Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: How Tight Are YOUR Family Ties?

Shown here are three of my dear relatives.  This is a fine example why we should  mark and date photos and identify the people in these treasures!
With today's electronic equipment photos are snapped, stored, uploaded and shared in the blink of an eye.  This was not the case as I was growing up.

One of the issues was that I was young.  My dad always used to complain about what a pity it is we waste youth on the young.  And never is that more germane than when it comes to photos and heirlooms.  When we are young we think those pictures of outdated hairstyles and funny clothes are so boring.  As young people, we have no interest in old furniture, old dishes, or old people.  And we certainly don't want pictures of any of that, particularly when there is a newly released DVD with ACTION.  
Now that I have become the Matriarch of my family of origin I could kick myself.  Not for being young but for being so disinterested for so long.  It took awhile but I did fall in love with old pictures, old dishes and furniture and old people.

When my mother made her home with us she made every effort to identify all the family photos that languished in dusty boxes.  But Mom's eyesight was not the greatest and her memory was faulty, as well.  As my good fortune would have it, I have connected with a dear aunt who is a computer geek, photo genius, and has a wonderful stash of pictures and anecdotes to share.  
If I made the choice to wring my hands and grieve that my life's choices were less than stellar, it would be stressful.  As you know, Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson, as well as Dr. Oz have all warned us that stress kills.

Now, everybody wants to go to heaven; we just don't want to go now.
So what's a body to DO?  One thing I can think of is to perform The Healing Codes as faithfully as we brush our teeth or say our prayers.  Not only do The Healing Codes alleviate stress; they help to enhance relationships as well.

Maybe YOUR family relationships are perfect in every way.  God bless you if that is so.   If you think those relationships-and your life-could use some improvement, you would be well advised to look closely at The Healing Codes.

And do make a point to identify old pictures so you won't be mystified one day.  Your auntie may not be the generous techno guru my auntie is.  When it comes to family ties, I am happy to report that we are really tangled up tight!  It's no surprise I love my life, is it?
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  1. T'is funny (strange) to see a picture of my dad, brother and sister on FaceBook, I tell ya!



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