Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Placebos: Do YOU Believe in Placebos?

Whenever we hurt, whenever we feel puny, whenever we "take something" WE WANT RESULTS and we want them NOW.

Knowing this, physicians are offering PLACEBOS to their patients 50% of the time!

Here's what happened in one case: People who know how to measure these kinds of things figured out that when a placebo was administered to one patient who complained of chronic pain the patient's body actually manufactured morphine!

How can this be? It can happen because the body believed a lie! The body knew it could get relief. The patient believed this so strongly that the body created the very chemistry that would offer relief! Bruce Lipton writes about this sort of thing in "Biology of Belief" and it is riveting.

You must be wondering...if we get the desired result for chronic pain, can we have desired outcomes for our money issues? Relationships? Mental problems?

The short answer is yes. But I hasten to add that believing lies is not always a good plan. We have learned lies from infancy on. They do not always serve us well.

Results require POWER. That's an important point so I am going to repeat it: Results require POWER. THE POWER THAT'S REQUIRED IS BELIEF.

The power of belief comes from IMAGES. Image-less thought is impossible. We think in pictures. When our brain has images of incorrect ideas, or as Dr. Alex Loyd loves to call it-"heart junk"-we are believing lies. When the correct images for the truth are called up we can get the results we want in our lives. Our relationships will flourish, we will attract the success and income we deserve, we will have glowing good health and our lives will be joyous and peaceful.

The Healing Codes are NOT a placebo. The Healing Codes provide a power tool for calling up healthy images in our brains and hearts so we can live our lives in truth and joy and harmony. The Healing Codes are powerful "results getters" and provide an alternative healing program that could be used in conjunction with traditional medical practices.

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  1. I'm a big believer in the placebo effect and have in fact seen it work before in someone with a migraine. The relief was almost instantaneous. It was amazing.

  2. Instantaneous? That's probably fast enough, especially when you are in the grip of a migraine headache!

    I've seen Energy Medicine work as quickly. Ain't it great?

    Thanks for stopping by, Michele.

    Mother Connie


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