Thursday, January 8, 2009

Isn’t it about HEALTH?

Poor Oprah. She has created ALL THAT CASH. She has a famous personal trainer. Her personal chef can prepare anything her heart desires…and does. Still, an ideal weight and the good health she’d like have eluded her.

Spirituality does not escape Oprah. She GETS it about spiritual matters. She shared with her faithful followers that her THYROID is the culprit.

What woman can’t relate with thyroid issues?

The thyroid is responsible for the performance of the heart. It regulates our ‘thermostat’ to keep us comfy. It is involved with the integrity of our skin and hair. In my experience, people who have ill-behaving thyroid glands often get treated for heart problems. It regulates our hormones. I have seen with my own tear-filled eyes that doctors can hand out prescription meds like candy to people whose thyroids are not working properly. I have been horrified when people like these, after taking these medicines according to the directions on the bottles, passed away. In my humble opinion, this was entirely avoidable.

Although I do not pay close attention to her television program, I have seen bits and pieces about Oprah’s response to her dilemma I see that she is training, counting calories, doing all that she feels is in her best interest to be fit, strong, and healthy. GOOD FOR HER!

I ponder, however, how it could be for Oprah if only she would employ The Healing Codes. When our hearts are healed, all other healing follows. It is entirely probable that being the Leader Oprah has become is highly stressful. Stress kills. I’m sure Oprah has worked diligently to heal every aspect of her being, but has she put The Healing Codes in place in her life? Methinks not.

Another thing Oprah could do to boost her immune system, to help her engine run smoothly is to dry brush her skin. If only she would take a moment before stepping into her shower to use a loofah or fairly stiff-bristled brush or a dry washcloth to scruff her skin from top to bottom, toward her tummy, it would stimulate the flow of blood and lymph fluid and move toxicity along the system and OUT. This alone can not only feel good to the body, but help to heal it in a physical, tangible way.

Living your best life and being truly well is not about medicine or money. It is a simple thing-not easy: loving yourself enough, allowing yourself to be well, disciplining yourself to listen to your body and give it your best energy. Love is a most powerful tool, just as are The Healing Codes.

I so hope Oprah heals her heart, her thyroid, her life. She is a remarkable woman with a loving, generous spirit. We wish her WELL. We also pray she finds out about The Healing Codes.

Connie Baum

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