Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Promise To Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

From the time I moved out of my parents' home, on New Year's Eve my parents would call me. I'd pick up the telephone and hear both of them shrieking, HAP-py NEW Year! at the top of their lungs. And we would all laugh as if that were the funniest joke on earth. It was one of the many things I missed when they were both gone.

As a family, we did not make a fuss over the old year going and the new year coming. I remember one year they were invited to a party and my dad had the flu and was not up for the festivities. I must have been 8 or 9 years old. At midnight we three sat around the kitchen table with cups of hot chocolate and my dad, the liquor store owner, groused, "Unless this cocoa has CREME DE COCOA in it I'm not much of an advertisement for my own products!" Sick as a pup, he could still joke.

Another year I recall being invited to a party hosted by one of my high school classmates. No one drove in those days. As we were walking home, someone suggested we raid the liquor cabinet of one of the absent parents. I deferred and went straight home, sure I had missed something. My parents' bragging on my 'correct behavior' more than made up for anything I may have missed. Besides, I had no headache the next day...

We have never done the resolution thing, either. We made promises to ourselves and to one another. We would promise to be kinder and more patient, to learn bigger words in the coming year, and to help more people in more ways. My folks were big on doing nice things for other people and never getting "caught", like when my dad forgave the huge grocery bill after the mother of a big family died and my mom took food to people whose kids had stolen candy from their store because she knew they were hungry.

For 2009 I promise to myself to remember all the fun I've known, and indulge in more fun, to keep in close touch with all the people I love, and to SIMPLIFY. I hope I can help people and not get "caught" and I hope I live long enough to see world peace. I promise to drink my water , eat whole foods, take my vitamins and minerals, drink that delicious stuff with the funny name- Limu. There is no reason I can't promise to maintain my health, think beautiful thoughts and live a joyous life. I promise to manifest good things for me and mine and live in abundance all through the year.

What will YOU promise YOURSELF? I'd love to know, if you care to share. Just leave your comments and it will be my delight to peruse them. Remember, I promised myself to have FUN, didn't I? wink/grin

Happy New Year, World!

Connie Baum

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Are You Changing a Habit?

"Compassion is the healing salve for all suffering. An open heart changes the world." ---author unknown

Does that quote resonate with you? I wonder what we could MAKE HAPPEN if we all thought of this very thing every morning when we first wake to greet our days.

I was told that it takes 21 days to learn a new habit. Now conventional wisdom dictates it takes 28 days! So if you move into a new house, it would take nearly a month to remember exactly where the light switches are!

So, what's a week, when you mean to impact the world? Let's just make ourselves a mutual challenge: Let's agree to write this quote on a slip of paper and read it, faithfully, every day for 28 days. Let us ponder how WE could show more compassion, how WE could open OUR hearts, how WE might change the world, one heart at a time.

How do you imagine this could make a difference? Well, I suppose it would be hard to gauge. But what harm would it cause? If everyone whose eyes fall on these words just did that AT ALL, it might improve the crummy world situation, if only for a moment.

Every one of us behaves from our beliefs. Each person on the planet seeks pleasure and avoids pain. When our collective hearts are healed, there is no doubt that world conditions will improve, our personal lives will be better, and things will continue to become significantly impacted worldwide.

Lofty, isn't it? But isn't it worth a try? Let's all write this little quote on a paper, put it in a place where we'll see it-bathroom mirror?-and think of it every day for 28 days. Place the results YOU notice in the comment box on this post and let the world know how YOU are helping to create world peace!

Happy New Year! When you finish partying, please visit The Healing Codes to heal your heart. And do remember to keep that heart open!

The Healing Codes
Connie Baum

Monday, December 29, 2008

How IS Your Health?

These are two of my favorite people:

Left: Dixie Brown
Right: Jeff Wellman

They are the famous gurus from Lay Off Your Boss 2 and they have been teaching and coaching internet marketing with great success. Now they have parlayed their strategies and joined forces with another successful internet marketer, Paul Counts. Paul is young, energetic, experienced, and knowledgeable. I am certain he is a Boy Genius.
So now the Dynamic Duo has become the Tremendous Trio!

Paul Counts

These three are up to something special... They are conducting a contest, looking for 3 or 4 people who would be willing to accept their FREE ONE ON ONE COACHING for a few weeks in order to learn how to earn cash quickly!
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If you are worried about cash flow, making your mortgage payment, keeping your head above water you won't do your health any good. Be good to yourselves and check this out right away.
Mother Connie has even more advice, wouldn't you know it? Be sure to get enough rest, drink plenty of good water , eat your vegetables, and take your vitamins and minerals . Get some exercise, have some fun and make sure you find reasons to laugh out loud!
Get excited about Jeff, Dixie and Paul's contest! Tell your friends and relatives about it, if you like. The more the merrier. The Tremendous Trio is all about helping people so let's work with them on that! YOUR PHYSICAL HEALTH AND YOUR FINANCIAL HEALTH CAN BE IMPROVED. RAPIDLY.
Connie Baum

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


HAPPY 2009!
During this festive holiday season, as 2008 draws to a close, we hope
your celebrations and traditions give you much comfort and joy!
We sincerely hope you are enjoying vibrant good health!
Your readership and support has been welcome and we want you to know that each of you is LOVED and APPRECIATED.
Connie Baum

Monday, December 22, 2008

Have I Been DUPED?

WELL! I WILL be dipped in dew!

Headlines all over the place are insisting that all the studies prove there is no good effect from taking vitamins and minerals!

Well! Well! Well! I wonder if they will also put up BILLBOARDS to that effect...

What became of the depletion of the soils? Has THAT changed? I saw no headline to that effect and the Feds themselves made it clear in 1936 that the soils were depleted of minerals and vitamins.

I wonder what the Feds and the people who conducted those studies would have to say about the fact that when my eye was red last week I used whole foods and Limu , not to mention water and my eye was 100% improved in 24 hours. Or, how would they be able to prove that my son's terrible, debilitating, recurring infections could not be managed by antibiotics but whole foods and vitamin supplements as well as good water eliminated all signs of infection very quickly? When Big Pharma's toxic substances gave us fits with horrible side effects and no cure how does that determine that vitamins and minerals are of no consequence?

I have NO CLUE who paid for these studies that make these claims but I have a funny feeling in my gut that if one were to follow the money the facts would show what we all suspect: IT IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL AND GREED.

Hey, headlines like those in the newspapers grab readers. They must do whatever they must do. It's a free country and if you want to spend your hard earned money to take antibiotics and yield to yeast infections, that is most certainly up to you. If you want to cave in to the fearmongering and take flu shots, that's entirely your choice.

I'll be honest with you, though. I'm going to continue eating whole foods, taking and drinking whole foods supplements, drinking great water and thinking good and loving thoughts. Sidebar: That means I won't give a thought to Big Medicine, Big Pharma and all those negative side effects; mustn't give them any of my energy. End Sidebar.

I dearly hope you understand how precious your good health is. Please don't pay any mind to those silly headlines because they simply are not true.

I have NOT been duped! And don't YOU get duped, either. I would love to invite you to learn the truth about vitamins and minerals, particularly Fucoidan, for example. Please visit .
Connie Baum

Friday, December 19, 2008

Is Company Coming?

There was never a time in my life when I didn't hope for "company". I always wanted the house to be full of people who laughed, enjoyed good food, liked to play cards or watch a sports event or just sit and talk.

When I was a schoolgirl-yes, Virginia, schools had been invented as I grew up-I used to hurry home after the final bell rang to see if there might be a car in our drive or a neighbor sharing conversation over a cup of coffee with my mother. On most days, I was disappointed to find an empty driveway or to learn that no one had called to announce their arrival. But I always hoped...

There is something very special about making nice for someone you love: putting fresh sheets on the guest bed, laying out clean towels and fussing over the menu they will share while they are here. Cooking with their special favorites in mind, setting the table with the "good" dishes, making memories with them is just something that turns my crank. I am blessed to have a husband who is as hospitable and gracious as can be and he shares my passion for people.

Yesterday we got a call that since the weather was getting ugly our dear friend, Anita, planned to brave the elements and come for a "sleepover". Her trip was made treacherous by the ice, sleet, snow and cold but she arrived in one piece, grateful her bed was ready and pleased we had hot chocolate with marshmallows at the ready. Our home is a safe and welcoming haven for her.

Maybe you are not into having company the way I am; perhaps you'd prefer to be the guest and not the host. Either which way, YA GOTTA EAT. If you are seeking fresh inspiration for nutritious, easy-to-prepare family meals at your house, with or without guests, I'd suggest a visit with the clever and creative Leanne Ely . Furthermore, here is a cordial invitation for you to visit Food Stamps Cooking Club and find some ideas there to inspire you with ideas for
saving some money while feeding those who put their toes under your table, especially if company is coming!

Food Stamps Cooking Club
Leanne Ely

Connie Baum

Monday, December 15, 2008

Have You JUST HAD It?

Do you feel the same way I do?

Are you sick to death and tired of all the flap, all the hype, all the fund-raising and fear mongering about cancer? And other ailments, as well?

It is true that cancer has claimed many lives. And that's very sad. The tragedy of suffering and dying, the misery of the financial cost, the grief of losing people we love is heart wrenching and all of it creates terrible, painful issues with which we must deal.

With all the hand-wringing, all the fund raising, all the hype and promotion, why is no cure forthcoming?

Here is an interesting and telling fact, provided by Dr. Tullio Simoncini, an oncologist: "75% of doctors say they'd refuse chemotherapy if they were struck with cancer, due to its ineffectiveness and its side effects"

Here is an interesting fact from a medical journal called "Clinical Oncology". It is an item published about the results of a study done in December 2004. The study showed chemotherapy has a success rate of just over 2% for all cancers. Put a different way: Chemotherapy has a 98% failure rate!

Yeah. Not to mention the hideous side effects.

Current therapies are not about health. They are about control and money. Follow the money and you'll understand completely.

So...what IS the answer? To my way of thinking there are as many avenues as one might care to travel. I choose to point you in THIS direction: The Healing Codes because I know it is effective. You have heard me brag about water, whole foods, that delicious drink with the funny name, organic products, and the whole nine yards...the whole deal is that you MUST MUST MUST become less acidic and more alkaline in order to have vibrant good health!

Seriously, kids: The Healing Codes

Connie Baum

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Must I Mend My Ways?

When my life was wrapped around massage therapy I was blessed to have the finest, most caring instructors imaginable. One was a cranky German woman with an accent and an attitude. She was also one of the most loving, most caring, most compassionate women who ever walked the earth: Hanna Kroger.

Part of Hanna's legacy is a book her family made available after she passed away. I was thumbing through it recently, just for my own amusement, when my eyes fell on some information that suddenly felt pertinent.

She wrote extensively about the THYROID and she described some symptoms that I have observed in other people around me. On a closer look, I realized some of them applied to me and then I rationalized: "Oh, I'm just being hypondriacal."

Am I? She reminds me from the pages of this comprehensive book that caffeine and sugar weakens the thyroid. I could feel my face redden as I recalled how she shook her finger at all of us, insisting that we live clean lives, devoid coffee and sugar!

Even though coffee with sugar and cream is my daily decandence, I realize I must give it up. And not just for Lent! I must mend my ways.

Those around me may choose to deal with thyroid issues in the traditional fashion: cut, burn, poison. But I will remember the information Hanna based her life's work on and I will allow my body to maximize its own well being with the use of proper foods, herbs, homeopathic remedies, as well as all the other tools I have implemented heretofore: water , Limu , and a diet wisely chosen.

I'm delighted to note that Hanna's dietary recommendations include some of my favorites. Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Kelp, oregano, and sea veggies are foods I've been craving and using lately. I find the synchronicity of that fascinating.

Hanna Kroger was ahead of her time, much to the world's good fortune.

Now, I must brew some of the tea she recommended...

When thyroids are not working properly, Energy Medicine can be a tremendous boon. Please visit The Healing Codes .

Connie Baum

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Will YOU Choose Health?

According to comedian Conan O'Brien:

"McDonald’s is reporting that despite the bad economy, their domestic sales were up last month. Which just goes to show you a great thing about our country – you’re never too poor to get fat."
We laugh about that. If we did not laugh, we would weep. People, for whatever reason, do not understand the correlation between what we eat and how well we feel, how well we function.
Conan's joke reminds me of the fellow who ate only McDonald's food for a month and lost his boyish figure as well as his good health. I doubt McDonald's EXPECTS us to depend on them for ALL our dietary intake...
Why are we turning to fast food in this downturned economy? Cost cannot be the ONLY factor... ...Theories abound. Some people think it's because people are too lazy, too busy, too ignorant...others feel that cost IS the only factor.
For my money, it has always seemed to me that if we KNOW better we will DO better.
If people are taught, with love and care for others' feelings, that helper products used in foods we make at home are loaded with junk that works against good health, they will avoid those products. If people understand the value of whole foods, organic foods, homemade foods, they will appreciate the value of making different choices.
Sometimes people, kids especially, are sure they do not LIKE certain foods. I can appreciate that. I won't eat grapefruit, so I totally relate. But I also remember being TOO LAZY to cut the skin of thee sliced tomatoes my mother served. But eventually I DID eat tomatoes and found out they are delicious.
Maybe, if we encourage one another and coax our kids in firm and loving ways, they will understand that ketchup is not the only source of tomato goodness. I could cite other examples, but I'm sure you get my drift.
Parents are working, so fewer households have stay-at-home moms or dads now than in earlier generations. People are dreadfully tired. They are hungry. They feel impatient. It's no wonder and it's no surprise that those same people take the quick and easy way around food prep! It's not fair to malign them, under their circumstances.
WHAT IF those of us who do know better would offer to hold hands with those who wish to learn? Wouldn't it be fun to make a relationship with a person, a couple, a family and show them what you know about making a meal? Wouldn't it be fun to share a meal with someone to become better acquainted and share your knowledge and experience with someone who would be willing to learn?
I would offer you the challenge of finding a neighbor, someone in your church or someone in your kids' school who would benefit from your gifts of love and teaching.
If YOU are eager to learn about eating with health in mind, you can click on any of the ads on this page for immediate assistance. If you would likd to find out more about cooking, food prep, shopping and feeding your family you will love these folks and their experience: The Dinner Diva and Kristen Suzanne .
Connie Baum

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Could They Be WRONG?

Yesterday the news was splattered all over the television like blood over a crime scene...the media pretended to have a big scoop: "Supplements do not do anything good for the body" (my paraphrase).

Oh, really?

The newsman was careful to mention that the study covered a decade and included many people. One study in particular had to do with men and prostate issues. The numbers were staggering. Since I don't 'do' numbers I'll avoid specifics in that realm.

What nobody DID mention would be the KIND of supplementation that was used. Brands, types, etc. Did the test groups drink soda pop? Did the test groups get adequate rest? Did those in the test group drink good, pure, water ? How about everyone's diets? Were they eating microwaved junk? Did they dine on french fries? Did either test group get involved with exercise? What environmental elements were in place? Did these folks smoke, drink, use prescription medications?

You know that these numbers had to be rigged. For one thing, we don't know WHO PAID FOR these studies. For another, we don't know what type or brand and strength or amount of supplementation was used.

The argument that it must be genetics doesn't wash with me. I am only one person out of my entire family who does not deal with the issue of Glaucoma. My grandparents and aunts on both sides of the house lost some or all of their vision to that disease. I often wonder what good supplementation and all the rest of it would have done for them...

I'm in the Senior category, yet I do not have health issues. Surely, my body is aging and not looking the way a 40 year old body looks. But there are no achey joints, no loss of vigor, NO GLAUCOMA, and I can function quite well for someone who has been 33 years old this many times...

Maybe I'm just lucky? Yes, I am. I am lucky enough to drink Limu twice a day. I am lucky enough to drink lots of good, clean water and sleep on a bed that helps me wake refreshed and renewed. I make every effort to move my body regularly; I make sure my diet is loaded with whole foods andI get fresh raw vegetables and fruits, grains, seeds, nuts; not so much sugary stuff. I NEVER MICROWAVE FOODS and if I know foods are microwaved I avoid them like the plague. I also take a whole foods fruit and a vegetable supplement every day. Good luck provides me with pure, alkaline air to breathe in the comfort of our home.

I forgot to mention that I avoid traditional medical attention: no flu vaccines, no xrays.

Isn't it interesting that all those people in the studies found no advantage to their supplements and I am in the pink? Go figure.

Check 'em out: Limu and BioPro

Connie Baum

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Are YOU On Drugs?

By now you have come to realize what a health nut I really am. Some might argue freakishly so...however, I am quick to point out that I am exceedingly healthy, have no achey joints, and do pretty well for a kid who has been 33 as many times as I have. So maybe I am onto something? Could be.

Take my stance on prescription drugs, as an example. I have long held that prescription drugs are dangerous, full of side effects, and not good for the body. Apparently I am not alone in this idea:

"Pharmaceutical drugs may have side effects. What an intentional obfuscation this is! Pharmaceutical drugs do not have side-effects; they have EFFECTS! And lots of them! If you take drugs, plan on them affecting your health in many negative and and acidic ways."
-Dr. Robert O. Young

I'll spare you the horror stories; you probably have some of your own...I will remind you that the body is not comfy or well when it becomes acidic. Alkalinity is our friend. Here is but one way to help your body become more alkaline in a delicious, convenient way:
Limu and you can scope out the proof about what's there by visiting .

Connie Baum

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Can You ACE It?

Wherever people gather the conversation turns to matters of health. One had surgery, another has an appointment, someone else had to see a specialist. I overheard an exchange today that stuck in my craw: "Well, at least the doctor ordered an antibiotic so that should take care of it."

Oh, contraire, mon sherie! Get a load of THIS: Since antibiotics are the acidic waste products from fermentation they have never really been proven to be efficacious! Antibiotics DO NOT KILL bacteria; they are simply an acidic by-product of fermentation, which is nothing more than yeast and sugar. Jeepers! We might have that in our fridge! This explains why my kid wound up with yeast infections before his mom got wise to the games of the medical establishment. Really, what takes place when antibiotics are administered is that the antibiotics cause bacteria to transform from one form into another form.

Incidentally, Dr. Robert O. Young, my new best friend, is the one who made this information available. I hasten to mention this, lest you think I made it up.

If you DO have an infection, please remember that the body heals itself and you can assist the process by "ACE-ing" it. By that, I mean that if you take vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E diligently you will provide the tools the body needs to deal with illness effectively.

And you won't create a yeast infection!

Like any good mother, I also remind you to drink your Water !

Connie Baum

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh, NO! Not Another Rant?

No rant today; just facts. I found a piece by a Dr. Robert O. Young. Here is a man with credentials who supports what I believe to be true about the medical establishment.

I have long held that traditional medicine is, for the most part, based on lies, deceit, greed, control and programming for the purpose of lining the pockets of an entire segment of the population at the expense of people who are suffering.

According to Dr. Young, that is precisely what's going on. He cites the following example, among many others:

Flu Vaccine: There is no such thing as a flu virus! Why would anyone allow themselves to be injected with a toxic soup of poultry embryos, detergent, mercury, formaldehyde (isn't that like embalming fluid?) and alcohol? Dr. Young and I are on the same page about flu: The way the body rids itself of disease is to raise its temperature in order to eliminate the acidic waste. Our persperation, urination, and defecation are all the result of an activated lymphatic system.

Clearly, our bodies heal themselves from the top down, from the inside - out, from the left side to the right side and from the present to the past.

Here is the kicker: Dr. Young agrees with me that it is wise to assist the body in balancing its own pH by taking in alkaline fluids such as Water and using a Far Infrared Sauna .

Connie Baum

Friday, December 5, 2008

Are You Ready For Christmas?

This is the standard question wherever people gather as they go about their lives this time of year. And many times the answer is in the negative. People are worried about the economy and travel details. There are programs and parties and practices; some are dealing with recent loss of loved ones or the war has family members living afar. They have food to prepare, gifts to choose and wrap and mail...the whole Christmas season can be overwhelming.

There was a time when I, too, got caught up in the details of matching all the Christmas ornaments for the tree with the color of my child's hair ribbons and hand made Christmas dress. The food had to be JUST SO; the house had to look perfect; I thought I had to be perfect.

It will come as no surprise to those in my circle of influence to note that am not perfect. Nor is my house or my food or much of anything else in my life.

There may have been a period in my life when I fell prey to the famous gurus, slick magazine pages and savvy television ads who tout perfection in every aspect of the holiday observances when I did too much, slept too little, baked and ate too many holiday goodies, said 'yes' to too many commitments and cried buckets of tears over what I can't even remember now. Either I heeded my mother's advice or I matured or I just finally GOT IT.

In any case, I got over STUFF the way you get over the flu. Over time I have learned to shake my head in the negative and match that with a nice smile and firm "no, thank you" and I recognize the importance of relaxing and breathing! I don't get all worked up any more over decorating - after all, whatever you put up must be taken down and put away - and I surely do not bake and eat too many holiday goodies any more.

It's not that I am against any of the holiday traditions. It's more a matter of having learned to live within my own limitations.

We watched a wonderful program on TV about the lighting of a Christmas tree. It was very sweet and beautiful and timely. My husband and I looked at one another and I asked him if he had to have lights and music to put himself in the Christmas spirit. He just grinned at me. That grin said it all. He does not need stuff, or lights, or music or cookies to put him into a giving, loving, joyful mood. He lives that way every day of the year.

Well, now that I think about it, he may like to leave the Christmas goodies in place...

If you struggle with the stress and busy-ness of the holidays and you feel less than delighted by the whole season, you may want to scope out a helpful source of stress relief: The Healing Codes

Connie Baum