Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Healing Codes: Who is in Control?

When you have a child in your care who begs to eat an entire large bag of candy 30 minutes before mealtime, you aren't likely to allow that. As an adult, you understand better than the youngster that eating that much candy is not a wise choice and eating anything so close to mealtime is not a good plan.

In this scenario, you are making healthy decisions where a child is concerned.

On the other hand, if you were the caretaker of a youngster who wears a life jacket, has taken Red Cross swimming instruction and requests to swim in a pool where there is a lifeguard but you denied that request for fear he might drown, that would come down on the side of over protection with respect to a child.

What is there about healthy decisions? Where does an unhealthy decision originate? How do healthy decisions happen?

According to Dan Gilbert and Harvard University, all decisions come from our programming. Our hearts-the 'I love you with all my heart' heart-have all the information we have been given during our entire lifetime.

Dr. Alex Loyd teaches that programming offered from fear, shame, guilt and anger is incorrect and false. Dr. Loyd calls this programming "heart junk."

In the examples we offer the first one indicates a healthy decision borne of truth and love. The second example shows what a decision looks like when it comes from a place of fear or anger.

The underlying issue in coming from a place of fear or anger is control and expectation. The person who wants to demand a desired outcome is looking at the end result, expecting his wishes to materialize. That person suffers from the stress brought on by the Fight or Flight response triggered by anger or fear. The better outcome would take place for all concerned if the "Controller" could set aside the bad feelings and focus only on the situation that IS in the present.

This is not a situation where a "quick fix" will ameliorate any given situation. Time, patience, love, truth, and tools to effect a change are required.

One of the most effective tools known to help people learn how to relinquish control is

Energy Medicine. When Energy Medicine is employed, there is a strategy, a protocol, a set of rules to help the heart junk to dissipated. When the heart junk is gone, only truth and love can remain. This is very helpful in making good, healthy decisions in peoples' lives.

We are meant to exist in love with joy and peace and abundance. If you are not

experiencing these fruits you might be well advised to look into what The Healing Codes might do to improve the quality of your life and the lives of those you hold dear.

Incidentally, if you are one of the many people who have experienced the transformational effects of Energy Medicine and The Healing Codes won't you please share your experiences with us by placing a comment in the comment box so all can benefit? We so appreciate your efforts in this regard. Thank you.

Connie Baum

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Healing Codes: What Do You WANT?

Let's pretend we were all together in a great, big theater and I asked you, "What do you want more than anything right now?" You would tell me you want a new house, a new car, a spouse, a new desk or any number of other things.

We are still pretending now. I would then ask you this question: "Why do you want THAT?" When you told me why, I would ask you again, 'WHY do you want THAT?' and I would continue to ask that question until you could no longer tell me why you want whatever it is you want.

For real, we all want the very same things. Most of the time when asked 'what do you want?' we make a LIST of STUFF. But what we really yearn for, deep within our very selves is love, joy, peace, freedom, and worth. Those are not things you see with your baby blues.

I am pretty sure that Solomon's wisdom of three thousand years ago is still sound. He talked about the affairs of our hearts and taught that God is the SOURCE of love, peace and joy. Today's modern medicine admits that 95% of all illness stems from stress-affairs of our hearts. And psychologists from all over have studied mental, emotional and psychological issues. They agree that unseen issues contribute to life's chaos.

So if we know Solomon was correct and we agree that we are stressed and it is showing up in all kinds of symptoms, then why DON'T we prioritize our lives differently? There are three simple reasons and here is the list:
  1. We do not believe God is the source of our goodness; we might think it's a car or house
  2. Faulty programming. We've been trained to believe that we must suffer or that our worth is wrapped around a BMW.
  3. We are hard wired to avoid pain and seek pleasure. It's in our DNA.
What, then are our options?
  1. Believe the truth about yourself, your situation, what you REALLY want.
  2. Prayer is really powerful and highly effective
  3. Energy Medicine is a wonderful tool for living your best life and providing what you really do want in your life.
  4. Choose LOVE and TRUTH over your Pain/Pleasure programming. Choosing correctly may be painful but will help you get what it is you truly want.
  5. Focus your thoughts on love, joy, and peace-all the 'things' you cannot SEE and you will see how content you will feel and you will truly have whatever it is you want.
According to Dr. Alex Loyd, Harvard University studied two groups of people for six months. One group was made up of lottery winners who had struck it rich. The other group was a collection of people who had been in accidents which rendered them paraplegic. Both groups were questioned about their level of happiness for the six month study. The findings were that there was NO DIFFERENCE in the level of happiness between the two groups!

Now, if I were to ask you once again, "What do you want more than anything in the world right now?" has your answer changed? Do you have a different perspective? Does it make sense to you that whatever you want is not something you can SEE?

For information about how Energy Medicine can help you have what you really want, please go here now.

Connie Baum

Monday, August 17, 2009

Johnson County Fair, 2009, is in the History Books?

By 4 PM yesterday afternoon, in little old Tecumseh, Nebraska, people began bringing their lawn chairs, coolers full of cold drinks, and their cameras. They settled themselves on the lawns and curbs along both sides of Second Street and prepared to watch the annual Johnson County Fair Parade!

We live on Second street so we were a little surprised to see people we had never met choosing our lawn for their viewing stand! We went out and got acquainted. We know people in common and the kids were the same age as my Sunday school kids so we became "BFFs"-Best Friends Forever-very quickly.

The parade was longer than we anticipated and there was far more candy thrown out than we ever imagined! Children all around us had ice cream pails FULL of tootsie rolls, suckers, and other assorted goodies! It should last them til Hallowe'en, according to my calculations!

Leading the parade as Grand Marshall was the lady Extension Office, a woman we know well. She'll be retiring soon and it was nice to see her honored. We were delighted to see my husband's brother, Glen, Glen's son, Bill and Bill's wife, Linda waving at us as they trailed along the parade route. Linda rode on a float; Glen drove his wind rower and Bill drove a baler. Everything was all slicked up-you couldn't tell by looking at that shiny equipment that Johnson County has dusty rock country roadways! One of my Sunday school kids drove a John Deere lawn tractor; his big brother was walking with a group of young people, handing out goodies to the crowd.

The amazing thing about small towns is their customs and traditions. This parade and all its accompanying rituals is no exception to that!

The only fly in the ointment was when our dear Mexican neighbors contributed to the festive mood by turning on their music. It sounded like a party and those in our driveway moved to the beat of it, enjoying every note. We saw someone pull out a cell phone...momentarily a police officer asked the neighbors to turn down the sound, so they turned it off altogether. A very wet blanket had been thrown on the party.

We asked one another what REALLY happened...we concluded that the caller, probably someone who holds prejudice, EXPECTED to hear the music and drums of the marching bands. There was a COMPARISON of one type of music to another. You and I both know that when comparisons and expectations are made it means Trouble with a capital T.

I am happy to report that the neighbors' feelings were not hurt. When the parade was history and the crowd had thinned out, they played their music again. We smiled as we heard them, their children and their guests laughing and talking and having fun. They even offered us heaping plates full of their delicious smelling food. FOOEY...I had eaten so much supper I had no room in my tummy for the fragrant spicy beef and vegetables they had cooked on their grill.

Parades. Precious neighbors. Living in small town America. Knowing about The Healing Codes. Is it any wonder I love my life?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hi, Ho! Come to the Fair!

County Fairs have dotted the country's landscape for a number of weeks now. It's getting to be State Fair time, too. Busy vendors, setting up booths and rides; 4-H Clubs grooming their critters for show; families living out of campers for several days are common sights.

Our local Johnson County Fair begins today. We walked through the Fairgrounds early this morning and what we expected to see was calves, hogs, chickens and people scurrying to set up their displays in the Exhibit Hall. We did see every bit of that.

What surprised and delighted us, though, was the line of golf carts! Each cart was driven by a staff member of the local nursing home and there was a Resident beside each driver, looking, pointing, smiling, and thoroughly enjoying the County Fair in the cool of the morning! It was a delightful outing and I am told it is an annual routine for the facility. Kudos to Belle Terrace and their Staff!

It occurred to me that the HEARTS of these precious Senior Citizens were reliving some treasured memories. These folks were given a rare opportunity to hearken back to their rich pasts, live their truth and be immersed into a large pool of pure enjoyment. Because of this comfort they are not so likely to experience an adverse health event today. I could not help but wonder how much more joy they could experience if only they would avail themselves of The Healing Codes.

Maybe, as I watch the Fair Parade, eat lunch at the Food Stand and wander through the 4-H and school exhibits, I'll think of a way to introduce more people to the miracles of Energy Medicine. It would make a great tool for Seniors and non-Seniors alike. And no golf cart would be required!

Connie Baum

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Healing Codes: Are YOU Easily Offended?

Alex and Hope were newlyweds. He loved her madly and always wanted to please his bride so when they planned a date night he would ask her where she wanted to eat.

Hope would lie and say, "I don't care."

So Alex would ask if she had any ideas or preferences.

Again, came another lie: "No."

Alex himself said he was never the only one to describe Hope as sweet and shy; quiet and gentle. So when it came time to choose an eatery, he might go for the burger joint. They would have their meal and he would be unaware she had lied to him about this seemingly insignificant truth.

Some time later-it might be WEEKS-Hope would accuse him of purposely choosing his preferences over hers in a fit of anger. She even assigned motive: "You chose that place because you know I can't stand the decor" or whatever it happened to be.

This was shocking to Alex because EVERYBODY knew that Hope was sweet and shy; quiet and gentle. Where had all this venom been hiding?

It took a long, long time for this couple to resolve this business of her being so touchy about things. She was often VERY easily offended and it took some time and study to understand it.

We all know we can be offended from time to time. What we may not know, and what Alex and Hope learned, thankfully, is that it is borne of a humility problem!

Let's define humility: First, what humility is NOT-it is NOT behaving like a Melvin Milk Toast, all meek and mild and passive. Humility is believing the truth about who you really are.

Not to believe the truth about who you really are is the root of the problem when people are easily offended.

You see, there are a couple of things in play in the matter of being easily offended. One is a COMPARISON. For example, you might see someone who looks as if he is better looking than you. Conversely, you might see a person who is not so good looking as you. Either which way, you are COMPARING.

The other thing is EXPECTATION. In Alex and Hope's case, she EXPECTED Alex to know that she did not like certain things. Never mind that she had never told him what she liked or disliked until she became angry!

Dean Gilbert, of Harvard University has said, "Expectations are an absolute happiness killer!" It's true.

Both COMPARISON and EXPECTATION come from a human need for security and safety. If our hearts contain cellular memory from a time when we were not safe or not secure we can be in jeopardy of believing a lie. That insecurity, that feeling of being unsafe can lead to one of two reactions: Fight or Flight.

In Hope's case, she retreated into Flight by living in a state of deep depression. I'm very pleased to report that she was able to overcome being easily offended and is living a healthy and happy, productive and joyous life now.

She got all her issues resolved by using Energy Medicine.

Energy Medicine
is an affordable and easily acquired tool to help us live our lives with truth and love so we can be well and happy; joyous and productive.


Connie Baum

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Healing Codes: Are They Effective?

When you believe in something about which you are passionate it is easy to form habits around it. Whether the results are good, bad, or indifferent you follow your heart and do what you do because you BELIEVE a certain way.

I am a self admitted "Health Nut" so it was easy for me to understand the value of and protocol for The Healing Codes. I have so enamored of the results I enjoyed that I have taught others some of the basics in order to follow the advice of a much loved massage therapy instructor, "Help one another."

My situation is not unique. Others have had similar experiences. Here's what some folk reported:

"I was one of the most successful in the United States in my field
until I developed severe symptoms and was diagnosed with chronic
fatigue and fibromyalgia. After two years I was mostly bedfast, in
constant pain, on 17 medications and without hope.

After doing The Healing Codes for 6 months, I am: off all
medications, am totally free of an incurable disease, feel better
than I did before I was diagnosed, and am working again. In short, I

Here is another person's account:

"I have worked with The Healing Codes techniques for three years now
and have seen RADICAL changes in my boy, my heart and my mind. I
started the work because of chronic illness. My symptoms included
chronic fatigue, vaginitis, chronic bladder infections, and severe
pain with periods, hypothyroidism and depression.

After the first session I was amazed at how changed I felt! Now I
feel like a different person. I no longer struggle with food
addiction issues, I'm not depressed and I have an overall sense of
well-being which is profound. I'm so grateful to Dr. Alex for his
vision and for this work. It really works." ~ Trish

And one professional man offers this:

"This is the most profound body of knowledge I have ever experienced.
Anyone serious about being their best will want to be touched by
this experience. Knowing Dr. Loyd is like being with Einstein before
Einstein was known as Einstein."
~ Bill McGrane, President, McGrane Institute

You've known for awhile now that I tend to rant and rave about health and the ways to BECOME and STAY well. Why don't you check out The Healing Codes now, while you think of it?

Unless, of course, your misery and poor health are serving you in some way.

Connie Baum

Thursday, August 6, 2009

H1N1 Vaccinations?

This blog post is dedicated to my favorite chiro guy on the planet: The eminent Dr. G. H. Hanssen in Grand Island, Nebraska. He is a Healer, a Teacher and a Leader and has the best sense of humor of any health practitioner I have ever encountered.

The media hype is frenzied. Every electronic and print journalist is reporting about how important it would be to get in line, roll up your sleeve and take your medicine. All in the name of the H1N1 Flu "Pandemic."

Do you realize how insane that is? Perhaps not, so I shall share with you the opinions of someone from the Chiropractic field.

I'm fond of chiropractic. Before I learned to be a massage therapist our family depended on chiropractic before calling the family doctor. I hasten to explain that a chiropractor helped my father regain his ability to walk, following a "spell" with his lower back. Doc Johnson's phone always rang before we thought of calling Dr. Clark, M.D. When Dr. John Cortner, a legendary chiropractic healer and teacher in Manhattan Kansas got wind of my interest in massage therapy he invited me to work in his clinic to learn all he could teach me. It was a blessing for me and those I could help as a result.

Dr. Donald E Harte is a member of the World Chiropractic Alliance Board of International Governors. He has written with humor and heart about the problem of vaccinations. He writes about the manufactured frenzy over the H1N1 flu, and whether or not vaccinations are in order. He and I agree: THEY ARE NOT.

Dr. Harte mentions the incidences in the 1970s of Gulliam-Barre Syndrome and other diseases and 23 deaths attributed to these injections. He also mentions that the doctors interviewed for the study agreed that they would NOT administer the injections to their own family members. Telling, isn't it?

A former chief vaccine officer of the FDA, J Anthony Morris said, "There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza. The producers of these vaccines know they are worthless, but they go on selling them anyway."

SO! It is the immune system that protects us from the flu-and any other infectious disease-and it is the immune system which makes every effort to help us regain our well being. The immune system is coordinated and controlled by the nervous system. AHA! That's where chiropractic care comes into the picture.

Chiropractic care makes for better operating and more efficiently run nervous systems and all the studies support scientific data showing this to be the case.

Our own family was greatly affected by the Flu Pandemic of 1918. Just a few miles from our house an entire family of relatives died because of the dreaded disease. History suggests it is estimated that family was one of the 25 to 40 million people who died then because of the flu. History also tells us that people who were under chiropractic care at that time were far less susceptible to the ravages of the illness.

In just one example: In 1918 in Davenport, Iowa 93,590 patients were treated. There were only 6,116 deaths-one of 15 succumbed to the flu. At the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport 1,635 people were treated for the flu with only 1 fatality. Outside of Davenport the figures were equally amazing:

With standard medical care: 1 in 17 died

Using Osteopathy: 1 in 36 died

Chiropractic care: 1 in 866 died

I rest my case.

These stats were collected well before
Energy Medicine had come along. Thank goodness in today's world we can utilize Energy Medicine, along with everything I've learned in massage therapy training, all the nutrition I've been nagging you about AND good chiropractic care! That's good, for our very well being depends on these critical aspects.

Vaccinations for the H1N1 flu? Not so much, thank you.

Connie Baum

Monday, August 3, 2009

Water Is as Water Does?

I'm turning on the tap!

For a very long time Mother Connie has admonished everyone to drink good water and plenty of it. What constitutes good water? What good does it do, anyway? Well, I've made you a list:

These are the features of a good water filter:
  • Ionizes, Disinfects AND Filters Water
  • 3-stage activated carbon filter
  • Hollow fiber micro-filtration to .1 microns
  • Ultraviolet disinfection including cryptosporidium, E coli, and Giardia Lamblia
  • 3 water settings (alkaline, acidic, purified)
  • Adjustable ph level (4 settings) for gradual acclimation
  • Performs self diagnosis
  • Creates water clusters ½ the size of those in tap water
  • 1.5 gallons per minute
  • Self-cleaning for maintenance-free use
  • Volume indicator shows volume of filtered water
  • Audible and visual filter replacement indicator
  • Audible and visual excess flow indicator
  • Installs in minutes; easily attaches to your kitchen faucet
  • Produces antioxidant alkaline drinking water and a useful acidic water.
  • Switches from alkaline to acidic at the push of a button
  • Five year warranty. Thirty day money back guarantee
Did you notice the part about WATER CLUSTERS? You may not know that the JOB of water is to clump. The water gangs up in TENHEDRINS which number approximately 13. These clusters are what keeps the water from entering the cells of your body. Think of a narrow doorway a person can't walk through easily.

If your body cannot take the water into its cells, you will be dehydrated, no matter how much water you drink.

It's important to drink 1/2 an ounce for every pound of your body weight. Translated that means if you weigh 100 pounds, you would need 50 ounces of water each day. Good water. Clean, pure, proper pH.

Here's the straight skinny on the
Benefits of the Ionizer Plus™ which is a High Tech Health product:
  • Higher alkalinity water buffers over-acidity
  • Improves health and digestion
  • Effectively detoxifies the system
  • Superior anti-oxidant, re-dox of -250mV
  • High permeability, solubility & absorption for rapid hydration
  • Distributes dissolved vitamins and minerals
  • Creates healthy, mineral-rich, filtered alkaline water
A ginormous amount of technical know-how has gone into the creation of this water unit. You'd be really smart-and ultimately healthier-to scope this out!
If you want to be really well please CLICK HERE.

Why should you look into this? BECAUSE MOTHER CONNIE SEZ!

Connie Baum