Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: You Can GET a Filter or Be One

Lemons are so cleansing and very fresh!
Every parent thinks his own children are geniuses.  If you met my offspring, you'd UNDERSTAND they are brilliant.  But I digress.  More about that later.

The liver is critical in keeping the body clean.  You could think of it like the strainer in your sink...that little strainer catches all the gunk so your pipes don't get clogged.  It is the job of your liver to "strain" the toxins that flow through you in order to keep you well.

This subject came up in my kids' household.  They were explaining to their good friend why it was so important to "clean up his act."  He was resistant and very skeptical.

Here's the thing:  My #1 daughter even married a genius.  Kirby is one smart, pragmatic guy.  Here's the proof:  "I explained to our friend from an automotive perspective how important it is to have a clean liver in order to be healthy." -Kirby Sidlo

Kirby went on to explain that if you clean the air filter and the oil filter in your car, the vehicle will perform more optimally.  Since the liver is the body's filter, it is prudent to clean that, too.  If you do that one thing, your body will be able to operate at peak performance.  And you will FEEL better!

His wife, my aforementioned daughter, has a great Morning Tonic for use in this regard:

(Liver cleanse)
100% pure unsweetened cranberry juice, mixed 50/50 with mineral water

Juice of 1 lemon

2" of fresh ginger, grated and squeezed

Drink 1/2 cup every morning for a week.

"It's bitter, but I actually like it!"  -Angela

We hasten to add that this daughter has credentials and is currently practicing and teaching Reiki and Tai Chi in Astoria, Oregon.  She knows her stuff.  After all, she sat at her mother's knee and learned the basics as she grew up in little old Nebraska.

Before Angela was even a gleam in her father's eye, her maternal great grandmother ritualistically drank something very similar and swore it kept her upright.

Health nuts are going to love this, if they have not already added it to their regimens!  This tonic will be a great adjunct to any regimen; furthermore, it will enhance The Healing Codes!

No doubt YOUR children are geniuses, too.  Please feel free to leave your comment and tell us about them, won't you?

Connie Baum
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Public Assistance and Appearances?

Let's shine some light on a sensitive subject:

A dear friend and blogger shared some thoughts recently.  She intended them to be used as a Guest Post, which we are happy to offer.  As you consider what is presented here, you might want to visit your own attitudes and opinions.

Thank you to Lorraine Wellman for her generous gift of words and wisdom.

"You Don't "Look" Like A Food Stamp User

     When I was growing up in the 60's I lived in a small town.  It was so small that most everyone knew everyone else.  It was also a town that had a high rate of fact, it
still does.  What sticks out in my mind though is the difference of the have's
and have nots during that time.  As a kid I didn't know that everyone has a hard
time financially, at one time or another.  Back then, I thought the needy looked
a certain way; it was a child's foolishness.   One doesn't have to be "poor" to
find themselves in need; as the economy has shown us in recent years with all of
the job downsizings, rising cost of living, and home foreclosures.

However, during my childhood, there seemed to be a big distinction between those
who were considered "poor" and those who were "working class poor".  I can still
remember hearing people of the working class poor talking about those who were
getting food stamps coupons.  The theme of many of those conversations was such
that they could always tell who was on food stamps because their shopping carts
"would be piled high".  The perception was that people on food stamps were
living good.  That perception was ignorance talking. 

       The food stamp program provides a certain amount of money to it's recipients for
purchasing food according to set guidelines; and, it certainly is not an
unlimited bounty by any means.  Many people believed that those on food stamps
had no desire to get off of the program and were taking advantage.  Like any
good thing in life, there were people who abused the program; that is why there
are rules and regulations to prevent that sort of thing.  While there have been
people who abused the program, there are many MORE people that the food stamp
program helped get a leg up and move on to independence.  No one should have to
go hungry in the United States, the bread basket of the world.  It is a good
thing to have programs in place that help to prevent unnecessary hunger. 

        For many people who receive food stamps or some kind of
assistance, they often struggle with an embarrassment of having to need
services.  No one wants to feel beholding to another person, or to the
government for their basic needs.   It is a hard thing to have needs and find
yourself in the position of not being able to meet those needs; either long-
term or short- term.  It CAN happen to ANYONE at any time.  In fact, I've heard
experts say that most Americans are simply two or three paychecks away from
financial disaster.  That tells us that all of these job lay offs and financial
difficulties have put many people into the position of having to access food
pantries, farmer's market coupons, WIC, SNAP or the food commodity programs. 
There should be no shame in providing for your family with food stamps, if it
should become necessary.  It would be more shameful to let your family go
without when SNAP is available to meet those needs.
       These days, as an adult, I know that things have changed in many ways.  For one thing, food
stamps coupons have gone by the wayside.  These days, the food stamp program is
now known as SNAP and food stamp coupons no longer exist...things have
progressed to the EBT card, or the electronic benefits transfer.  There is no
embarrassment in the grocery clerk's line as people used to experience when they
hauled out their food stamps coupon book.  Now they can use their electronic
card with the magnetic strip, just like a debit card or credit card and no one
will know the difference.  This has gone a long way towards helping people
access the SNAP program who otherwise would have been too embarrassed to
purchase their food through a government program.

          The statistics say that 9% of food stamp participants are considered elderly (over
age 60), 79% are households with children, and of those homes with children, 36%
were headed by a single parent...most of which were a female single parent; 14%
of the households had disabled recipients.   As you can see, this covers a wide
range of people who can and are being helped with their nutritional needs. 

          The face of a food stamp user could be anyone according to
those statistics; it could be your mother, your next-door neighbor, your friend,
your children, child's teacher or, it could be you .  You don't have to look a
particular way to benefit from the program...all that matters is that people in
need get the food that they need to survive; and, that it be able to provide the
nutritional value that they need to thrive."
Thank you, Lorraine, for a sensitive peek into a piece of the culture that is rapidly growing.
Here's hoping you will also look at Food Stamps Cooking Club
As always, we are jonesin' for you comments here and there and everywhere.  Please remember to look at Lorraine's blog, "Write Where You Are" because she looks at every issue with a loving eye and discerning heart.  She makes her readers think and feel; then she moves people to action.
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Too Rich or Too Well?

If you have ever had a serious illness, you understand completely what a harrowing experience it is.  For those of you who played the role of caretaker, God bless you my children; you are Angels!

The long road to health and recovery from a time of being way under par is uphill and bumpy.  It literally takes a committee to coax the body into vibrant, radiant good health.

In the case of Mother Connie's comeback, there was more than a committee; there was a network of prayer warriors, telephone callers, cooks, bearers of gifts and messages.  Friends, family and neighbors showed up with complete meals, potted plants, cards and cakes of soap!  There was also The Normanator, who simultaneously played the roles of Husband, Father, Paper Carrier and Caretaker; He was also Chief Cook and Bottle Washer.  He did every job brilliantly and  with great aplomb.

SIDEBAR:  A likeness of The Normanator belongs in a Hall of  Fame somewhere.  Seriously.  END SIDEBAR.

Some of this generous network bore gifts meant to promote healing.  They all were aware, as no doubt you visitors are, that The Healing Codes were used abundantly.  I'd like to share some of the other things that were presented to me.  Yes, these are commercials designed for you to investigate their worth TO YOU.  If sales are made the website owners will benefit AND SO WILL YOU.  Mother Connie is only the messenger.  No shekels for her today.

My good friend, Renita, brought me an interesting powder that purports to help the body to heal on a cellular level.  Her product was new to me but this concept worked for me as I understand that the body heals itself from the inside out; I was most eager to use it.  Now, I must warn you that it tastes AWFUL but that is inconsequential, considering the stunning results that were provided me after only a few days of using the stuff!   PLEASE check it out:  Renita's PXP Product

When my friend, Kathy, came all the way to Nebraska from Tennessee, she bore healthy coffee and mangosteen juice.  I was familiar with these products; I was tickled pink to have Mocha coffee and fruit puree to begin my days!  PLEASE check out the benefits of  Kathy's Coffee and Kathy's Juice.  There is no way of predicting how much better you'll feel or how fast.  Be prepared to be delighted!
May you never know what you might prevent if you use Renita's powder and Kathy's beverages.
Mother Connie has long advocated the use of pure water and lots of it; she has loudly proclaimed the virtues of eating well and wisely by using whole foods and whole foods supplements.  She is adamant about getting adequate rest and movement and it's a darned good thing, too!  Were it not for this health conscious lifestyle her illness and recovery may have looked very different.

Mother Connie went from napping and channel surfing from her nest on the couch, hurting and hobbling around like a crippled old hag, wondering if her get up and go had left permanently, never to return  to feeling vital, vibrant and WELL.   The lifestyle she had lived went on as usual; only the powder and beverages were added in.  The results were freedom from pain, mental clarity, energy to burn and a radiant, exuberant feeling of well being.  

There is no doubt that all the aforementioned products, protocols and peeps played a pivotal role in the miraculous recovery.  Thank you, God.
Mother Connie plans to continue incorporating these new items.   You can't be too rich or too healthy, isn't that so?

Connie Baum
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mother Connie Sez "Thank God for The Healing Codes!"

Have you been looking for Mother Connie?

She's been holding down the couch and running the TV remote for months now...there was a traumatic fall, followed by complications and the aftermath has been harrowing.   

SIDEBAR:  Thank God for The Healing Codes.  END SIDEBAR. 

It goes without saying that The Healing Codes was only one component in the effort to be whole during the past few months.  There were the prayers of her peeps, for example.  There were the plants and bars of soap and home cooked meals contributing to our well being and demonstrating peoples' love.  There were visitors (Mother Connie so LOVES having company!) and they brought Angels, cards, CDs, potions and lotions to help nudge the healing process.  Of course, there was the medical team who tended to her needs despite the preceding rants and raves and carrying on.  None of them ever let on if they knew how much restraint she showed by not starting any fist fights over the treatment regimen.

Mother Connie has been polishing her soap box, working on her spelling and punctuation; she is ready  once again to enter the blogosphere.  

She is ecstatic to be back.  She fancies her adoring public has been clamoring for her return.  

SIDEBAR:  Did we mention her illness has produced just a tad bit of delusion?  END SIDEBAR.

Connie Baum
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