Thursday, April 1, 2010

University Deals With Illness

Here's hoping you've missed the opinionated Mother Connie because I am back in full force today! I was lured by a headline in today's newspaper!  Nothing like a medical issue to bring out the Mother in Mother Connie...

"Now you KNOW it must be true" Mother Connie said, sarcastically,  "if you read it in the newspaper, black on white:"  College students get sick, according to this RIDICULOUS story, because they live in close quarters!  There was quite an impressive explanation in this story about how we should all be very afraid of all the bugs that "attack" youth...the statistics are staggering and show how deadly this all is, particularly for those who live in close proximity to other human beings.

Please, people.  Think about it.  College students may not be the neat freaks their parents wish they were and they may not wash their hands as if they were scrubbing for surgery.  But let's be real.  Do we understand what college students EAT and DRINK?  Does this have no bearing on their well being?

Seriously.  Are we to believe that these dorm dwellers do not ingest their fair share of pizza?  I believe we can all agree that pizza is not famous for its VITAMIN and MINERAL content.  How many liters of soda pop or "enhanced" water or beer are these people sucking down?  What about the artificial sweeteners?  Carbohydrates?  

We are all acutely aware that students in today's world are under tremendous stress.  They have to maintain grade levels while working; they have social lives and laundry to manage.  They conduct their lives as if sleep were highly overrated.  It is a fact of life that stress kills.  Before it does us in, however, it suppresses our immune systems.  Then, we subject ourselves to the insults of toxic vaccinations and suppress our immune systems even further!  It's crazy, people!

Here's some news the journalists overlooked: 
People do not become ill because they lack prescription drugs.  Nor do they become sick just because they live in close quarters.

People do become ill when they are stressed, sleep deprived, incorrectly nourished, inadequately hydrated, and over medicated.  Yes, they need to cover their coughs and sneezes and they need to wash their hands carefully.

Oh, Mother Connie has so much educating and enlightening to do.  But I am back in all my glory and I intend to help you understand how desperately you all need The Healing Codes.

Golly but it feels good to be back!  
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  1. You are right Connie...but the media can't sensationalize the wisdom of eating right and getting proper rest and the appropriate amounts of healthy water into a persons system.

    It is time for alot of common sense when it comes to these issues. Thanks for reminding people about some logical things they can do to protect their health and well-being.

  2. Yes, Rainy, the media canNOT sensationalize the proper way to eat and live. They also cannot benefit from the advertisements that butter their bread for all those important Rx drugs! They have to please their advertisers or they don't eat; I get that.

    Insofar as common sense is concerned--that is just way too pragmatic and cost effective for Americans. And maybe not the QUICK FIX they really seek?

    I so appreciate your comment, dear heart. I hope others will step up and speak out.

    If everybody knew what Mother Connie knows from her own experience, they would choose HEALTH and HEALING.

    Oh, dear...we have opened a can of worms! Whatta come back! grin

    Mother Connie

  3. Great post Connie.

    Keep up the great work.




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