Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ask Your Doctor?

We have a brand new year we are spending and wouldn't you know it? I am on the same old rant!

I have been fussing for YEARS about how Big Pharma and Big Medicine are full of hooey...well, someone took pity on me and sent me a message which reiterated my viewpoint. Don't you just LOVE when someone you don't know AGREES with you?

The woman to whom I refer sold pharmaceuticals for 15 years. She finally gave in to her Higher Self and resigned. She knows where 'the bodies are buried', pun intended.

She understands, as do I, that drugs are meant for ginormous profits, not for health or healing. Traditional medicine's sole purpose is not to cure but to manage dis-ease and control symptoms, thereby satisfying investors. She agrees with my stance that hospitals are full of decay and toxicity.

I was further vindicated when I heard on my drug-peddling television that the NIH studied 50,000 people to "prove" that vitamins are not efficacious. I nearly CHOKED on my pure,filtered water when I heard that! The NIH obviously is not on the organic and whole foods bandwagon. They must have overlooked that delicious stuff with the funny name, too...And, by the way, don't expectant mothers get pre-natal vitamins? Will we be doing away with that, as well, now? If these elements are so worthless, why are Big Medicine's agents recommending them? I think we could follow the money to know.

Fortunately, I am an incurable optimist. I believe in my heart of hearts that Truth will prevail and hearts will be mended in order for all people to be well, happy, successful, and full of joy.

But not because we 'asked our doctor.'

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Connie Baum

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