Monday, November 23, 2009

Giving Thanks?

This week will find people busy making nice for guests, cooking, and sharing the bounty of the harvest with people they love.

Mother Connie wants to add her voice to the many who are offering their good wishes to one another.

There is so much for which we offer our gratitude. Something that tops my list are the faithful readers of this blog. And those who take the time to comment!

Without each you I would have far fewer reasons to hop out of bed each morning. This is the place where you have a soft place to fall; where you can learn about new and better ways to be healthy and happy. We ask God's richest blessings on each of you as you observe your time honored traditions on this Thanksgiving Holiday.

When quiet comes back to your lives after your celebrations, please return to this page. Mother Connie will be here, touting The Healing Codes, nagging everyone about water, reminding her faithful flock to do all the right things for all the right reasons. It's all meant to help you live in your truth, enjoy all the love you need and to live in a perpetual state of joy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Connie Baum

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alternative Healing: What if the Diagnosis is Draconian?

What would YOU do if you got a diagnosis that was as bad as your worst nightmare? Would you seek another opinion? Might you lobby for more money to find a cure? Perhaps you would call for prayer…or just give up.

If I tell you that help from alternative healing might be of value, would you listen and take the appropriate action?

There are as many alternatives to getting and staying well as there are people, I suspect. I have had wonderful results with an alternative that offers great promise to those who are suffering with chronic conditions and might face a bleak and sickly future, if they have any future at all.

I know of a traditional medical doctor, Dr. Ben Johnson, who was at his wits’ end when he learned about Energy Medicine. He was well into the second year of suffering with a dreaded disease that threatened his life. His traditional medical doctor’s bag offered nothing that would improve the quality of his life, nor could it extend it.

Another medical professional, Dr. Alex Loyd, was able to help his wife with a debilitating condition that not only threatened her own life, but her illness affected the quality of life for her entire family unit. That family has been positively impacted because Energy Medicine eradicated the symptoms that plagued them all for decades!

Energy Medicine is a safe, non toxic, and non invasive alternative treatment that human bodies respond to in a very positive manner.

The very first instance of Energy Medicine and my favorite line of defense would be prayer. Its efficacy is legendary and time honored.

Knowing what I do about health, healing and body mechanics, I would supplement prayer with a simple protocol that stimulates the body’s own healing mechanism.

By simply repeating this protocol symptoms vanish because the body knows how to heal itself. The body gets well from the top down, from the inside out, from left to right and from the present to the past.

The reason energy medicine is so effective and produces the results we desire is because it sparks the body to heal in the way it is meant to heal: top down, inside out, left side to right side and from now to before!

Each of our bodies has its own timetable for becoming well. As a trained and licensed massage therapist, I was taught that for every month we have felt unwell, our bodies would be likely to spend three months recovering. If a body has suffered with a chronic ailment, it may take a long time to feel and become as well as we’d like. You cannot hurry this process and you cannot slow it down! Mother Nature has her own way of healing our bodies and our bodies are in tune with her song!

If you or a loved one is not up to par it would be worth your while to pray and to look to Energy Medicine to alleviate any health issues that are looming. A life well lived can be yours by utilizing the alternative healing tool of Energy Medicine.

Connie Baum

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Placebos: Do YOU Believe in Placebos?

Whenever we hurt, whenever we feel puny, whenever we "take something" WE WANT RESULTS and we want them NOW.

Knowing this, physicians are offering PLACEBOS to their patients 50% of the time!

Here's what happened in one case: People who know how to measure these kinds of things figured out that when a placebo was administered to one patient who complained of chronic pain the patient's body actually manufactured morphine!

How can this be? It can happen because the body believed a lie! The body knew it could get relief. The patient believed this so strongly that the body created the very chemistry that would offer relief! Bruce Lipton writes about this sort of thing in "Biology of Belief" and it is riveting.

You must be wondering...if we get the desired result for chronic pain, can we have desired outcomes for our money issues? Relationships? Mental problems?

The short answer is yes. But I hasten to add that believing lies is not always a good plan. We have learned lies from infancy on. They do not always serve us well.

Results require POWER. That's an important point so I am going to repeat it: Results require POWER. THE POWER THAT'S REQUIRED IS BELIEF.

The power of belief comes from IMAGES. Image-less thought is impossible. We think in pictures. When our brain has images of incorrect ideas, or as Dr. Alex Loyd loves to call it-"heart junk"-we are believing lies. When the correct images for the truth are called up we can get the results we want in our lives. Our relationships will flourish, we will attract the success and income we deserve, we will have glowing good health and our lives will be joyous and peaceful.

The Healing Codes are NOT a placebo. The Healing Codes provide a power tool for calling up healthy images in our brains and hearts so we can live our lives in truth and joy and harmony. The Healing Codes are powerful "results getters" and provide an alternative healing program that could be used in conjunction with traditional medical practices.

Here is where to click to find out more about how The Healing Codes can help you with your life's challenges: CLICK HERE NOW.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mothers and their Dishes

If it weren't for our parents, we could not set the table! In fact, the table itself was owned by The Fred Baums and it stretches out like no other table I have ever had the pleasure to use!

The only tablecloth large enough to cover the table's great girth is one that Norm's mother had! You can see it in this photo, along with his mother's glassware that looks so pretty in our china cabinet. The china we use for special occasions is the same china my mother purchased at Omaha Crockery Company in the 1950's. I was bored with that shopping trip at the time; now I revel at every opportunity to bring those pieces out of the display case and onto the grand dining table!

Our table was set for 10 people on Sunday to celebrate a luncheon with the families of our church's newly formed Youth Group. Isaac had requested vegetable beef soup so that's what we had. The only problem with that menu item? The hostess served it over toasted French Bread. WHAT WAS I THINKING? The guests were kind enough to bring salad, rolls, desserts and great conversation to the table.

Sadly, we were missing one of our own-she was feeling puny that day-but it was a great way for your humble blogger to mark one more 33rd birthday.

The day was fraught with truth and love. And laughter, mixed with great memories.

Come to think of it, there was no official birthday cake. Thank GOODNESS. I would have just eaten it and I might get to be as wide as that antique table. That would not make for a another comfortable 33rd year...again.

The kind of special day we had on this occasion does not lend itself for the need for alternative healing or energy medicine or therapy.

No wonder I love my life!

Connie Baum

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Alternative Healing: The Very Last Word?

Seasoned police officers will tell you that if four people on four connecting corners witness an accident, each one will give a very different account of the event. Each person has his own unique perspective. Perspective changes one's attitude...if we change our attitude, we change everything in our world.

Keeping perspective and attitude in mind, let's examine an imaginary scenario:

What would you say to the person you love the most if it were to be your last word to them?

If you were going away on an extended trip or if they were ill and preparing to pass away or whatever reason you might think - what would your very last word to them be?

There is little doubt you would want your last words to your beloved offer them the key to a successful life and make a positive difference for them.

Let me tell you about Terri Cook. Terri was a player in a small church drama group. One evening as the actors were performing, Terri came out, spoke her lines and promptly dropped dead! It was a mystery as to why a perfectly healthy young student would leave this world so seemingly prematurely but she was gone.

After Terri's passing, her friends and family took note of letters and notes she had written to them. Every one had been signed, "Love Always!" almost as a command from the young lady.

One of us might wish to have our loved ones remember to be persistent, according to what Winston Churchill admonished in his "Never give up" speech. Another of us might want to be remembered for living life lavishly or doing good for others or any number of pieces of advice.

If we think about it, we want the people who mean the most to us in our lives to seek truth. We would hope that they would always live their lives with hearts open and lives filled with joy because they always sought truth.

What WOULD you leave as your last words to your most cherished people?

Whatever words we choose to leave with our loved ones, that represents our own personal truth. LET US LIVE THAT VERY TRUTH NOW.

I'd like to challenge you to consider your 'last words' carefully and return here to post your ideas in the comment box. You are free to be anonymous. There are no correct or incorrect answers; only your perception.

If you'd like to learn more about alternative healing, energy medicine and living with truth and love, please go here: The Healing Codes

Monday, November 2, 2009

Holidays and Family Dynamics: Are You Stressed?


It's that time of year when families gather and sibling rivalry can reign supreme in homes all over the country! The expectations everyone has for a "perfect" holiday scenario can lead to some hurt feelings, opening of old wounds, and general misery if we don't take care to avoid all the negativity.

Mother Connie has some unsolicited advice for everyone. Keep in mind that advice is only worth whatever you pay for it. In this case, I offer it gratis. but I also extend my ideas to you in love. I want everyone to experience the joy in YOUR LIVES that I have in my own.


  1. Make certain everyone gets enough rest and sleep!
  2. Keep all mealtimes, including holiday feasts as simple and as regular as possible. Offer healthy snacks to everyone, not just sugary, calorie laden treats-even though you deserve them.
  3. Stick to a routine as closely as possible to normal. If you don't HAVE a routine, I highly suggest you establish one, however loosely.
  4. Lower your expectations. Unmet expectations can crush your joy.
  5. Drink your water!
  6. Eat your vegetables!
  7. Take your whole foods supplements!
  8. Be grateful for every aspect of your life and don't be shy to express it!
  9. Remember to be generous to everyone! This does not include spending money you cannot afford to spend. Give of your time and attention, not material things.
  10. Take time out for yourself when you have needs: naps, hair care, pedicures-only YOU know what YOU need to feel de-stressed.
  11. Live your life in truth and with love.
  12. Stay in a positive frame of mind, relax and have fun!
If you follow Mother Connie's lead you will be able to stand with her and echo the sentiments you've heard from her so often: "I LOVE MY LIFE!"

If you do not love your life and your family dynamics have gotten the better of you, go here now to get the help you deserve by using an effective alternative healing tool. HELP IS HERE. NOW.

Connie Baum