Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: Good News for Baby Boomers?

Oh, my stars and garters!  Watch THIS video and see if you think this is the latest treatment for Baby Boomers whose eyesight may not be what it was years ago...then watch for a special notice following the short film.

If you agree with Mother Connie that your teeth need this more than your eyes, you'll be delighted to learn that the ToothSoap folks have special pricing, but only for a 24 hour window.

You can place an order online or you can call the nice ToothSoap people at this number:
 Just mention that Mother Connie bragged about it on her blog and tell them about the coupon code:
Hurry.  None of us is getting any younger!  To order online, CLICK HERE NOW.

Connie Baum
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: Eat Your Sprouts, Little Sprouts!

We have discussed sprouts at some length.  Leanne Ely, The Dinner Diva, who is responsible for Saving Dinner, has this to say about that:

"Sprouts are fabulously easy to grow, you don't need special equipment and they grow year round.

Here's how

Use wide mouth glass canning jars, available at many hardware stores. You will need screen lids; either cut pieces of different (plastic) mesh screens, or buy some of the special plastic screen lids designed for sprouting (usually available in health food stores or even hardware stores).

Sprouting is easy: just put the seed in a jar, add the soak water and put the lid on. When the soak is over, invert jar and drain the water, then rinse again. Prop the jar up at a 45 degree angle so the water will drain (or your seeds will continue to soak). 
Keep your seeds out of direct sunlight. Rinse seed in the jar 2-3 times per day until ready, always keeping it angled for drainage.

Avocado Yumwich
Serves One

2 slices whole wheat bread (or use a whole grain wrap bread)
1/4 avocado
1/2 ounce low fat cream cheese
1 slice tomato
Sprouts piled high (your choice, but I LOVE radish sprouts on this!)

Put together and eat. How's that for cinchy instructions?  For gooooood eatin', slice onions up and saute till brown. When they're still working on their tans, add a little barbeque sauce and add that to your yumwich. Eat with wild abandon. 

Per serving: 279 Calories; 13g Fat; 9g Protein; 36g Carbohydrate; 7g Dietary Fiber; 8mg Cholesterol; 410mg Sodium.  Exchanges: 1 1/2 Grain(Starch); 1 Vegetable; 2 1/2 Fat.
Copyright (C) 2010 www.savingdinner.com Leanne Ely, CNC All rights reserved"
Oh, my stars and garters, kids!  This is making Mother Connie hungry.  Again.  And just think of all the great things you could do with that left over tomato and the avocado that did not make it into the sammie!  WOOHOO!  I am thinking of mashed avocado with a touch of onion, a dab of lemon spread over toast for breakfast, paired up with a smoothie full of yogurt, chia seeds, and fruit.  
Dear me, I'm beginning to salivate and it's nowhere near mealtime!
Seriously, now, kids, if we all were to eat well and wisely as The Dinner Diva shows us we might have less need for The Healing Codes.  
Come to think of it, if YOU are having health issues, you are not satisfied with your relationships or you feel that you do not have the abundance you yearn for you would benefit from learning more about The Healing Codes.  Their whole deal is that you should live your life in truth and love, not fear and untruths.  Sound simple?  IT IS.  Check it out by clicking here:  The Healing Codes.
For more good eats, click here: Saving Dinner   
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: Are Chia Seeds New Superfoods?

Mother Connie is JUST CRAZY about chia seeds and it's all Renita's fault!

Renita found this great "Chia Pudding" recipe and was gracious to prepare it for a little cooking class I did once.
When Nancy found out about this pudding she went nuts over them, too, and we all think Chia Pudding is the cat's meow.  But we have learned that those things will jazz up any food, any meal, any scenario we could create.

So don't blame ME if you fall in love with the silly things, too.  Renita and Nancy should share some responsibility, too.  GRIN  After all, these tiny little powerhouses are not just for chia pets and gift giving any more!

When our supply had run out, it was a kitchen crisis.  Acquiring more necessitated a shopping trip to Lincoln and our favorite health food store, Akin's.  

SIDEBAR:  I get nothing for sending you there.  It is an educational and delightful experience you owe yourself if you are within driving distance to get there! END SIDEBAR.

I could never work at Akin's...if I did that, I'd never carry home a paycheck.  That would not be all bad; we'd really be healthy.  Normally, I breeze into this store, make my choices and hurry out, lest I spend our savings.  

Yesterday was a little different.  One of the friendly young women working there asked if I could find everything.  I indicated that I was looking for chia seeds so she showed me the way.  The store is loaded with every healthy option known to mankind, including fresh produce and baked goods, so I just marched through as if I were wearing blinders, so as not to be tempted.

The little black beauties were not on the shelf.  There were rows of jars containing white chia seeds and the clerk explained those were more nutritious anyway.  Then she went on to tell me all the ways she uses the superfood wonders:  in smoothies, in baked goods, on cereal, salad, in pudding...

This knowledgeable and affable young lady is YOUNG.  I mean YOUNG as in 20-something.  I was paying close attention, wondering what her back story is.

She continued...her 6 year old son has never eaten white bread and did not know what Kool Aid was until recently.  He attended a birthday party and when the refreshments were served, his hostess asked him if he'd like a glass of Kool Aid.  He asked his mom what that was.  She offered to let him find out, if he wanted.  So he tried it.  But the chemical taste made him reject it immediately.

This same little 6 year old, who is obviously going to be way ahead of the curve in many respects, was invited to dinner at the home of a classmate.  When he came home he reported to his mother, 'Their bread was WHITE, Mom!'

I was sure this child had not been subjected to vaccines.

Au contraire...seems the family had put up such a fuss that she had caved in, against her better judgment but she had done the deed on HER terms.  She was delighted to learn that the bad effects of vaccines can be negated by simply writing-with your finger as an imaginary crayon-on the injection area before and after this Homeopathic remedy:

In addition to the chia seeds, I could not resist the temptation to get some salad sprouts.  I have them in a jar on the kitchen window until they are ready for our salad bowls.  I have the dressing made and ready for the Big Event.  YUM.

By now you are well aware that Mother Connie preaches loud and long about eating well and wisely.  Well, that can really be fun, don't you know...especially with these delightful chia seeds.  They will soak up nine times their own weight with whatever liquid they are soaked in.  That might be water or fruit juice; it could be coconut milk.  It might be your choice for healthy baked goods.  In any case, you are going to FEEL the effects on your energy level.

I double dog dare ya to try them!

When you prepare chia pudding just use 2 cups of almond milk, coconut milk or fruit juice.  Add 1/2 cup of chia seeds into that and stir.  1/3 cup of honey will sweeten the milk just right.   Add a dash of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of vanilla and you have one delectable dessert.  After it sits in the fridge it will thicken and take on the look of tapioca pudding or gelatin.  I promise you will love the flavor and the results it will yield in terms of Get-Up-And-Go PowerIt's a great breakfast, snack or yummy for any time of day.  And you can custom flavor it to suit your taste!

Please return to let us know how great you think the chia seeds and chia pudding are.   Oh, and if you do make it into Akins or visit them online, tell them Mother Connie sent you, won't you please?  Thanks oodles, guys and gals.  

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: How Tight Are YOUR Family Ties?

Shown here are three of my dear relatives.  This is a fine example why we should  mark and date photos and identify the people in these treasures!
With today's electronic equipment photos are snapped, stored, uploaded and shared in the blink of an eye.  This was not the case as I was growing up.

One of the issues was that I was young.  My dad always used to complain about what a pity it is we waste youth on the young.  And never is that more germane than when it comes to photos and heirlooms.  When we are young we think those pictures of outdated hairstyles and funny clothes are so boring.  As young people, we have no interest in old furniture, old dishes, or old people.  And we certainly don't want pictures of any of that, particularly when there is a newly released DVD with ACTION.  
Now that I have become the Matriarch of my family of origin I could kick myself.  Not for being young but for being so disinterested for so long.  It took awhile but I did fall in love with old pictures, old dishes and furniture and old people.

When my mother made her home with us she made every effort to identify all the family photos that languished in dusty boxes.  But Mom's eyesight was not the greatest and her memory was faulty, as well.  As my good fortune would have it, I have connected with a dear aunt who is a computer geek, photo genius, and has a wonderful stash of pictures and anecdotes to share.  
If I made the choice to wring my hands and grieve that my life's choices were less than stellar, it would be stressful.  As you know, Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson, as well as Dr. Oz have all warned us that stress kills.

Now, everybody wants to go to heaven; we just don't want to go now.
So what's a body to DO?  One thing I can think of is to perform The Healing Codes as faithfully as we brush our teeth or say our prayers.  Not only do The Healing Codes alleviate stress; they help to enhance relationships as well.

Maybe YOUR family relationships are perfect in every way.  God bless you if that is so.   If you think those relationships-and your life-could use some improvement, you would be well advised to look closely at The Healing Codes.

And do make a point to identify old pictures so you won't be mystified one day.  Your auntie may not be the generous techno guru my auntie is.  When it comes to family ties, I am happy to report that we are really tangled up tight!  It's no surprise I love my life, is it?
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mother Connie Sez "I Rest My Case!"

SEE?  Mother Connie is not alone in her assessment of Big Pharma. 

This text will be replaced by the player


Thank God, Dr. Alex Loyd, and Dr. Ben Johnson for The Healing Codes and Bruce Lipton for the "Biology of Belief". Thank God, too, for all manner of alternative health care methodologies.

For more understanding of why the human body is better at healing than Big Pharma, scope THIS out:
The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles

Connie Baum
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: Can You Give Up Your Ideas About Big Medicine?

Big Medicine is all about power and control.  And it is most assuredly based on lies and deceit.
Recently, during our regular Sunday morning worship hour, our pastor asked us to pray for the many victims who are suffering with cancer.  I know so many individuals who have had this hideous diagnosis; I had not reached the end of my long list as I prayed when Pastor Kathy interrupted the silence to move on.  

The very next day we got a call, informing us that yet another of our close friends had been diagnosed with the awful stuff.
Wherever I look I see adverts for walks and benefits.  I am aware that there are golfing events, bracelets in every color of the rainbow and pink this, that, and the other to promote support for people suffering with a very serious illness.

People I love and admire have opted to undergo the draconian treatments where poison is injected into their frail bodies and/or  the dis-ease is supposedly burned or cut out.   In some cases, we hear that these sufferers were summoned in for more of the same treatments or more diagnostic testing and more hospitalizations.  If their hair falls away, they purchase new hats or scarves and carry on the best way they know how.  When their hair regrows and it appears dark and curly, these patients rejoice that they have found the fountain of youth.  I just cringe and feel like weeping.

What people do not yet understand is that Big Medicine and Big Pharma are in bed together.  One massages the back of the other and they help one another carry the cash to the bank.  Both are consumed with profits and control.  They are all about MANAGING SICK CARE, reaping profits all the while.  Neither has anything whatsoever to do with HEALTH CARE.

Here's the thing:  EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is made up of energy.  The energy of Big Medicine is dark and in my humble opinion, it is evil to the core.  The healing energy of alternative medicines including, but not limited to, Homeopathy, Reiki, Naturopathy, The Healing Codes and prayer is far more efficacious.

Bruce Lipton speaks in his book, "The Biology of Belief" about the critically important nature of our THOUGHTS.  He reiterates that thoughts are things and these are things that can heal.  Yes, it works the other way, too.  Our thoughts can make us very, very sick.  The energy of thoughts works both ways.
Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson have spoken and written extensively about the power of the mind and heart to either create chaos from stress or healing from love and truth.  They do not buy TV ads; they are not splashed on billboards along our streets and highways, but they do make their information readily available.  This blog is but one example of that avenue.

Certainly free will plays a huge role in all this sickness business and healing work.  What GETS me about this issue is this:  WHY, OH WHY, would anyone freely choose sickness and misery and suffering when all they'd have to DO is change the way they THINK?

There is no doubt that getting well and staying well requires change.  Change is hard for people.  Furthermore, we fear what we do not understand.  I do hope people will wake from their slumber and smell the proverbial coffee.
When they are ready, there is every chance they will reach for help and find The Healing Codes.  Until then, I will continue to pray for their well being.  What will YOU do?

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: Wanna Buy a Newspaper?

Wanna Buy a Newspaper?  We've Got One For You!
It's been eight months since we started our new "career" in newspaper delivery.  It all came about because the route manager for the Lincoln Journal Star dropped a daily newspaper on our porch with an insert asking for applications for delivery of a new route that had been combined into two.  They needed a carrier ASAP.

We looked at one another; as only married couples do, and we came to an instantaneous and complete agreement that we could DO this.

Well, we are doing it and we have to say that we are having a BLAST!  Never mind that we must rise at 1:30 AM to have a quick breakfast and bolt out the door to receive our bundles at 2 AM!  We have time to talk and laugh, we can enjoy one another's company as we make our rounds and we are learning much about our little community.

The Normanator was born and raised here so he used to know everybody, even those who weren't his relatives.  Half a century later, the town has changed hands and all the faces are new.  By dropping papers onto porches we are learning where people live and in many cases, we are meeting them face to face as we conduct our daily lives.

As an example of that, we were in the hardware store when one of our customers walked in.  We asked how he gets along with his paper carrier.  His face brightened as he realized we were the ones who brought his morning news.  He told the story of how he'd found out we are concerned about getting our deliveries made in a timely fashion with the weather in mind and he seemed pleased to have made that connection.

When we began our work, we wrote a letter to our subscribers, telling them when they might expect their paper, how to reach us if there were a problem, and thanking them for the opportunity to serve them.  One dear lady, who lives in the nursing home, phoned us as soon as she read her letter to thank us.  Others, who attended a community function, buzzed about the letter and those "kids" who are taking the paper around now.  Of course, all this fuss makes us grin.

Sometimes those newspapers skitter across a porch; other times they skate or plop.  It depends on the material of the porch and whether there is a carpeted surface, wood, or concrete.  There are a few porches, where yappy dogs live, where the paper is gently placed on the porch and slid toward the door, in order not to cause a ruckus.  We place papers into crocks, on benches, in mailboxes, inside porch doors and in other special places.  Folks seem to like this.

We enjoy keeping track of who rises early; whose garage light was left on overnight; who might be having trouble sleeping; and who is vacationing.  Occasionally we will encounter a "welcoming committee" if the hospital staff is taking a break outside or if the weather invites people to their patios with coffee in hand.  Often we see a man who walks his dog and carries his coffee cup.  We can tell who is working the early or late shift and who has just mowed their yard.  We note if there is a guest's car in the drive or if someone is sporting a new vehicle.  These observations make us feel as if we are getting acquainted with our people and we love that.

When we finish our rounds, between 4:30 AM and 5:30 AM, depending on the day, the weather, and the time we get our bundles, we take time to drink coffee and review our 18 mile trip.  We might discuss how to dispense the extra, complimentary papers we have so as to increase our number of customers.  THEN WE HAVE A NICE NAP.  After rising at 1:30, we are well ready to sleep again!

We are blessed to have the ability and the opportunity to manage this new career.  We owe that to a number of factors:  adequate sleep and rest; eating well, wisely and regularly; taking whole foods supplements; drinking plenty of good water; and moving our bodies.  The little sprint from car to porch or up a driveway serves us well.  We are getting some aerobic activity, plenty of walking in short spurts and we get our blood circulating every single day without exception.

Add to that the regular performance of The Healing Codes, brushing our teeth, and keeping good thoughts for healthy attitudes and we can probably carry those papers for as long as we like!

Connie Baum
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