our days!

Biologist Bruce Lipton says that our body is a camera. The environment is the signal and the lens of the camera is our eyes. The information is translated into images - pictures - and this is the program. These images are stored in our cells. When we are being chased by a bear, the images are called up and cue us to flee. When we win a golf tournament those same cells call for the oxytosin to help us to celebrate. It is our beliefs, real or imagined, that determine which images to present.

Pictures are the Universal Language. If you visit a foreign country this will be made clear. These images are the language of our BEING.
So much more information is available about this. Humans need health, wealth and good relationships. More information can be accessed from The Healing Codes on I dearly hope you will see for yourself by visiting the site right now and checking out The Healing Codes as soon as possible. THINK about it! The Healing Codes could be helping your cells to be the happiest ever. The three things humans need: health/wealth/relationships can be had by using The Healing Codes.

Learn how to heal beliefs that may be impeding your joy NOW.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Determining Factor

What is it that makes us think, feel, and behave the way we do 100%
of the time?

That question reminds me of the TV character, Flip Wilson, who, many decades ago, excused his bad behavior with, “The Devil made me do it!”

The fact of the matter, according to Dr. Alex Loyd, Ph.D. and dynamic
force in the field of psychology, it has to do with our belief programming.
He teaches that by the time we are 6 years old we are pretty much programmed to believe the way we will believe for the rest of our days.

Dr. Loyd uses the Chevy versus Ford parallel. Since my dad drove a
Chevy all his life – and mine – I am very likely to favor Chevy. If I come
to him with all the reasons why I think Ford is superior, he will challenge
my ideas and his behavior in that instance will reflect the FIGHT or FLIGHT response. He may argue (Fight response) or he will stomp angrily away. (Flight response) Either reaction is based in his long standing BELIEF.

The conclusion is this: We live our lives the way we want to live our
lives based on our beliefs. If we desire our lives to change we must, of
necessity, change our beliefs on the unconscious, or subconscious level.

This can best be accomplished with energy medicine. Energy medicine,
according to Dr. Mehmet Oz, is the newest and most up and coming kind
of medical care. More about this innovative care can be found on the site and can be found in The Healing Codes.

And if you happen to be a Ford person, ask a Chevy person what they
think of your favorite and note whether their response comes from the
Flight response or the Fight response! You will better understand their
beliefs when they express their answer!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Fathers' Day!

Sunday, June 15 will find fathers all over the United States waking up in many settings: there may be crudely made greeting cards from youngsters wanting desperately to please their daddies; or Dad may be on a camping adventure that has to do with tents. Some dads will get luxury gifts from their offspring. At the very least there will be a phone call.

Whatever the scenario those messages will be heartfelt and sincere.

Not everyone has “Hallmark greeting card quality” relationships. There are families who have no fatherly presence through death, broken marriage or armed forces requirements. There are families whose daddy is not the ideal role model. We hope that Fathers Day memories warm the heart or make us grin and giggle. But the harsh reality is that some people struggle with the father/child relationship.

I am honored to work with some absentee fathers who are in prison…I am the sponsor for a Toastmasters Club: They call themselves the LibOrators These are men who have made choices that have taken them away from their families and these guys mourn that loss. They often prepare speeches about their children and they are so proud of their kids. They flash photographs of their sons and daughters; they revel in the visits they are allowed with their children.

On this particular Fathers Day I will think about these guys and their families and I will offer a prayer that these families’ wounds will be healed with love.

Since my own dad has gone on to his Great Reward I will remember the silly gifts I gave him and the great laughs we had and all the love he showered on me and my mother during his lifetime.

I am very blessed that my heart has no need of healing from a less-than-perfect daddy. If I were in need of assistance to mend the dad/daughter relationship I would most assuredly find exactly what is needed in The Healing Codes as found on this website: The heart is the center of our healing and when our hearts are healed, so are our lives. Please look into this. Your entire sphere of influence will be greatly enhanced when you put The Healing Codes into practice.

My precious husband is an exemplary role model. My stepson, who follows in his own father’s footprint, is a phenomenal father. My sons in law personify The Ideal Dad. My grandsons are living the traditions with which they grew up. I wholeheartedly and lovingly wish each of you a very Happy Fathers’ Day!

A Study in Living

This week I heard the moving story about a woman in Zimbabwe, Africa. She has been a central figure in her part of the world because of her unique ability to network with the locals and help them as they fall ill. She has provided herbs and the recipes for using them effectively and she has befriended her fellow countrymen as she served them.

When she fell gravely ill and was expected to die, her network, which included people from all over the globe, began to pray on her behalf. No one, especially her doctors, expected her to rise from her deathbed.
In fact, this woman DID recover fully with no ill effect from her malady. She recounted her experience:

“I was very sick. My fever raged and I just wanted to sleep. It seemed that I left my body – I could see my body lying on my sickbed – and then I walked down a very long hallway. I could see doors along the hall and I decided to open them. I was curious what might be behind the doors. When I did, I could see many busy people engaged in their tasks. I knew these people. Some were my ancestors and relatives. Others were people I had worked with who had passed on. Each time I opened another door I would see more people I had known on Earth. They all seemed to be very busy, occupied with work that demanded their attention. They did not call to me or speak to me; they did not seem even to notice me or that the doors were open. And then it occurred to me that those people had THEIR work to do and I HAVE MY WORK. I closed the doors, retraced my steps in the long hall and returned to my body. Now I am well enough to do my work again.”

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but that account gave me goose bumps and put tears in my eyes. I found it to be very moving. It seems patently obvious that this woman, through her illness, discovered how to live from her heart.

Each of us has a purpose. I hope you won’t have to become ill to find yours.

Living from the heart is central to The Healing Codes. You can find more information at about the multi media, low tech program which offers concrete assistance in living from YOUR heart to ensure you have health, success, and rich relationships in your own life. Look for The Healing Codes on the left side of the home page.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Traveler? Not So Much

Homebody. That would be me. It's my comfort zone. Even a shopping trip can take me away from my familiar surroundings for too long.

This past week, however, found us at 10,000 feet elevation in the Rocky
Mountain town of Frisco, Colorado, for a motorcycle rally.

No. I am NOT a motorcycle mama. We have Kawasaki owner in our family and I am chairman of his fan club. He enlisted his dad and me to help with the Concourse Owners Group rally and it was a delicious idea we could not resist, distance and elevation notwithstanding.

The mountains are majestic and breathtaking despite the fact that the trees are sick. The pine trees along the way are suffering from Pine Beetle Wilt and nothing will cure this ailment. The only way to get rid of the nasty critters which cause the malady is to burn the trees. Sometimes nature does that; meantime, the pine trees we saw were too spindly to be harvested and too sick to get well. That was grievous to behold.

The Aspen trees were not in their fullness yet--the thin mountain air is too cold for them to mature as they might if they could have had more sunshine. But they did their best to wave to us in the wind as we trekked along the mountain roads. Snow fell softly and quietly from the gray skies and when it landed it looked to me as if Godhad sifted powedered sugar all over the mountain range. It was unspeakably beautiful. It was yet another of those Greeting Cards from God I have told you about in times gone by.

The air was chilly. The cool temps made me ache yearningly for the comfort of my home and the snug coziness of a Far Infra Red sauna! You can see this feature I mention by visiting . This sauna keeps the body alkaline enough to enhance wellness. BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT.

But, homesick or not, I'm game to follow that biker guy to the next rally. After all, the snow kept me from getting a ride on that snazzy bike, even though I had brought along the road gear including a helmet just for the occasion. He owes me!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's a Greeting Card from God...

Do you remember the popular song, "June is bustin' out all over"? That's what I recalled, even sang, as we drove through the country hills to church this morning.

We saw ponds with the reflection of a blue sky full of cumulus clouds and the trees that rimmed the edges of the water. There was grand contrast between varying shades of green and the wind was not disturbing the serenity. What we enjoyed was pretty enough for a Currier and Ives greeting card and I thought, "It IS a greeting card. From God."

We mark the first day of a brand new month. Let's hope we spend this day, this month, wisely.

Some of us are hale and hearty as we greet this fresh, new summer. Others? Not so much.

It is to those who struggle with health issues that I issue this challenge:
Please visit NOW and look for The Healing Codes. If you adhere to what is taught in that multi-media product you might greet the days to come with a whole new, HEALTHIER perspective.

Please take a moment to comment about your experiences with The Healing Codes. Since they are life altering, we want everyone to know how much better things are for you. Besides, the greeting card from God is much more preferable than a get-well card!