Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Determining Factor

What is it that makes us think, feel, and behave the way we do 100%
of the time?

That question reminds me of the TV character, Flip Wilson, who, many decades ago, excused his bad behavior with, “The Devil made me do it!”

The fact of the matter, according to Dr. Alex Loyd, Ph.D. and dynamic
force in the field of psychology, it has to do with our belief programming.
He teaches that by the time we are 6 years old we are pretty much programmed to believe the way we will believe for the rest of our days.

Dr. Loyd uses the Chevy versus Ford parallel. Since my dad drove a
Chevy all his life – and mine – I am very likely to favor Chevy. If I come
to him with all the reasons why I think Ford is superior, he will challenge
my ideas and his behavior in that instance will reflect the FIGHT or FLIGHT response. He may argue (Fight response) or he will stomp angrily away. (Flight response) Either reaction is based in his long standing BELIEF.

The conclusion is this: We live our lives the way we want to live our
lives based on our beliefs. If we desire our lives to change we must, of
necessity, change our beliefs on the unconscious, or subconscious level.

This can best be accomplished with energy medicine. Energy medicine,
according to Dr. Mehmet Oz, is the newest and most up and coming kind
of medical care. More about this innovative care can be found on the site and can be found in The Healing Codes.

And if you happen to be a Ford person, ask a Chevy person what they
think of your favorite and note whether their response comes from the
Flight response or the Fight response! You will better understand their
beliefs when they express their answer!

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  1. Good job Connie, now hook this up to Twitter.

    I love the healing codes and am so glad it is resonnating with you.

    Renita Farrall


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