Monday, November 2, 2009

Holidays and Family Dynamics: Are You Stressed?


It's that time of year when families gather and sibling rivalry can reign supreme in homes all over the country! The expectations everyone has for a "perfect" holiday scenario can lead to some hurt feelings, opening of old wounds, and general misery if we don't take care to avoid all the negativity.

Mother Connie has some unsolicited advice for everyone. Keep in mind that advice is only worth whatever you pay for it. In this case, I offer it gratis. but I also extend my ideas to you in love. I want everyone to experience the joy in YOUR LIVES that I have in my own.


  1. Make certain everyone gets enough rest and sleep!
  2. Keep all mealtimes, including holiday feasts as simple and as regular as possible. Offer healthy snacks to everyone, not just sugary, calorie laden treats-even though you deserve them.
  3. Stick to a routine as closely as possible to normal. If you don't HAVE a routine, I highly suggest you establish one, however loosely.
  4. Lower your expectations. Unmet expectations can crush your joy.
  5. Drink your water!
  6. Eat your vegetables!
  7. Take your whole foods supplements!
  8. Be grateful for every aspect of your life and don't be shy to express it!
  9. Remember to be generous to everyone! This does not include spending money you cannot afford to spend. Give of your time and attention, not material things.
  10. Take time out for yourself when you have needs: naps, hair care, pedicures-only YOU know what YOU need to feel de-stressed.
  11. Live your life in truth and with love.
  12. Stay in a positive frame of mind, relax and have fun!
If you follow Mother Connie's lead you will be able to stand with her and echo the sentiments you've heard from her so often: "I LOVE MY LIFE!"

If you do not love your life and your family dynamics have gotten the better of you, go here now to get the help you deserve by using an effective alternative healing tool. HELP IS HERE. NOW.

Connie Baum


  1. Hi Connie, I am posting a comment about your 'I LOVE MY LIFE"!

    Every night before I go to bed one of the last things I say to God is this: Thank you God for every breath I get to take, for every beat of my heart and for every regeneration of my cells, inside and out. Please accept each and every one of them up as prayers of gratitude, thanksgiving and appreciation for this life you have given me to live...I LOVE MY LIFE :) And then I see the I LOVE MY LIFE in big 40 foot letters stretched across my back yard with a big 40 foot, bright yellow smiley face sitting in my garden right after it :)

    I am wishing you all life has to offer...
    `·.¸.·´ to yours

    Take Care, God Bless and Create Miracles!

  2. Oh, Syl! Thank you SO MUCH for your precious, loving comment.

    I'm coming right now to visit your back yard! What a DELIGHT!

    Thanks. So glad you love YOUR life, too!

    Mother Connie


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