Friday, December 19, 2008

Is Company Coming?

There was never a time in my life when I didn't hope for "company". I always wanted the house to be full of people who laughed, enjoyed good food, liked to play cards or watch a sports event or just sit and talk.

When I was a schoolgirl-yes, Virginia, schools had been invented as I grew up-I used to hurry home after the final bell rang to see if there might be a car in our drive or a neighbor sharing conversation over a cup of coffee with my mother. On most days, I was disappointed to find an empty driveway or to learn that no one had called to announce their arrival. But I always hoped...

There is something very special about making nice for someone you love: putting fresh sheets on the guest bed, laying out clean towels and fussing over the menu they will share while they are here. Cooking with their special favorites in mind, setting the table with the "good" dishes, making memories with them is just something that turns my crank. I am blessed to have a husband who is as hospitable and gracious as can be and he shares my passion for people.

Yesterday we got a call that since the weather was getting ugly our dear friend, Anita, planned to brave the elements and come for a "sleepover". Her trip was made treacherous by the ice, sleet, snow and cold but she arrived in one piece, grateful her bed was ready and pleased we had hot chocolate with marshmallows at the ready. Our home is a safe and welcoming haven for her.

Maybe you are not into having company the way I am; perhaps you'd prefer to be the guest and not the host. Either which way, YA GOTTA EAT. If you are seeking fresh inspiration for nutritious, easy-to-prepare family meals at your house, with or without guests, I'd suggest a visit with the clever and creative Leanne Ely . Furthermore, here is a cordial invitation for you to visit Food Stamps Cooking Club and find some ideas there to inspire you with ideas for
saving some money while feeding those who put their toes under your table, especially if company is coming!

Food Stamps Cooking Club
Leanne Ely

Connie Baum


  1. ... Connie and Norm are the BEST host and hostess - always a hug, smile and a hot pot of soup! If you want to know anything about cooking healthy, easy and with less money than cooking out - Connie is your gal. Norm is the baking king! Thanks for always being there for me, I love you! Anita

  2. I KNOW Connie is the Hostess with
    the Mostess!



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