Saturday, January 31, 2009

How's Your Energy?

"All matter is energy." --Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist

"The energy field starts it all." --Professor Harold Burr, PhD, Yale U.

Having done energy work with my massage therapy work for more years than I care to admit, I clearly understand the worth of harnessing good energy to turn on the body mechanisms that are Divinely Designed to promote healing.

When I discovered The Healing Codes , the information resonated with every cell in my being. I intuitively recognized the power that lay within.

The idea behind the codes is to 'jump start' your body's own healing mechanism. The pituitary glad, the hypothalamus, the hippocampus, and the thyroid work in symphony to serve as the control center with your own healing energy helping your body to heal itself.

My massage training indicated that the body will heal itself, if given the proper environment. That environment can include, but is not limited to proper whole, organic food and pure water, appropriate supplementation, far infrared fabrics, massage therapy, lymph drainage, adequate sleep, and moderate exercise. To be avoided: stress, toxic fumes, processed or microwaved foods, and simple carbohydrates.

My education in body work was blessed by instructors who could help their clients long distance. They often got calls from clients and students about how to help people feel better. I was aware, even as a student, that healing was about the energy of love, prayer, and caring.

The Healing Codes are all about those elements. They have received accolades from those who have benefitted by learning the Codes, by scientific minds who, intitially, were certain these codes would not work. There are reports from clients where self healing took place, even though they had been regarded as "incurable" and mainstream diagnostic tests have concluded that the Codes do consistently reduce stress from the body.

As with anything in life, there are no guarantees. But without the energy and The Healing Codes, what help would we have?

If you are content with the status of your health and you have all the energy it takes to live your life the way you are happiest, you are indeed blessed. If not, then, please take a long and serious look at The Healing Codes.

Connie Baum

Monday, January 26, 2009

Will YOU Choose Flexibilty?

Or, do you prefer rigidity?

This very topic came to light as I lay on Deidre’s massage table. I had decided to reward myself for jobs well done and my therapist was doing the most delicious things to my neck.

As the fragrant oils were worked into the knots under my skin I asked her if she finds that many people carry stress in their necks. Of course, I believe we all carry stress in our necks! We also haul stress around in our backs, and the muscles of our legs, arms, and foreheads! Any of these is reason enough to schedule an appointment with our favorite body worker.

But, to me, this is the interesting observation my therapist made: In her experience, people who do not manage their stress and go through life holding rigid opinions, inflexible behaviors and dull, unimaginative ideas are often the very same people who struggle with such health issues as arthritis, brittle bones and thinning hair.

Whether or not there is scientific evidence to prove her point, Deidre did not say. She was very busy coaxing the stress out of my musculature and my mind drifted as she worked her magic.

I thought about the times I had heard a foreign notion or had read a new concept. Had my neck tightened as resistance to the newness of what I was taking in? Do my behaviors keep my body from maximizing my muscles’ abilities? I really owe it to myself to sign up for that Yoga class I saw advertised. Maybe I should see about a membership at the YWCA…

Whatever I decide, it will be critical for me to reschedule another appointment with Deidre. That is one activity where I give myself permission to show INflexibility!

The Healing Codes

Connie Baum

Thursday, January 22, 2009

No Cooking? For Real?

Everyone who has my email address knows I am a total fiend about health and healing...hence, I get some most interesting offerings. Let me show you what I mean:

My good pal, Bob, who is a retired dentist living on the left coast, has been a raw foods enthusiast for a very long time. Interestingly, his wife is an accomplished gourmet is HIS latest email-submitted by his bride-about a raw food dish he thinks is wonderful:


3 cups cabbage (green or purple, finely sliced 1/16-1/8" thick)
1 1/2 avocados (ripe)
1/4 cup sweet onion (sliced & diced)
1 cup grapes or cranberries

optional addition: 1/2 cup sprouted sunflower seeds

Put all the stuff in a bowl & stir 'til the ingredients are all coated with the avocado ... tastes like salad dressing but, no salad dressing is added.

--lou wynman
*Note: Bob has a keen sense of humor and he is a total Political Junkie.

Hey, don't knock this raw foods meal until you've tried it! It strikes me as being refreshing, colorful, delicious and unique.

Your health is our primary concern. We have a wonderful tool for you: Just click here to see for yourself: The Healing Codes . I'll soon have more information for you about this program, so fix your Cabbacado Ecstasy, enjoy, and we'll bring that to you ASAP.

The Healing Codes

Connie Baum

Friday, January 16, 2009

Is John DiLemme Correct?

John DiLemme said it:
"Doubt and Decision can never share the same heart."
At first glance, one might be persuaded Mr. DiLemme's statement to be factual. But, on second thought, let's take a closer peek...
When considered from the perspective of Energy Medicine we can look at the issues of the heart.
The famed Dr. Alex Loyd, makes this critical point: "BELIEF is an issue of the heart." He maintains that everyone on the planet does 100% of what we do 100% of the time because of what we BELIEVE. I hasten to add that our beliefs may be wrong or incorrect!
Dr. Loyd offered this example: A man decides to exercise every morning, so he sets his alarm clock. At 6 AM when the alarm sounds, the man groans, turns off the alarm and rolls over to catch more ZZZ's. The man in question, for whatever reason, BELIEVES he should not exercise!
Dr. Loyd insists that if you are not eating according to your food plan, it's because you BELIEVE you should not! Furthermore, if you are not managing your stress, there is a BELIEF that sways you NOT to manage your stress, no matter how stressful your life becomes!
CONVERSELY, you may ALSO-at the same time-believe you SHOULD exercise or SHOULD eat according to your food plan or SHOULD manage your stress.
How on earth can that be posssible?
It's possible because there are two opposing ideals. THE HEART CARRIES THE TRUTH. Our brain carries the ideas. Our beliefs can PROTECT us from HEALING our HEART TRUTHS!
By living our lives in fear, based on falsehoods, we will opt to choose unwisely, based on our beliefs. On the other hand, when we live in truth, love and joy we will choose wisely.
I don't disagree with Mr. DiLemme. I just think Mr. D hasn't heard the ideas espoused by and lived by and taught the way Dr. Loyd has. I suspect Energy Medicine could be a new concept to him, bless his heart.
Energy Medicine might be a new concept for YOU, too. If that's the case, I cordially invite you to Click Here and learn how you, too, can heal your heart and live a much more joyous life.
Wouldn't you love to have wonderful, nourishing relationships? Wouldn't it be terrific to have abundance in every aspect of your life? Would you appreciate vibrant good health? You most assuredly can:

The Healing Codes

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How's The Weather?

Wasn't it Mark Twain who said that everybody TALKS about the weather, but nobody DOES anything about it?

While that may be true, there is NO family on earth who TALKS about weather more than the family I married! The first time I heard the voice on the calling end of the phone say, "Well, is it raining there?" before we heard 'hello?' I didn't think much of it. But I soon learned that EVERY phone conversation, no matter who places the call, begins with some question or comment about the weather. SERIOUSLY.

It took a very long time to understand the genesis of this family trait. My beloved groom assured me that it was because the family was involved in farming and they depended heavily on news about the weather. I wasn't so sure that was it...

The entire Baum family is as concerned with weather as I am with health and healing. And people. I began to wonder if each interest had reached a point of obsession...???...I needn't have worried about either issue, but sometimes THAT'S WHAT I DO. my bad

The family compiled a detailed genealogy book and there, big as guffy, was a page in it that explained why these people are so interested in clouds, rain, temperature, and all the rest of it. By the way, there IS no explanation of my fascination with health or healing.

The Baum family came from Germany. Grandma Salomea Baum was a keen weather watcher. This tradition has been passed down, since some of her grandchildren became official weather monitors for the National Weather Bureau. Even the ones who were not official record keepers had journals, chronicling the details of weather on a daily basis. They all kept careful, written records of rainfall, snowfall, temperatures and such like. Grandma Baum would have been so proud.

Here are some of Grandma's "weather sayings":

1. Sun dogs in the east; hard on man and beast.

2. Sun dogs in the west; it is the very best.

3. Wind in the east; hard on man and beast.

4. Wind in the south; the rain's in its mouth

5. Wind in the west; it is the best

6. Rainbow in the morning; sailors, take warning.

7. Strong south wind for three days means rain.

8. If it rains on the night that the moon is full; it will be a hard rain.

9. Whatever the weather is like on the last Friday of the month determines the next month's weather.

10.Wind in the southeast on the first day of spring means a dry summer.

11.If the sun sets behind a cloud bank on Friday night it will rain before Monday morning.

12.Rain on Easter Sunday means rain for seven Sundays.

This gives you a teeny sample of Grandma Baum's wisdom. I'll save the rest for another time or so. Meantime, I hope you will be as wise as Grandma Baum in terms of WEATHERING the stress of this economy and any health issues you may be facing. Most people have aches or pains that can be weather related. Those are the folks who can greatly benefit from The Healing Codes. Pass the word, won't you please? And do remember we wish you well.

The Healing Codes

Connie Baum

Can You Hear My Heart?

I just never did get around to growing up. Nontheless, I was invited to be a Sunday School teacher for a pair of 6th graders. This is NOT something I could say 'no' to doing, even though I am the least qualified Sunday School teacher on earth.

These kids went to summer camp the same year I did. I won't tell you how much fun it was because you would not believe me anyway. Let's just say that it was a darned good thing the Fun Police were not patroling Kamp Kaleo that week, or we'd all have been sooo busted...

When we had our first official Sunday School class I asked them what they'd like to DO as a class. They wanted to help the food pantry; they wanted to send greeting cards to members of the congregation; they wanted to send messages to our military, which includes one of our own church family members. They also wanted to do something FUN.

Do tell. Wonder where they ever came up with the notion of FUN?

To that end, I invited them to come to our house and make Poor Man's Cookies, which involve graham crackers and frosting and does not involve ovens or recipes. grin/wink

They were shy at first. They did not think it was "right" for them to stir the frosting. They imagined that would be my job. But when they found out they both could stir and they both were allowed to lick the spoons, the spreaders, and the bowls when they were finished, they suddenly became comfy with the whole thing. As they quickly devoured their cookies, both Lacey and Isaac loosened up and showed their true, dear selves.

They took turns showing me their pages on the net. They showed me their school pages and offered up the info about their being on the honor roll. They talked about their school assignments, their pets, their ideas. During the frosting of the crackers, Isaac asked, "What are we going to do the NEXT time?" SIDEBAR: I hadn't thought of the NEXT time until he brought it up. END SIDEBAR.

As 2008 drew closer to its last hurrah, I inquired about what THEY would like to do "next time". Well, it seems they wanted to involve more than just the three of us. They suggested we might cook something.

That's how it came up that we could have a spaghetti supper for their parents.

Well, I think the Fun Police might have been patrolling in another county because our house shook with laughter the night we all gathered, and no Fun Police came forth.

Lacey's mom made a yummy, gooey salad that could have doubled as a dessert. Isaac's mom brought garlic bread that was out of this world. All I had to do was cook up some spaghetti noodles and make a couple of sauces. SIDEBAR: I made a red meat sauce and a carbonara sauce with bacon and Parmesan cheese. END SIDEBAR.

The Normanator made his famous buttermilk chocolate cake for dessert and we splurged on soda pop. SIDEBAR: This was not about eating for health; it was about a PARTY! END SIDEBAR.

Someone at church asked where on earth Connie and Norm would PUT everybody in their little rental house and they were told 'not to worry; Norm and Connie would find a way'.

Isaac insisted we do muscle testing with a pendulum. That sparked laughter from the kitchen. Lacey giggled, which is just who Lacey is. All the laughing and giggling brought the daddies in from the living room to see what all the noise was about. They got involved in all the demonstrations and the fun. There were stories and jokes and when Isaac's mom told about the chicken that got depressed when the cows were moved we just about rolled on the floor! Then Isaac opened a web site for us to watch and we howled over funny cats and how "Charlie bit me". SIDEBAR: YouTube viewers will understand this inside joke. I can't even begin to explain it. It's a kid thing. END SIDEBAR.

Health is very important to me. Part of being healthy is having rich, rewarding relationships with people who make your heart sing.

Can you hear my heart singing?

The Healing Codes

Connie Baum

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Isn’t it about HEALTH?

Poor Oprah. She has created ALL THAT CASH. She has a famous personal trainer. Her personal chef can prepare anything her heart desires…and does. Still, an ideal weight and the good health she’d like have eluded her.

Spirituality does not escape Oprah. She GETS it about spiritual matters. She shared with her faithful followers that her THYROID is the culprit.

What woman can’t relate with thyroid issues?

The thyroid is responsible for the performance of the heart. It regulates our ‘thermostat’ to keep us comfy. It is involved with the integrity of our skin and hair. In my experience, people who have ill-behaving thyroid glands often get treated for heart problems. It regulates our hormones. I have seen with my own tear-filled eyes that doctors can hand out prescription meds like candy to people whose thyroids are not working properly. I have been horrified when people like these, after taking these medicines according to the directions on the bottles, passed away. In my humble opinion, this was entirely avoidable.

Although I do not pay close attention to her television program, I have seen bits and pieces about Oprah’s response to her dilemma I see that she is training, counting calories, doing all that she feels is in her best interest to be fit, strong, and healthy. GOOD FOR HER!

I ponder, however, how it could be for Oprah if only she would employ The Healing Codes. When our hearts are healed, all other healing follows. It is entirely probable that being the Leader Oprah has become is highly stressful. Stress kills. I’m sure Oprah has worked diligently to heal every aspect of her being, but has she put The Healing Codes in place in her life? Methinks not.

Another thing Oprah could do to boost her immune system, to help her engine run smoothly is to dry brush her skin. If only she would take a moment before stepping into her shower to use a loofah or fairly stiff-bristled brush or a dry washcloth to scruff her skin from top to bottom, toward her tummy, it would stimulate the flow of blood and lymph fluid and move toxicity along the system and OUT. This alone can not only feel good to the body, but help to heal it in a physical, tangible way.

Living your best life and being truly well is not about medicine or money. It is a simple thing-not easy: loving yourself enough, allowing yourself to be well, disciplining yourself to listen to your body and give it your best energy. Love is a most powerful tool, just as are The Healing Codes.

I so hope Oprah heals her heart, her thyroid, her life. She is a remarkable woman with a loving, generous spirit. We wish her WELL. We also pray she finds out about The Healing Codes.

Connie Baum

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Healthy Impact?

People are one of my passions. I crave people the way some crave chocolate or potato chips. Each person on the planet is unique, special and evolving.

To fuel my passion, I volunteer as the Sponsor for a Toastmasters Club at the local State Prison. Toastmasters is an international club and its purpose is to help men and women all over the globe to speak well, think on their feet, keep to a time frame, and express themselves well in business, in private conversation, and in the public eye. It is well structured and formulated to take any person through a series of manuals from the most basic skills to the most advanced, even professional, levels. Education is Toastmasters' cornerstone. New members quickly and simultaneously travel both the Communication and Leadership tracks.

Every meeting is delightful, entertaining, informative and exciting. Mondays are special because Monday is the regular meeting time for LibOrators 986233 at the Tecumseh State Correctional Facility.

But last night knocked our socks off!

The membership crowded cheerily into the small meeting room. The Sargeant At Arms and his assistants had arranged tables and chairs brought from other meeting rooms and set up everything in an orderly fashion. There was a pair of rosters to be signed as the members and guests entered the meeting, there was a pot of coffee and a cooler full of water. I am always impressed at how hospitable these inmates are! Hanging proudly from the ceiling at the front of the room was our club banner with all our hard-earned ribbons. The lectern and gavel were at the ready.

There were three of us from the streets, all women. One woman is our Toastmasters' Area Governor, another is a new member, and there is yours truly. Each of us is old enough to be these fellows' grandmothers. They treat us like royalty, bringing us coffee or water and refills and reminding us how glad they are we came for the meeting, asking about our weekends, smiling broadly and pumping our hands with firm handshakes.

Last night's speeches were quite varied. There was a comical speech about a pair of lost glasses. One man spoke about perspective. Another man somberly retraced his life, starting with a tragic accident-he had been a tricycle riding 5 year old, struck by a milk truck. One young man explained that his drug habit had begun under the thumb of his own parents, who encouraged him to experiment with marijuana.

The courage of his sharing that story so publicly was remarkable. No wonder he is making such long strides in his life; he is working diligently with Toastmasters as well as the 7th Step program in order to rehabilitate his life. He has recognized and honored his need and desire for change .

The Table Topics portion of the meeting was pure fun. Everyone had a chance to speak. It was lighthearted and the men encouraged one another throughout. The General Evaluation was deemed to be quite good. We all need to improve our grammar and lower our use of 'um' and 'y'know' with a bow to Caroline Kennedy.

The KICKER was that one of the members who came for a time, fell away and returned, told several of us that he had met with the Parole Board. He declared that without his Toastmasters experience, he would never have had the courage to face the Parole Board. With a big smile, he said, "I would have had my face to the floor. But because I have had Toastmasters to help me, I could look the people on the Board in the eye with confidence."

This underscores the impact that can take place when one follows his passion.

Another of my passions is health. I want to stay healthy for a very long time so I can continue my Monday 'ritual' of attending Toastmasters and seeing this kind of progress. I'll do that, of course, by following the regimen I have mentioned to you so many times on this blog. By now you understand you, too, can enjoy the vibrant good health I do by doing some or all of the things I have done.


Connie Baum

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ask Your Doctor?

We have a brand new year we are spending and wouldn't you know it? I am on the same old rant!

I have been fussing for YEARS about how Big Pharma and Big Medicine are full of hooey...well, someone took pity on me and sent me a message which reiterated my viewpoint. Don't you just LOVE when someone you don't know AGREES with you?

The woman to whom I refer sold pharmaceuticals for 15 years. She finally gave in to her Higher Self and resigned. She knows where 'the bodies are buried', pun intended.

She understands, as do I, that drugs are meant for ginormous profits, not for health or healing. Traditional medicine's sole purpose is not to cure but to manage dis-ease and control symptoms, thereby satisfying investors. She agrees with my stance that hospitals are full of decay and toxicity.

I was further vindicated when I heard on my drug-peddling television that the NIH studied 50,000 people to "prove" that vitamins are not efficacious. I nearly CHOKED on my pure,filtered water when I heard that! The NIH obviously is not on the organic and whole foods bandwagon. They must have overlooked that delicious stuff with the funny name, too...And, by the way, don't expectant mothers get pre-natal vitamins? Will we be doing away with that, as well, now? If these elements are so worthless, why are Big Medicine's agents recommending them? I think we could follow the money to know.

Fortunately, I am an incurable optimist. I believe in my heart of hearts that Truth will prevail and hearts will be mended in order for all people to be well, happy, successful, and full of joy.

But not because we 'asked our doctor.'

High Tech Health
Connie Baum