Friday, April 23, 2010

Heartburn or GERD?

You have QUESTIONS?  There ARE answers...

Solving all your problems is as easy as flipping on your television set, surfing the net or looking at a newspaper.  It's amazing how you can learn so much from these no-heavy-lifting methods.
Let's think about each of them for a moment.  Bear with me...

  • Television:   My good friend, Renita, went so far as to turn their TV set off, unplug it, and carry it to the garage, where it has remained ever since.  That was more than a decade ago and they have managed to survive very well, even though they are not shown what products they cannot live without.
  • InternetWeb surfing can be time consuming and it's wise to dial up your "common sense factor" as you go from one website to another.  There may be MISinformation or DISinformation out there.  It's good to recognize the difference.  Maybe you do NOT need 11 juicing machines or yet another hair product. 
  • Newspaper:  Since we are currently delivering a print version of news and adverts it's    probably best I keep still about this method.  I was sent a clipping from a national news publication, though.  It  has haunted me.  I will share that with you in a moment.
It's good to gather information in order to help navigate the waters of life.  However, we have all been PROGRAMMED to believe whatever the tv, the net, the paper, and our peers indicate what is "right" versus what is "wrong" and that may or may not be true FOR YOU.  

The news item I received is a classic example of how people are programmed by fear when faced with a problem such as GERD or gastro-esophageal reflux disease.  We are sternly and severely warned in this article that this can lead to tissue damage, bleeding and the "C" word (cancer).

Now, Mother Connie admits to having been 33 a good many times.  But back in the day those of us who studied massage therapy were taught that this difficulty could very easily be corrected by simply manipulating the thoracic cavity and the abdomen in gentle, effective ways.  

I distinctly remember a kindly and aged massage instructor who explained to us that the discomfort brought about by a misalignment in that area was nothing more than a PLEAT.  He demonstrated with a small towel how that looked and then showed us how to REMOVE that pleat with no effort whatsoever.  

Needless to say, it is not financially expedient for that technique to be taught any more.  Oh, my, no.  Big Pharma and Big Medicine would be so upset if they could not monger their fear, peddle their drugs, and perform expensive 3rd-party-paid surgeries.

You could ask your doctor but your doctor would just laugh or be confused.  Or maybe angry.  Most medics are not fond of being challenged.  After all, they paid the big bucks to be programmed the way they are, and they were so busy being trained that they most likely had no time for television, website surfing or reading the newspaper.

That probably means they were too busy to get the 411 about the very effective program called The Healing Codes, too.

What a pity.

Connie Baum
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  1. This is good Connie. Thanks for all the info you give.
    Shirley Steen

  2. Thank you, Shirley! Your comments are greatly appreciated and we are very happy to stopped by to leave your remarks.

    Mother Connie

  3. You are back!!!!! I'm so happy! This made my day.

  4. Oh, BoomerBaby, I've been polishing my soap box and cataloging all my rants...look out, world, I'm picking up speed to re-enter the Blogosphere. Feeling unwell is SO not my style...

    I'm so happy you popped by. You are one of my heroines and I've been following your journey, too!

    Mother Connie


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