Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Being Healthy

Is is just me? Or are more people getting more
draconian diagnoses lately?
People in our circle seem to be bringing more bad news
this disease or that organ failure or some other dreadful issue.
When something is wrong with the body we get signals. It's common for human beings to ignore those signals, minimizing the message the body is sending.
That message is , "HELP ME!"
The body needs good, clean, pure water. It needs vitamins and minerals and proteins and carbohydrates. It needs to eliminate toxicity and to move. It needs clean, pure air.
It does NOT need pharmaceuticals to be well, for the most part.
I offer you this example:
My son, the character, was born with many issues.
Water on his brain, double club feet, a hole in his spine.
The medical community did all they could to save his life and the surgeries he had as an infant and toddler were necessary to maintain his life.
We are grateful for all the energy that went into saving him.
When he reached age 10 or so, it became standard practice for his docs to just routinely hand out prescriptions, for no reason apparent to me, the way you would give candy to kids on Hallowe'en. He had neurologists, pediatricians, orthopedists, cardiologists, and surgeons who were all great at writing prescriptions.
I balked about those pills and made lots of waves in the process.
When Michael lay in a coma and was given up on by the medics I took him home against medical advice,
raising eyebrows and creating furrowed brows in the hallowed halls of the institutions, and
took pharmaceutcals off his ToDo list.
In a few weeks, and to everyone's amazement but mine, he woke up his brains.
Not only that, but the quality of his life improved dramatically:
After being comatose,
he could read, his handwriting was now legible, his thought processes were speedier, his memory was intact, and he could laugh again.
Best of all, he could make the people who love him laugh!
People who are ill have no idea where to turn.
People who are well think there is no need to change their ways.
People who go to will see how many ways there are to become healthier and maintain that good health without a lot of disruption to their busy lives.
Mother Connie's website is loaded with products and options to enhance life.
NONE of her ideas revolve around prescriptions!
You will find BioPro, Limu, The Healing Codes, and the FarInfrared Sauna,
in addition to things to trick out a kitchen with good health in mind.
You can't read this and not feel some emotion, my friends!
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I TOLD You So...

Oh, don't you hate when someone says
"I told you so!"?
Well, I did tell you. I've been ranting and raving about the dangers associated with EMFs for years!
I'm not the only one who is talking about it, either!
A prominent cancer researcher says, “Put down that phone right now if you want to reduce the risk of cancer!” This “better-safe-than-sorry” strategy is raising eyebrows and serious concerns about the world's favorite technology.
I so wish the mother of the little girl I saw last week, cell phone to her ear, had known what I have learned from those researchers about the dangers of cell phones!
There is no reason to be frightened. My purpose for this message is to inform, enlighten, educate, and not to give rise to fear.
Watch Larry King Live tonight on CNN.
He and his panel know where the bodies are buried.
When you understand the reason you and those you love need to be protected from the toxic energy of cell phones you will
and get the whole story.
Larry King. CNN. Tonight. BE THERE.
I told you so!

Monday, July 28, 2008

When Plastics Plague

We recently reported the details as
presented by Dr. Sherry Rogers con-
cerning the problem of phthalates or
plastics in our bodies. The problems
are at once myriad and inescapable.
Dr. Rogers maintains that diseases
will never be cured until those nasty
phthalates are out.

These plastics are everywhere.

The enteric coatings of pills to make them “slow release” are based in phthalates. As are dermal adhesives.
IV tubing and bags, dialysis machines might be a reason why chelation is not effective or why diabetics on dialysis become progressively worse.
Contact lenses, dental glues and acrylic “white” fillings,
Glues for joint replacements
Cosmetics, lotions, hair gels, shampoos, deodorants
PVC pipes, detergents, even FOODS!

· Phthalates coat every wire in the electrical systems of our buildings. As the wires heat, the plastic coating outgases into the air. THERE IS NO CONTINENT without plastics in the air, food, water!

Since plastics damage every aspect of crucial cell function, they make it impossible for people to heal. They make it impossible for people to lose weight.
Plastics are a major cause for people hearing,
“You’ll never get well”
“There is no treatment for your ailment”.
Together with other toxins phthalates are a major, yet totally ignored, cause of our current epidemics of childhood obesity, delinquency, diabetes, and mental issues. They even account for low IQ scores and low ambition. They fuel the fires of chronic disease and the effect on future generations is staggering.

The good news: we can get rid of much of the underlying cause of much disease NOW.

1. Getting a Cardio/ION test to interpret your molecular biochemistry is a new specialty that tells your health care person where your body’s toxic overload is.

2. Having 2 or more servings of Brassica or cruciferous veggies every day ramps up the detoxification of plastics. These would include cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, radishes, watercress, arugula, turnips, collar greens, kale, and rutabaga.

3. A third way to get the phthalates out is with the Far Infrared Sauna, as presented on
This is not a traditional sauna in that there is moist or dry heat. No, the Far Infrared Sauna simply creates an alkaline environment inside the cells of your body, thereby detoxifying the bad stuff out of your system. No muss, no fuss, just good health in balance, and anti-aging in the process. This is a combo that cannot be beat!

It is our sincere hope that you will now log onto to peruse the many benefits of the Far Infrared Sauna on the products page! Let's each do our part to eliminate those nasty plastics and disable the plague of plastics!


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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Don't Take MY Word For It...

I have been nagging people in my sphere of influence for years about drinking water. Ask anyone in that sphere; they know how I am!
As things go, we now know that DRINKING water is not the only way to gain
benefits, especially if the drinking water you use is
It is very smart; it is INTELLIGENT WATER.
Here are some comments from delighted users of the iWater:

"For 47 years I have battled eczema with scaly patches of skin on my face and raised and red itchy areas on my back, chest and arms. Five different dermatologists all prescribed steroid creams to clear up my skin. After one day of drinking i-H2O and spraying it on my face, arms and body, my dry skin and scaly patches started to disappear. What a relief! I am extremely pleased with what i-H2O can do."
- A.T., Green Bay, WI

"I have noticed some positive changes since drinking i-H2O water. The thing that I first noticed was that, I usually wake up with a "dull" headache in the mornings. Once I am up and moving around it goes away, so I never reach for medication. Since drinking i-H2O water, I don’t wake up with the headaches. (I didn’t drink any one day as a test, and the next morning the headache was back.) So, that has been wonderful! I have also noticed fewer seizures. My last one was over a week ago. I appreciate you so much. Your act of kindness towards me (being a stranger) is above and beyond what most people do for each other.- T.T., Knoxville, TN
Water is not the only thing people are raving about. Lives are dramatically changed when the suite of BioPro products are introduced into the routine of regular folks. Consider this:

"For too long I lived close to a radio tower, and I had a long list of symptoms: insomnia, unsteady body temperature, stomach aches, hormone imbalance, tooth sensitivity, eye strain, and a bruise that wouldn't heal. I fought off colds daily with immune-stimulating herbs or raw garlic, and I’ve always been prone to nose bleeds. Those symptoms were alleviated after using the BIO Life Pendant, Home Harmonizer and drinking VitaTonic.
After I had moved away from the radio tower, I noticed I was having shortness of breath. I was always taking deep breaths because I couldn't seem to get enough air. Then I was introduced to i-H2O water, and the shortness of breath disappeared as soon as I started drinking the water.
I had a 3-week-old burn that had been healing. I noticed a remarkable difference in the burn the day after I took my first drink of i-H2O (1/4 cup). I had another burn occur at a restaurant. I accidentally poured hot chili on my hand. After removing the ice pack the waitress gave me, I assumed the redness, pain, and eventual skin peeling would take place. I had no signs of that burn. I realized then that I had been sipping i-H2O all day in the car."
C.R. ,Green Bay, WI
If you yearn for better health; if you would like to enjoy beautiful skin, if you notice any of the difficulties recounted in these stories
to research all the benefits of the BioPro suite of health enhancing items
by going to and
click on the link to BIOPRO:
and see for yourself how easy it is to be educated and shop online in the comfort of your own home. ANY of these items will make you feel safer, more protected.
You don't have to take my word for it. The true stories of people's discoveries are far more impressive than my nagging you to drink your water!
Please feel free to leave a comment about YOUR experience with iWater or any of the BioPro products that have transformed YOUR life! All comments will be moderated and if you are too shy to leave your name, you may comment anonymously, or just use your initials.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy 85th Birthday, Merla!

You already know how much I appreciate Senior Citizens. So it won't
surprise you to learn that one of those dear Seniors
invited me, and most of Southeast Nebraska,
to her 85th birthday party.
Merla is the Matriarch of our little church family.
She is bright, articulate, diminutive, and has incredibly beautiful handwriting.
Her party invitation was included in our church bulletin.
It was an Open House affair, hosted by her children, at the local bowling alley.
I went there with two of my Senior pals.
Ines had Lucille in the car when they called for me. As I slid into the back seat, Lucille remembered she had left Merla's card at home, so we detoured to collect that. We were fortunate that parking was available at the bowling alley...we took the last available spot.
As we entered the party, the little Guest Of Honor was greeting her many guests. She wore a pretty pastel pantsuit and sported a corsage to celebrate the occasion. There was a guest book, a basket for cards, and balloons graced the table. The daughters were serving assorted flavors of cake with "85" on each piece. There were hand made mints, nuts, punch, ice cream...and almost no place to sit. The place was crowded with laughter, loud voices and lots of friends and relatives.
When you get to be 85 years young, you have collected many friends AND relatives!
The three of us settled at a table near a fan to take advantage of the cool air and began to enjoy our goodies. I surveyed the room and at that moment I was the youngest person there. As many times as I have been "33" I found comfort in that.
There was a gale of laughter at the next table and one of the gents seated there jumped up and tapped me on the shoulder. Proud as punch, he announced, "We are trading hearing aids!"
I looked. Sure enough. Every man and woman at that table had a hearing aid in front of them and were shuffling them around as if there were a shell game of some sort happening.
The man wore some type of back belt-a support, I guess. It was situated on the outside of his shirt and was fastened crooked. He did not seem to mind. He just wanted us to know that no matter which hearing aid they had, none of them worked and this fact apparently amused this whole bunch!
As folks finished their refreshments, they mingled, working the room, shaking hands, hugging, reminiscing, laughing and generally having fun.
As we walked to the car in the heat of the Nebraska sun, we decided that being 85 was just pretty great. But having your birthday party at the bowling alley was simply the best. Especially since we did not have to wear those rented shoes!
Because I am such a health nut, I think there is every chance that I will maintain my well being to 85 and beyond.
I make a point to shop online for the items to support my health shown on
and you can do that, too.
Meantime, I'll check with the people at the bowling alley to see how their schedule looks for my 85th you think they are taking bookings that far in advance?
Please, won't you leave a comment about birthday parties, health, Seniors, or anything else that's on your mind?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Quality of Life: How's YOURS?

Senior citizens have always delighted my heart.
Maybe it's because my maternal Great Grandfather was such a gentle man, curious, and eager to learn. Or, it could be that I enjoyed very close bonds with both Grandmothers, who could not have been more different from one another. Still, I may have been influenced by the stories of caring for the elderly by a neighbor, who worked in a care facility until she was in her seventies.
In any case, I adore them.
There is a quote by Martin Buxbaum on my refrigerator:
"Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty - they merely move it from their faces into their hearts."
When we deliver Meals On Wheels it does not matter that I may be having a bad hair day or that the shirt I wanted to wear was in the laundry. It doesn't matter if we are too early for their meal time. It DOES matter if you are too late! What matters is that they have eye contact with another human being. They love to hear the compliments about their well groomed flower beds or if you notice their freshly coiffed hair. They want you to notice they have been sitting on the porch, breathlessly awaiting your arrival with their meal. They want a hug. They want to tell you about the visiting relatives and the new baby in their family.
As the hot roast beef sandwiches and cold drinks were making the rounds today, I encountered people who were in distress: Their bodies hurt, their hearts ached, they yearned for their dreams to be realized and fretted that it is too late for that.
I could not resist thinking how much fun it would be if the Far Infra Red Sauna that graces the product page on could be enlarged so all those people could just sit inside and talk with one another. They could exchange stories, see that others are in the same condition, and while this took place, the magic of the Far Infra Red would harmonize their systems. Each person would have their painful places feel good again. Each person would be just the right body temperature for their own comfort. Each person could regain the health they once took for granted in their youth.
Well, I realize that can't happen. But what if people could regain a portion of their good health, no matter what their age, by drinking great filtered water? Or what if they could ingest an elixir that simply helped them to increase the quality of their sleep?
I once worked with a doctor who was fond of saying that there is no condition in the body than cannot be reversed. Including health.
If you are a Senior,or even a Junior, if you are healthy, if you are not healthy, you owe it to yourself to visit
and see for yourself the wonderful options available to you to take advantage of a
quality of life that is good.
How IS your quality of life?
**I will be happy to have your comments about this topic.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

OK, So I'm a Health Nut!

Everyone in my sphere of influence will tell you I am a health nut.

Emphasis on NUT, with a wink and a grin.

Yes. It's true. I drool over organic produce, grain, and meat. I bring produce into the house, rinse it in a sink full of filtered water, rich in minerals, and then I fuss over getting it refrigerated.
I make a big deal of nutrition. I intentionally balance colors and flavors, and junk food does not live at our house. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a passion of mine, in case you had not noticed.
So when I served dessert last evening, those whose toes were under the table were surprised.

Arranged on the tray were wedges of PIE DOUGH, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.
My favorite husband and his baby sister both squealed,

They grew up with this sweet treat and their mother called the creation by one name; my mom always called it by another: PINWHEELS!

Every family has its own traditions, its unique history, stories and language. I find it fascinating.
As we munched, we talked and there was a steady stream of reminiscences about the comfort foods of our childhoods, the special dinners we recalled and who likes which foods.

I feel blessed to know what I know and feel grateful for my passion because food is such a critical piece of a healthy way of life. I also feel blessed to live in a wellness home: everything we do supports our good health. We have clean water, clean air, harmonized energy with respect to the electrical appliances, computer, even the phones, and we supplement our food with nutrients that are serving us very well. We even sleep peacefully on a special mattress, curling up and snuggly under a quilt that enhances our well being!

If you wish to augment your life with options to improve it and enhance it I invite you to visit
to look over the wonderful things displayed there for your consideration.

You don't have to be nuts to be healthy!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Mother Connie Sez, "She COOKS!"

For me, cooking is great fun.
The challenge of coming up with 3 interesting, nourishing meals every day is one in which I take great delight!
For example, there is such satisfaction in taking the foods I prepare for one meal and morphing them into a completely new preparation for the next meal.
When God was a little boy, I sold cookware for a living. I would enter the 'sanctuary' of the kitchens of those who hosted a meal and I would prepare the foods to show off the cookware.
The only downside to that was that the menu never varied.
We all know that variety is the spice of life, so now, while I still enjoy that same set of cookware used for umpteen demonstrations, I have augmented my kitchenware with a little of this and a little of that. Call it, and me, 'eclectic'.
I have a favorite knife that is very similar to the one Rachel Ray uses on her TV shows. I have skillets that do not match my original set but they work to make me feel comfy in my style of food preparation. I don't labor at cooking. It feels like play to me.
Here's my technique, if you want to define it as such:
I hang on the fridge with the door open, surveying what is on hand for the day's good eating.
This happens when I am getting the cold foods out for breakfast.
When I have an idea of the protein that will be the centerpiece for the meal, I hang on the cabinet doors to see what will go well with all the protein I have chosen.
What happened on Saturday was that I had the "L" word on every shelf of the refrigerator. Leftovers.
I used a leftover steamed potato, added the dab of au gratin spuds that awaited attention, and cooked up another tater that shared the pot with some fresh cauliflower.
When all had cooked and drained, I added the au grain potatoes, an extra slice of cheese and moistened it with some buttermilk.
Tasty! Tasty! Tasty!
As much as Norm and I enjoyed that side dish, we did not eat all of it. On Sunday, I took some chopped onion, chopped celery, bread crumbs and ground beef, added a couple of eggs, a smattering of seasonings, and stirred up what looked like you'd expect hamburger patties or meat loaf to be.
I patted the meat mixture flat on waxed paper and poured the potato mixture on top of it. Then I rolled up the waxed paper til the meat connected. I dropped the entire roll onto an oiled baking sheet and put it into the oven on a 275 degree oven for a very long time. The top of the roll was brown and crusty and that was the clue it was cooked. Oh, how divine that smelled! It did not smack of leftovers. It was delicious!
Someone suggested to me that you can cook once and eat twice. Sounds like a plan to me.
I've been eyeing that set of skillets on .
Aren't skillets like shoes in that you can never have too many?
Online shopping is so easy. I think I'll order myself a new set of skillets with a knife to match. While I'm at it, I'll be ordering a new bamboo cutting board.
After all, we need to think green, don't we?
No matter WHAT you think, I hope you'll be brave enough to leave a comment. Mother Connie herself will moderate your comments, so please let the world know what you think about cooking, being green, online shopping...or leftovers!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Working at Home

Back in the day,
when I set an alarm clock, and had a routine to prepare for and arrive at my place of employment for an 8 hour+ stint, I used to tease my boss about how I did not HAVE to be in his workplace; I could be at home, in my jammies, working on scrapbooks or writing letters or cooking, OR ANYTHING but working.

I was only half joking, and he knew it…

Fast forward. Today I wear my jammies until I feel the need to look more presentable. I can participate in conference calls, web events, manage my in-home business even as I stir the soup, manage the laundry, dust a shelf. Girls are really good at multi tasking. I think working at home, multi tasking, FEELS like play to me.

It was not always thus.
I spent (some may suggest wasted) years of my life looking for just the right fit in identifying the work-from-home-for-fun-and-profit…there were the multi-level marketing ideas which appealed to me but did not satisfy my needs. There were the occasional speaking engagements which I love doing but they weren’t quite doing it for me, either.

Enter the LayOffYourBoss2 team: Dixie Brown and Jeff Wellman. These two got together because each resonated with the talents of the other. Dixie is the technical guru with a creative streak. She has unmatched people skills and can see the vision, even if it’s YOUR vision. Jeff is a teddy bear who keeps it real about commitment, following the formula, giving encouragement and having fun at the same time. This dynamic duo has taken the lead on the internet with their marketing classes.

They make their living by doing the things they teach their students to do. They are people of integrity, experience, and empathy. Jeff and Dixie, just like most of the masses, have not lived fairy tale lives. They have paid their dues, learned their lessons, taken responsibility for their own well being and they teach others to do the same.

There are other things that set these two apart: their style and techniques, their insistence on excellence and effort from themselves as well as their students, the myriad ways they personalize their lessons and bring people together to cooperate and share. I have not arrived at my destination but I have hope in my heart and I’m feeling really good about my new career.

About the scrapbooking…I’m uh,…a few years behind in that. I’ve been a little busy playing, uh, I mean WORKING at home!

I’ll clue you in about the deatils of Jeff and Dixie’s program. Just as soon as the link gets fixed…

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

The flags around the court house have gone up!

The community of helpers arrived before 6 AM to put 468 flags into their respective places to honor those from Johnson County who served our country.

Just following the project, we gathered at the steak house on the square to have biscuits and gravy with juice and coffee and great conversation. It’s another thread in the tapestry of small town living. It’s great.
Fourth of July, 1913, my grandparents packed a picnic and took a rowboat out on Carter Lake in Omaha, Nebraska. The fishing expedition was cut short when my father made it clear he was about to put in his appearance on this planet…

My grandmother “complained” forever after that , “Herman ruined a perfectly good picnic” and Grandpa would add, “Yes, Phyllis. And we never did decide if he were a fizzle or a firecracker!” Then they would giggle and wink and we knew it was only a family joke.

Dad loved to tell about his tenth birthday.
His stash of fireworks was gone. He sat on the steps of the front porch, with his chin in his hands. It was mid morning on 4th of July and he had already shot his wad of works. That’s when his Uncle Jack showed up.
“What’s wrong, Bud?” Well, Uncle Jack had just the ticket. He took my dad to the nearest fireworks stand and spent TWENTY DOLLARS on things to blow up! Now, remember, this was 1923 and $20.00 was a LOT of money in those days!
Dad told about how he carried the large, heavy box back home and began the daylong process of setting of fireworks. He said that when the dark had enveloped the whole city of Omaha he was sick and tired of firecrackers!
He would go on to explain that 1923 had been a tough summer…that was the same year he realized that the flags were not all about HIS BIRTHDAY; they were for Uncle Sam. Furthermore, just to make things worse, he found out that chickens had white meat!

These were some of the stories that were retold year after year while we celebrated for Uncle Sam and my dad.
Now my dad is gone and I always hope to find someone to share his birthday with, I grin when I put out the flags with the other people from Johnson County, and I think my dad would be proud of the way we live our lives.
Dad was a business man, through and through. I think he would highly approve of the whole concept of Jeff Wellman and Dixie Brown’s Lay Off Your Boss 2…and I’d send you there NOW, just to check it out…but there is a funky link that doesn’t work.

Check back Monday, if you’re curious, and I’ll tell you more about it!

Meantime, have a good time on the 4th and be safe!