Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Quality of Life: How's YOURS?

Senior citizens have always delighted my heart.
Maybe it's because my maternal Great Grandfather was such a gentle man, curious, and eager to learn. Or, it could be that I enjoyed very close bonds with both Grandmothers, who could not have been more different from one another. Still, I may have been influenced by the stories of caring for the elderly by a neighbor, who worked in a care facility until she was in her seventies.
In any case, I adore them.
There is a quote by Martin Buxbaum on my refrigerator:
"Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty - they merely move it from their faces into their hearts."
When we deliver Meals On Wheels it does not matter that I may be having a bad hair day or that the shirt I wanted to wear was in the laundry. It doesn't matter if we are too early for their meal time. It DOES matter if you are too late! What matters is that they have eye contact with another human being. They love to hear the compliments about their well groomed flower beds or if you notice their freshly coiffed hair. They want you to notice they have been sitting on the porch, breathlessly awaiting your arrival with their meal. They want a hug. They want to tell you about the visiting relatives and the new baby in their family.
As the hot roast beef sandwiches and cold drinks were making the rounds today, I encountered people who were in distress: Their bodies hurt, their hearts ached, they yearned for their dreams to be realized and fretted that it is too late for that.
I could not resist thinking how much fun it would be if the Far Infra Red Sauna that graces the product page on could be enlarged so all those people could just sit inside and talk with one another. They could exchange stories, see that others are in the same condition, and while this took place, the magic of the Far Infra Red would harmonize their systems. Each person would have their painful places feel good again. Each person would be just the right body temperature for their own comfort. Each person could regain the health they once took for granted in their youth.
Well, I realize that can't happen. But what if people could regain a portion of their good health, no matter what their age, by drinking great filtered water? Or what if they could ingest an elixir that simply helped them to increase the quality of their sleep?
I once worked with a doctor who was fond of saying that there is no condition in the body than cannot be reversed. Including health.
If you are a Senior,or even a Junior, if you are healthy, if you are not healthy, you owe it to yourself to visit
and see for yourself the wonderful options available to you to take advantage of a
quality of life that is good.
How IS your quality of life?
**I will be happy to have your comments about this topic.

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