Friday, January 16, 2009

Is John DiLemme Correct?

John DiLemme said it:
"Doubt and Decision can never share the same heart."
At first glance, one might be persuaded Mr. DiLemme's statement to be factual. But, on second thought, let's take a closer peek...
When considered from the perspective of Energy Medicine we can look at the issues of the heart.
The famed Dr. Alex Loyd, makes this critical point: "BELIEF is an issue of the heart." He maintains that everyone on the planet does 100% of what we do 100% of the time because of what we BELIEVE. I hasten to add that our beliefs may be wrong or incorrect!
Dr. Loyd offered this example: A man decides to exercise every morning, so he sets his alarm clock. At 6 AM when the alarm sounds, the man groans, turns off the alarm and rolls over to catch more ZZZ's. The man in question, for whatever reason, BELIEVES he should not exercise!
Dr. Loyd insists that if you are not eating according to your food plan, it's because you BELIEVE you should not! Furthermore, if you are not managing your stress, there is a BELIEF that sways you NOT to manage your stress, no matter how stressful your life becomes!
CONVERSELY, you may ALSO-at the same time-believe you SHOULD exercise or SHOULD eat according to your food plan or SHOULD manage your stress.
How on earth can that be posssible?
It's possible because there are two opposing ideals. THE HEART CARRIES THE TRUTH. Our brain carries the ideas. Our beliefs can PROTECT us from HEALING our HEART TRUTHS!
By living our lives in fear, based on falsehoods, we will opt to choose unwisely, based on our beliefs. On the other hand, when we live in truth, love and joy we will choose wisely.
I don't disagree with Mr. DiLemme. I just think Mr. D hasn't heard the ideas espoused by and lived by and taught the way Dr. Loyd has. I suspect Energy Medicine could be a new concept to him, bless his heart.
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  1. ahhhh what an interesting and complex creation we human beings are. Life is a journey and we must take care of ourselves so that we can enjoy the trip!

  2. Writeasrain, we are SO on the same page with that idea!

    Thanks for commenting. The comments make such a difference...I'm sure you know the feeling.

    Be good to yourself and do consider yourself hugged!

    Mother Connie


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