Friday, April 23, 2010

Heartburn or GERD?

You have QUESTIONS?  There ARE answers...

Solving all your problems is as easy as flipping on your television set, surfing the net or looking at a newspaper.  It's amazing how you can learn so much from these no-heavy-lifting methods.
Let's think about each of them for a moment.  Bear with me...

  • Television:   My good friend, Renita, went so far as to turn their TV set off, unplug it, and carry it to the garage, where it has remained ever since.  That was more than a decade ago and they have managed to survive very well, even though they are not shown what products they cannot live without.
  • InternetWeb surfing can be time consuming and it's wise to dial up your "common sense factor" as you go from one website to another.  There may be MISinformation or DISinformation out there.  It's good to recognize the difference.  Maybe you do NOT need 11 juicing machines or yet another hair product. 
  • Newspaper:  Since we are currently delivering a print version of news and adverts it's    probably best I keep still about this method.  I was sent a clipping from a national news publication, though.  It  has haunted me.  I will share that with you in a moment.
It's good to gather information in order to help navigate the waters of life.  However, we have all been PROGRAMMED to believe whatever the tv, the net, the paper, and our peers indicate what is "right" versus what is "wrong" and that may or may not be true FOR YOU.  

The news item I received is a classic example of how people are programmed by fear when faced with a problem such as GERD or gastro-esophageal reflux disease.  We are sternly and severely warned in this article that this can lead to tissue damage, bleeding and the "C" word (cancer).

Now, Mother Connie admits to having been 33 a good many times.  But back in the day those of us who studied massage therapy were taught that this difficulty could very easily be corrected by simply manipulating the thoracic cavity and the abdomen in gentle, effective ways.  

I distinctly remember a kindly and aged massage instructor who explained to us that the discomfort brought about by a misalignment in that area was nothing more than a PLEAT.  He demonstrated with a small towel how that looked and then showed us how to REMOVE that pleat with no effort whatsoever.  

Needless to say, it is not financially expedient for that technique to be taught any more.  Oh, my, no.  Big Pharma and Big Medicine would be so upset if they could not monger their fear, peddle their drugs, and perform expensive 3rd-party-paid surgeries.

You could ask your doctor but your doctor would just laugh or be confused.  Or maybe angry.  Most medics are not fond of being challenged.  After all, they paid the big bucks to be programmed the way they are, and they were so busy being trained that they most likely had no time for television, website surfing or reading the newspaper.

That probably means they were too busy to get the 411 about the very effective program called The Healing Codes, too.

What a pity.

Connie Baum
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Regarding Health Care: Drunk on Lilacs?

These luxurious blooms SMELL as pretty as they LOOK!

As we dropped papers onto peoples' porches and stuffed their boxes with the morning news there was a rare deliciousness in the air.  When we began our journey that spans 120 customers or so there was a  short-lived sprinkle in the air.  It was as if God might be spritzing the earth to freshen us all. 
It may have taken longer than necessary to make our appointed rounds because yours truly, feeling greedy for all that sweet perfume,  just could not seem to breathe deeply enough to get all the desired aroma.  So, just like a child, I dawdled, satisfying my olfactory system all the while.

The Linden trees are utterly splendorous now.  The blossoms are delicate and sweet and full  of  delicate, exquisite pleasure.  The apple trees are decked out in all their finery, too.  I'm sure there are others, but those are the ones we encountered this morning.  Ah, just like fine wine, I drank that air in and felt exhilarated!

Thoughts of flowers wafted through my cranium.  Isn't it interesting how buds seem to suddenly become flourishing and showy and then, almost as quickly as they gained their perfection, they begin to droop and wane?

What about PEOPLE?  We come to this world as tiny, dependent creatures and evolve into beautiful, skillful, wonderful and loving beings.  Then, many birthdays later, people have trouble standing or opening jars or remembering.  Like flowers, people begin to lose their luster and fade away.

This underscores the critical importance of living in the NOW.  We no longer have yesterday; tomorrow is not here yet.  That's one reason the PRESENT is such a GIFT.

Does your life feel as if it's waning, slipping away without you?  Are your relationships unsatisfactory?  Do you feel as if all your needs are being met?  Are you well?  Are you happy and peaceful and filled with joy and love and zest for life?  If there is something you'd change about your situation, using The Healing Codes will most certainly make the transition much smoother.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Senior Living?

D'ya think this family filled a large home?  And did Grandma live there, too?

“When your body wears out, where are you going to LIVE?”

There’s a chiro guy in Lincoln, NE who has a billboard atop his office featuring that quote and as amusing as it is, it’s a serious concern.

Families used to share grandparents from household to the next among the children with offspring and their spouses sharing the load of making sure Grandma or Grandpa got the attention they deserved.

After World War II we saw more “institutionalization” of aging people.  Nursing homes-sometimes referred to as Rest Homes-had consisted of large old homes with numerous bedrooms where elderly folks were under the watchful care of the home owner, who may have been trained as a nurse or nursing assistant.  There was a family atmosphere about these homes, where meals were shared around a big dining room table and the Lady of the House did the cooking.  Residents sat together in the living room and listened to the radio, played games, worked puzzles or just visited.

These arrangements gave way to the “wisdom” of governmental agencies whose job it became to define the quality of life of the people who lived in these types of environments.

Your humble blogger remembers with great anguish a dear, loving nurse-home owner who had to close her loving home to the care of these ailing people because of governmental regulations.  She loved her patients with all her heart and soul.  She loved preparing their food-she even GREW much of it!  She loved managing their laundry and keeping their home neat and clean and smelling sweet. Oh, how she loved hearing their life stories as often as they cared to repeat them.  Her people flourished under her watchful eye but the Feds declared it wasn’t good enough.

These days we have Assisted Living facilities for people who are best not left alone.  We have full blown Nursing Homes for those who must have 24 hour care.  Neither option is appealing for a variety of reasons.  Let’s think about some new ideas.

One of the features of aging, in your humble blogger's considered opinion, is ISOLATION.  Kids in our age group do not have youngsters in school, so that removes us from that segment of the population.  Unless we have family members who pop in on us or neighbors we are friendly with, we do not see other adults or many children in the course of most days.  When we shop, the clerks are busy with their duties.  They are not there to socialize with the gray haired set.  Furthermore, they may not WANT to chat with someone who as mature as folks with store teeth and blue hair.  

SIDEBAR:  It's that darned generation gap thing again!  Wasn't that already tiresome in the 1960's?  END SIDEBAR.

That leaves any church functions, club memberships or community activities.  Seniors may not drive and if they do, they prefer not to drive at night.  You can easily understand how this isolation creeps in.  This is how their doctors’ appointments become social engagements!

Considering that isolation is such a growing issue as we age, why not create a multi level “family” of sorts by having Seniors live in a cooperative environment?  Each person would be free to do what he/she does best;  chores and tasks could be rotated so boredom would not take over.

Just think.  Sisters Mary and Martha are 5 years apart in age.  Mary loves to cook; Martha loves to clean.  They make good housemates for that reason.  They find out that Miriam, who was Mary’s high school classmate, is ailing from a fall.  When Miriam, who loves to sew and mend, leaves temporary rehab she could live with Martha and Mary and the three of them could play Scrabble any afternoon they don’t go to their Book Club or Garden Club.

Best of all, they are all sharing expenses and the work load PLUS they are all eating well and socializing more.  It’s all good.

As time goes by, and the good word is getting around, Matilda hears that this living arrangement is working well and asks if they have room for one more housemate.  Matilda loves to garden and she could still grow things in pots on the porch.

Let’s suppose, while we are creating, that these women live next door to an elementary teacher.  The school has a project whereby children visits, class by class, older people to learn about the kinds of work people did when they were younger.  This type of inter-generational activity provides socialization and education for all concerned.  Besides, everybody will have FUN.

And so it could go.  See what we have in mind here? 

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living facilities are here to stay.  There’s no doubt about that.  But we might rethink how some of us live our lives as we age.

It’s all conjecture, of course.  After all, your humble blogger is only 33.


Connie Baum

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: "Are YOU Waiting?"

It appears for all the world that these two kids are waiting.  Although we can only speculate for what they wait, it appears as if they are expectantly looking for the next event, next person, or the next something. 

It seems as if a great number of people who sit in my circle are waiting.  Some await the results of medical tests.  Others have had the tests and are waiting to find out what treatments will be most effective.  Still others await news of loved ones.  Some are waiting, albeit impatiently, with their last nerve intact to hear whether their dreams will come true or will be dashed, along with their hopes.  Some people wait in vain for contact with family members who have drifted away.  There are those who await decisions from courts or mediators or agencies.  It's incredible how many people are just spending their days waiting...waiting...waiting.

Waiting is stressful and stress is hard on the body's immune system.  Stress literally kills.

Experts have given us fair warning:  Dr. Alex Loyd has spoken extensively about stress and its detrimental effects on the body.   In Dr. Bruce Lipton's book The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles he explains in terms even Mother  Connie can fathom about  the effects of stress and how to avoid those dramatic results.

While we wait for news, for diagnoses, for decisions, for others, we have a new option.  We can perform The Healing Codes.  We have the power to unleash our own body's ability to heal and we may do so at will.  This is so empowering.  People with special needs can participate in their own health care program.  Elders can actually influence their health care in positive, constructive ways.  Those with health concerns can influence, perhaps reverse, conditions that may have plagued them.  I am reminded of Dr. Ben Johnson, who reversed a serious and terrible diagnosis and now lives an above average, productive, joyous life.

You can do the same thing.  The Healing Codes. 

Connie Baum
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

University Deals With Illness

Here's hoping you've missed the opinionated Mother Connie because I am back in full force today! I was lured by a headline in today's newspaper!  Nothing like a medical issue to bring out the Mother in Mother Connie...

"Now you KNOW it must be true" Mother Connie said, sarcastically,  "if you read it in the newspaper, black on white:"  College students get sick, according to this RIDICULOUS story, because they live in close quarters!  There was quite an impressive explanation in this story about how we should all be very afraid of all the bugs that "attack" youth...the statistics are staggering and show how deadly this all is, particularly for those who live in close proximity to other human beings.

Please, people.  Think about it.  College students may not be the neat freaks their parents wish they were and they may not wash their hands as if they were scrubbing for surgery.  But let's be real.  Do we understand what college students EAT and DRINK?  Does this have no bearing on their well being?

Seriously.  Are we to believe that these dorm dwellers do not ingest their fair share of pizza?  I believe we can all agree that pizza is not famous for its VITAMIN and MINERAL content.  How many liters of soda pop or "enhanced" water or beer are these people sucking down?  What about the artificial sweeteners?  Carbohydrates?  

We are all acutely aware that students in today's world are under tremendous stress.  They have to maintain grade levels while working; they have social lives and laundry to manage.  They conduct their lives as if sleep were highly overrated.  It is a fact of life that stress kills.  Before it does us in, however, it suppresses our immune systems.  Then, we subject ourselves to the insults of toxic vaccinations and suppress our immune systems even further!  It's crazy, people!

Here's some news the journalists overlooked: 
People do not become ill because they lack prescription drugs.  Nor do they become sick just because they live in close quarters.

People do become ill when they are stressed, sleep deprived, incorrectly nourished, inadequately hydrated, and over medicated.  Yes, they need to cover their coughs and sneezes and they need to wash their hands carefully.

Oh, Mother Connie has so much educating and enlightening to do.  But I am back in all my glory and I intend to help you understand how desperately you all need The Healing Codes.

Golly but it feels good to be back!  
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