Saturday, July 5, 2008

Working at Home

Back in the day,
when I set an alarm clock, and had a routine to prepare for and arrive at my place of employment for an 8 hour+ stint, I used to tease my boss about how I did not HAVE to be in his workplace; I could be at home, in my jammies, working on scrapbooks or writing letters or cooking, OR ANYTHING but working.

I was only half joking, and he knew it…

Fast forward. Today I wear my jammies until I feel the need to look more presentable. I can participate in conference calls, web events, manage my in-home business even as I stir the soup, manage the laundry, dust a shelf. Girls are really good at multi tasking. I think working at home, multi tasking, FEELS like play to me.

It was not always thus.
I spent (some may suggest wasted) years of my life looking for just the right fit in identifying the work-from-home-for-fun-and-profit…there were the multi-level marketing ideas which appealed to me but did not satisfy my needs. There were the occasional speaking engagements which I love doing but they weren’t quite doing it for me, either.

Enter the LayOffYourBoss2 team: Dixie Brown and Jeff Wellman. These two got together because each resonated with the talents of the other. Dixie is the technical guru with a creative streak. She has unmatched people skills and can see the vision, even if it’s YOUR vision. Jeff is a teddy bear who keeps it real about commitment, following the formula, giving encouragement and having fun at the same time. This dynamic duo has taken the lead on the internet with their marketing classes.

They make their living by doing the things they teach their students to do. They are people of integrity, experience, and empathy. Jeff and Dixie, just like most of the masses, have not lived fairy tale lives. They have paid their dues, learned their lessons, taken responsibility for their own well being and they teach others to do the same.

There are other things that set these two apart: their style and techniques, their insistence on excellence and effort from themselves as well as their students, the myriad ways they personalize their lessons and bring people together to cooperate and share. I have not arrived at my destination but I have hope in my heart and I’m feeling really good about my new career.

About the scrapbooking…I’m uh,…a few years behind in that. I’ve been a little busy playing, uh, I mean WORKING at home!

I’ll clue you in about the deatils of Jeff and Dixie’s program. Just as soon as the link gets fixed…

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