Thursday, October 29, 2009

Alternative Healing: What Are You Missing?

Does it ever seem to you that something's missing? Do you ever feel as if maybe you don't have all the PIECES you need to make your life complete?

The truth of the matter is that we ALL arrive on the planet with something missing. This is normal, so there's no need to be alarmed.

People are just a little like computers, in that we have "hardware" which is our instinctual survival instinct. We also have "software" or cellular memory which we acquire from our parents quite naturally. There is more "software" that we get from life experiences from birth to around 5 or 6.

Babies and little children exist in Delta/Theta brain waves. EVERYTHING they see, hear, experience and think goes into their programming. Some of it is true; some of it is not. There is no filter on this programming; it just goes in.

The thing we are missing is not A PIECE but PEACE itself.

An example of how that works might be the way life worked for a bright young woman we will call Ava. Ava had an IQ of 180. It was anticipated that she would go to Wall Street, land a high paying job and take the world by storm. It was not to be, for she sabotaged herself and this brilliant career never materialized.

The reason? When Ava was 5 years old and still in Delta/Beta brain wave mode, her mother gave Ava's sister a popsicle but Ava got nothing. In Ava's 5 year old mind this meant that something was wrong with her and she did not deserve to have a popsicle...or anything else in life.

When Ava learned that it was a falsehood that kept her in "failure mode" she was able to be healed of that untrue belief and her life became highly successful after all.

If we believe lies and falsehoods, we live in misery. If we are living lives filled with truth and love we can experience unbridled joy.

This is not to say that we will never have problems or challenges. It simply means that we will think differently about life's circumstances and brush aside things we might have suffered over before we knew the truth.

The tool that helped Ava's life turn around was an alternative healing method known also as energy medicine. This tool is the wave of the future and helps provide breakthrough after breakthrough for many people. You can learn more about the most amazing alternative healing method on the planet by clicking on this link: Here is where to find YOUR PEACE.

Connie Baum

Monday, October 26, 2009

Energy as a Medium for Art?

I have bragged about energy for a very long time.

You have read all my diatribes about using the energy of color; you have seen many posts about healing with energy. No doubt you have seen the remarks made by my artist friend, Ralph P. Brown who emphasizes the energy of art pieces.

Today something about energy caught my attention and no matter where I put my attention, will not exit my thoughts. Here's the thing:

When my dear and long time friend, Sheila, went to church she met a woman who was wearing a cape. She knew who the woman was but had not actually met her until yesterday. All she knew was that this was The Cape Lady.

Just before Sheila settled herself for the service, the woman handed Sheila the cape she had been wearing. Sheila was astonished at the FEELING she noticed and held the cape, cuddling against it for a whole hour! She said that the energy of it was like holding a newborn baby. Before the worship began, Sheila inquired about the cost of a cape. The violin music and meditation of the service further wrapped Sheila as she held the woman's cape. Sheila was mesmerized by the energy of The Cape Lady's garment.

Before the worship service ended, Sheila wrote out a check and gave it to The Cape Lady so she could have her very own cape. Living in a cold mountain climate, she would really utilize the warmth of it.

The Cape Lady then gave Sheila her business card and invited her to go to lunch.

Last night Sheila visited the website listed on the business card and was dumbstruck! She was in AWE of what lay before her! You will be, too, when you see what this incredible woman has to say about the creation of the capes she makes to wear, to give and to sell.

The energy and love that is infused into these capes is phenomenal. Finding the correct fabric, choosing the proper style-the whole process is for this artist, a spiritual experience!

Sheila is a self-described "unconditional lover of people" so it's no wonder she attracted The Cape Lady to her! Please visit The Cape Lady and see for yourself the wonder of Energy as a Medium for Art! Then you will begin to understand Sheila's fascination.

When you've seen the beauty of this process, return to this page and leave your comment, won't you, please? We appreciate you so much! YOU give US energy and it feels as good as those capes!

Connie Baum

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Color as a Cost Effective Home Remedy?

When I went to kindergarten I thought it was great fun to use the Crayolas in the coloring can. I loved coloring in the designs our teacher, Miss Williams, provided for us. I never was artistic; oh, how I envied David Barta because he could draw the most perfect, prettiest yellow bananas! I fancy that David Barta became a graphics artist because of his great use of color in kindergarten!

The most profound experience I ever had with color was when I studied Massage Therapy. I was fascinated to learn that any color could be used to change-improve-the energy in the human body.

I bought brightly colored fabric samples and performed kinesiology or muscle tests on my clients to see how color affected them. It was amazing to discover that the color of a wheelchair a person spent time sitting in could adversely affect their body’s strength! It was equally astonishing to see how a different color could improve the person’s strength!

As I studied various Massage Therapy techniques I was delighted to learn about how the notes of the musical scale and the colors of the rainbow resonate at the same rate! Then I discovered that simply by using crayons-OR PRETENDING TO USE CRAYONS-amazing and wonderful things took place!
I’ve collected a few stories about color and how to use it.

My friend, Renita, used a purple headband on the morning when she felt she was not focusing. She reported to me that she was especially productive that day. Another time she was uncomfortable with a headache. She found her purple ribbon and shortly after she put that around her head her headache was history! These things made Renita a firm believer in the use of color with efficacy.

Just the other day Renita’s husband, Jerry, had difficulty with his throat and found swallowing to be a problem. Renita suggested that he use his finger, pretending that it was a light blue crayon. She asked him to stroke downward on his neck to make an imaginary light blue line, which he promptly did. She said the look on his face said it all as he swallowed easily!

Jerry and Renita also like that they did not have to spend a dime for this relief!

I know that if you are still reading this, some of you are rolling your eyes and scoffing. Just because you don’t BELIEVE this to be true, does not make it untrue! It’s not about what you believe; it’s about the energy of color!

When females use color, it’s most effective to begin with the tailbone and work up to the crown of the head. For males, start at the crown and work toward the tailbone.

For simplicity’s sake I offer you an example of how you might use color for a guy’s body:

Forehead: PURPLE
Nose/Mouth: DARK BLUE

Chin to Collar Bone: LIGHT BLUE

Collar Bone: BLUE-GREEN

Chest: GREEN


Low Back: ORANGE

Tailbone: RED

As an example of how to alleviate a man’s low back pain, for instance, you might apply orange. It could be a piece of fabric; you could apply crayon markings, stroking downward; you could even IMAGINE orange color on that area. This is energy healing in its simplest form.

And it doesn’t cost a dime!

Connie Baum

Friday, October 23, 2009

Got Depression?

These boys appear NOT to be depressed...

Depression is...well, depressing.

Those who suffer with it describe it as very, very dark and miserable. They search, sometimes for years, to find the answers they long to have. Entire families are affected by depression-it seems to be a family affair because every member of the household is touched by the depressed person's misery. Depression invades every aspect of every life.

There can be a physical manifestation of pain. There can be anxiety, despair and inability to function. The person with depression can be cranky, out of sorts and very unpleasant. They may have extreme mood swings. People who have feelings of depression live in fear and falsehoods. They feel very unhappy; joy escapes them.

Dr. Alex Loyd is married to a woman who suffered from depression. That's what led him to the discovery of The Healing Codes.

Many ailments begin with stress. Dr. Bruce Lipton has written extensively about how our bodies are designed to go into fight-or-flight mode for our protection. But if we STAY in that mode long enough illness and disease can follow 95% of the time. That's a staggering statistic and a good reason to DE-stress.

Doctors often experience extreme stress. This was true for Dr. Ben Johnson. A successful physician, he was a very sick man when he found The Healing Codes-or did THEY find HIM? In any case, Dr. Ben used The Healing Codes and became free of a debilitating disease. So did Mrs. Alex Loyd. I am pleased to report that she has recovered from her serious, life-threatening depressive condition.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, M.D., Nobel Prize Laureate in Hungary said this:
"Treating humans without the concept of energy is treating dead matter."

The Healing Codes work with the body's own mechanisms on an energetic level. Our every cell-we have TRILLIONS, by the way-resonates with energy and our bodies are wise enough to correct imbalances as the Codes are implemented.

Prayer was the first spiritual healing. I would not bypass prayer in the matter of depression or any other matter. I would suggest looking into The Healing Codes, however. They are non toxic, non invasive and fun to do.

We could all live our lives with the pure joy and fresh abandon of the little guys in the picture above, if only we would live our lives in truth and love.

For more information about The Healing Codes, click on these words now.

Connie Baum

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Was Prayer the First Energy Medicine?

I have a couple of questions to ask you:
  1. What SHOULD you be doing?
  2. Why aren't you doing that?
The chances are excellent that we all know what we ought to be doing. The reason why we don't? Well, we may not know why. We also may be dismayed because we CANNOT DO whatever it is.

Sir Isaac Newton came up with a few laws that applies to this sort of thing. It was he who first discovered that whatever is in motion continues to be in motion until something comes to stop it. The only thing that interferes with us performing certain acts will be the pain it causes us.

Another of Newton's laws deals with our capability to effect changes. We must have the POWER to change and willpower is NOT on that list! Stanford's Bruce Lipton proved that our beliefs are a million times more powerful than our willpower!

Thirdly, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This accounts for the domino effect when any change takes place.

So you see, if we have an issue in our lives that is causing us grief we will wait until the pain of that issue is unbearable. We will focus on change and the pain will lift, being replaced with pleasure.

Let's use divorce as an example, just to illustrate a point. When someone is unhappy in their marriage, they imagine that by divorcing the spouse life will be perfect. Or they may feel that IF ONLY the spouse would be more subservient the marriage would improve. They may even suppose that if they, themselves, become more subservient, life would be peachy all around.

In the example I just drew for you, all the blame was on the EXTERNAL. The reality is that ALL ISSUES begin INTERNALLY. It has to do with programming. Solomon knew all this 3000 years ago but medical science is just now catching up to that. We tend to believe that our problem is external but if/when we change the focus to the internal problem, we completely change the problem!

When soldiers returned from World War I and bore no scars but were terribly afflicted by the battles they fought we began to understand that injuries do not necessarily show up in the physical plane. But the UNconcious mind can be damaged just as terribly as when flesh is torn by bullets. 95% of all illness can be traced by stress! What could be more stressful that a war-torn battlefield?

Appropriate tools are necessary to do any job. In working with stress, illness, any internal issue we need effective and appropriate tools. Early on in mankind's history, prayer was the first power tool of Energy Medicine. It is without a doubt the best first line of defense for any problem. The second is The Healing Codes. You are encouraged to learn about this easily accessible and efficacious tool right now by visiting this link: The Healing Codes.

Many people have changed their lives by using these tools on a regular basis. When you change a problem and your approach to solving the problem, you create a chain reaction that improves everything quite rapidly.

Raise your hand if you are now ready to do what you know you should be doing!

Connie Baum

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Healing Codes: Got a Couple of Minutes?


It only takes a couple of minutes on a regular basis to eliminate the damage stress can cause.

Here we will name a few of the causes of stress:
  • Workplace issues
  • Money Woes
  • Fear of (fill in the blank)
  • Worries of health-your own health or the health of other family members
  • Loss of self esteem, death of a loved one, devastating fire or flood
It's normal to experience stress but when stressful feelings go on over an extended period of time it is hard on a person's physical health. Here are some of the results of excessive, ongoing stress:

  • Insomnia
  • Tension/Anxiety
  • Unclear Thoughts
  • Errors
  • Poor Judgment
  • Irritability/Anger
  • Depression
  • Blood Pressure Issues
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Ulcers
  • Asthma
  • Premature Aging
There is nothing on that list I'd want for me or anyone I love. So, what's a person to DO?

Dr. Alex Loyd, who discovered The Healing Codes and his partner, Dr. Ben Johnson, who was healed of Lou Gehrig's Disease, often inquire of people, "Do you feel stressed?" The answer may surprise you, as it did me. 50% of people say 'yes' they feel stress and 50% of them say 'no' to that question!

What that means is that half of us are accustomed to stress and no longer notice that it is problematic!

That's what leads us to the second list-all the maladies that can befall us if we do not get that stress under control. We want to control the stress, not the other way round!

If you are stressed or if you feel OVER stressed, here is what you can DO: please visit The Healing Codes to learn all you can about them. Life is meant to be lived with joy and peace. By spending a couple of minutes daily or even oftener, you can be relieved of the misery stress is capable of causing.

Connie Baum

Monday, October 12, 2009

Family Portrait?

The beautiful baby in the baptismal dress is Avery Ryan.
Her maternal grandmother, who fashioned this frock from her own wedding dress, is standing Center Right.
The adorable little boy is Jacob Robert and these are our grandchildren.
Oh, the cute couple on the sofa are our kids.
The seasoned folk standing with proud grins? Those would be the grandparents.
The baptism was performed by Rev. Jim Miller at Trinity Methodist church in Lincoln, Nebraska on October 11, 2009.

We will hold the memories of the sacred ceremony, the bell choir, the children's sermon, even the sermon for the adults-and the family bonding in our hearts forever.

Our kids are parents who can be admired; we hope other families emulate their devotion to those they love best. The in-laws are people we respect and whose company we enjoy. This group of folks is bright and cheery. They are relaxed and hospitable, too.

Indeed, we are blessed.

If the relationships in your life are not as filled with joy as this group's please consult the good folks at The Healing Codes to repair that issue. If you live your life in truth and love you can be just as blessed. Click on these words for more information.

Are You Taking Time to Smell the Roses?

If your life is anything like mine you are a busy person. You have responsibilities where you live, where you work and maybe you are involved in community activities and events which require your attention.

I'd like to invite you stop whatever you are doing and take a moment to reflect on your life.

Ask yourself these questions. Only honest answers matter:
  • Are your days filled with activities that nourish you?
  • The people in your life should nurture your being...but, do they?
  • Do you feel as if your work matters to not only you but to others?
  • Sometimes, do you think you'll never get things finished?
  • Is there ever a nagging thought that your work, your products, even YOU are inadequate?
  • Thoughts of a negative nature can creep in uninvited-are they invading YOUR head?
Deepak Chopra, well known author, says we are spiritual beings having human experiences.

As spiritual humans we might like to consider taking an occasional break from a demanding world with too much to do and too little time to get it all done! We would do well to SCHEDULE some time just to BE.

I'm going to give you permission right this moment to feel free enough, confident enough, worthy enough JUST TO BE. Take the time to smell the roses, if that's your desire. If you prefer to nap on the couch, be my guest. Perhaps you have in mind to take the whole day off and go to a matinee. You might even decide to have popcorn with real butter!

When you were little you felt entitled to sit under a tree-or IN a tree-reading a book or coloring. You may have sung or whistled spontaneously and loudly. You never hesitated to run like the wind or just sit in a porch swing and listen to the birds.

But as we grow and become more and more responsible that little child within us gets pushed aside. We work longer and longer hours because it is the responsible thing to do.

Samuel Hahnemann, the famed homeopathic physician, taught us that less is more.

When we take the time to retreat for a while to follow our passion we come back to our responsibilities more fully prepared to be as creative and productive as possible.

So, what do you say? Let's go turn cartwheels in the driveway and be our best selves! I'll beat you out there!

Connie Baum

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Healing Codes: How ARE You, Really?

How are you? I mean, how ARE you? Really?

Lila thought she was quite fine. For 25 years she had followed Mother Connie's advice to the letter: she ate organic foods, practiced yoga, got adequate sleep-the whole nine yards. Lila was shocked to realize she was suffering with a serious problem when she was diagnosed with a serious illness, replete with strange, debilitating symptoms. When someone recommended The Healing Codes, Lila began to use them faithfully with results she describes as "feeling as if she has been rewired." She is delighted with the progress she is making and feels at peace.

Things change in our lives. If we become ill, that is a gradual process and when we work toward wellness, that, too, is a journey. Sometimes that feels like a steep, uphill climb.

The Healing Codes do not address physical symptoms. They help to alleviate stress and the body's healing mechanism automatically goes into action to bring the body into balance, which includes bringing physical symptoms into alignment. The emotional, mental and spiritual aspects assist in healing the physical body.

Dr. Alex Loyd devised The Healing Codes when he was eager to find help for his wife. It's very likely there was Divine Intervention in that instance, because Dr. Loyd and The Healing Codes program has impacted one life after another in positive ways. When we live our lives in truth and with love, wonderful things take place. We become the people God meant for us to be.

You don't have to feel unwell to benefit from this amazing program. You don't have to suffer to improve your life. There is no need for anyone to experience failure or weight issues or relationship problems. There is hope and that hope will not present itself in the form of a prescription or toxic chemical. It is neither complicated nor invasive.

Mother Connie Sez: You will appreciate having The Healing Codes. I know I have. Oh, yes, and the FTC wants you to know that the good people at The Healing Codes will pay me something if you order the product. I want you to know that you need The Healing Codes whether I see a dime or not. If you don't want to do business with Mother Connie, then you are free to pursue the codes on your own. I just want people to be well and happy. My hope is for everyone to live their truth in love and experience the joy that I know.

Connie Baum

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Healing Codes: Loving or Hateful Thoughts?

Al was a young college student. He found the girl he wanted to marry. To his horror, she informed him she 'just wasn’t that into him' and she broke off their engagement. Turns out she had been dating other men in addition to Al.

Brokenhearted, he moped around the campus. Friends of his former fiancé made an effort to console him. He felt betrayed that her friends had known about the other men for a year but never told him until after the break-up.

Al’s response was to offer to submit to a paper cut and let them pour lemon juice into it; he was thoroughly distraught and felt THAT would be less painful than the misery he felt from his situation and the way it had been handled!

Al learned the painful lesson that thoughts are critical to our well being.

It would be good to have a lasso, just like the cowboys use, to collect negative thoughts and tie them up.

Just as an example, let’s analyze thoughts about going to the grocery store.

Let’s suppose for a moment that we need to buy milk. First, we think about the need for milk. Then we consider that it is 5 PM and the traffic to the store and within the store will be terrible. Besides, we remember that we wanted to watch a particular television program at that time. We think perhaps we could let the milk purchase go until the next day. But we realize milk will be important to have at breakfast time…

See how these thoughts unfold?

We could analyze those thoughts: We could tell ourselves things like these: “We should have bought more milk the last time we shopped” or “I can’t ever plan ahead.” We might tell ourselves we are “too lazy to go” or “ashamed to be unprepared.” We think we are “too disorganized” and “we’ll never get organized” or other unrealistic thoughts.

Here’s how to divide those thoughts into one camp or the other: WHO WOULD TELL ME THESE THINGS? Someone who loves me? Or, would it be someone who hates me?
Here is the criterion:
Things said lovingly and in truth come from someone who loves us.

So now we know that pretty much every negative thought can be chalked up to fear and lies!

Next time a negative thought crosses YOUR mind, pay close attention to it. Think about whether it comes from a place of love and truth or from a hideous untruth, borne of lies and deceit.

Living in truth and love will help us all live our best lives, be our best selves and make the world a much more delightful place for everyone everywhere.

Prayer was the first Energy Medicine. To learn more about Energy Medicine and how it can partner with prayer, click on these words. You will be amazed and delighted at how Energy Medicine will improve your life.

Dr. Roger Callahan determined that no matter how depressed or desperate a person is, we ALWAYS all respond in truth to these statements:

“I want to be healthy.”
“I want to be sick”


Energy Medicine is a wonderful tool to enhance our well being. Be sure to tell those in your sphere of influence about Energy Medicine.

Connie Baum

Monday, October 5, 2009

Birthday Parties are Fun at ANY Age; Even 18. Again.

We have been privy to Mother Nature's wardrobe change. She is doffing the rich varied greens of summer and donning the golds, reds and browns of autumn. She looks to be quite the Fashionista.

The reason for our opportunity to enjoy her 'runway appearance?' A birthday party which took place two hours from our home.

Michael Birdsong turned 43 over the weekend. He is our adopted son. He lives in a Group Home because he is considered "special needs." We just think of him as our Resident Character. He came to us 40 years ago and has been entertaining us ever since.

He's been obsessing about his Big Day since 2008.

This is nothing new. While he lived in a nursing home he designated himself the ad hoc "Card Guy" and made it his life's work to prepare a card for everybody's everything. Birthdays, anniversaries, Get Well Soon-you name it. He had a card for that. One year he took a card to the nurses' station and asked the people there if they wanted to sign it. Of course, they were delighted to participate. They put their John Henries on the page and he folded the card and pressed it into his fanny pack. Some thought to inquire who the card was for and he proudly announced "ME!"

Every year we wrangle about how OLD he should be. Since I proclaim to be 33-which nobody in their right mind believes now-I INSIST he should tell everyone he is 18. I rationalize this to him by reminding him that I am the mother and the mother gets to decide. He believes I am 33 but he will have none of the 18 business.

His dad and I took him to a nice place for lunch and presented him with a CD player. He was taken aback. He has always been into tapes but failed to note that it is now 2009 and CDs are the thing. I loaded the little machine with a CD of a church service and his face lit up as if in neon: "MOM! There's music on some guy is talking to me!"

I don't know what was the best part for him; the CD with the guy or the humongous barbecued pork sandwich he ordered. Maybe it was that his root beer was in a bottomless glass and the waitress fussed over him each time she refilled it. Or it could be that his best part was the cheesecake that topped off his lunch.

The best part for me was hanging out with two of my favorite guys.

I'm so grateful for Energy Medicine.
Without learning about that we may still be visiting Michael Birdsong in the nursing home.

Connie Baum

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mother Connie Sez: Water is a Girl's Best Friend

Mother Connie has nagged about water for years. Yesterday Mother Connie herself used some oft-given advice of her own to rid herself of a pesky headache.

Headaches are far more common than we may realize. Pain is caused because there is too much energy in one place. Water is good to dissipate pain because it carries that energy away from the congested place in your body-in the case of headaches, your skull-and makes the body more comfortable.

By drinking more good water, that headache disappeared as if by magic.

There are more tricks up Mother Connie's sleeve when it comes to headaches. The oldest trick in the world is to run HOT HOT HOT water in a bathtub. Add enough water to cover your ankles. Sit with your feet in the hot water and apply ice to your forehead and the back of your neck. Sacks of frozen peas work as well as anything, if you don't have bona fide ice packs. You can laugh if you like, but water used in this way works like a charm because the heat draws the pain to the bottom of the body and the ice helps that process.

Another good tip for headaches is to use the color purple. The color purple has an energy that resonates with the top of the head. Because of that, purple is a good color to use to stimulate creativity, imagination, memory, and focus so when you use purple on your headache it relieves the discomfort.

Here is how to use color for such a remedy:

Pretend your finger is a crayon, paintbrush or colored pen. Use this imaginary tool to apply PURPLE to your head. Simply use your finger to write the word "PURPLE" wherever your head hurts.

See? I have not asked you to spend a penny! And these ideas are practical because they are effective!

To avoid headaches and other discomforts of life it is wise to take in 1/2 ounce of water for every pound of body weight. If you weigh 100 pounds, you would do well to take in 50 ounces of water.

DRINK WATER, NOT FLUIDS! Just because your coffee or tea was made with water doesn't mean that counts as water. When you add something-anything-to water, it's not just water any more. Simply because something-soda or juice, for instance- is WET does not indicate that it is water. Water cleanses, balances and brings harmony to your body. That creates harmony in every aspect of your life.

Mother Connie sez! CLICK HERE NOW to learn about really good water!

Connie Baum