Saturday, December 13, 2008

Must I Mend My Ways?

When my life was wrapped around massage therapy I was blessed to have the finest, most caring instructors imaginable. One was a cranky German woman with an accent and an attitude. She was also one of the most loving, most caring, most compassionate women who ever walked the earth: Hanna Kroger.

Part of Hanna's legacy is a book her family made available after she passed away. I was thumbing through it recently, just for my own amusement, when my eyes fell on some information that suddenly felt pertinent.

She wrote extensively about the THYROID and she described some symptoms that I have observed in other people around me. On a closer look, I realized some of them applied to me and then I rationalized: "Oh, I'm just being hypondriacal."

Am I? She reminds me from the pages of this comprehensive book that caffeine and sugar weakens the thyroid. I could feel my face redden as I recalled how she shook her finger at all of us, insisting that we live clean lives, devoid coffee and sugar!

Even though coffee with sugar and cream is my daily decandence, I realize I must give it up. And not just for Lent! I must mend my ways.

Those around me may choose to deal with thyroid issues in the traditional fashion: cut, burn, poison. But I will remember the information Hanna based her life's work on and I will allow my body to maximize its own well being with the use of proper foods, herbs, homeopathic remedies, as well as all the other tools I have implemented heretofore: water , Limu , and a diet wisely chosen.

I'm delighted to note that Hanna's dietary recommendations include some of my favorites. Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Kelp, oregano, and sea veggies are foods I've been craving and using lately. I find the synchronicity of that fascinating.

Hanna Kroger was ahead of her time, much to the world's good fortune.

Now, I must brew some of the tea she recommended...

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Connie Baum

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