Friday, August 14, 2009

Hi, Ho! Come to the Fair!

County Fairs have dotted the country's landscape for a number of weeks now. It's getting to be State Fair time, too. Busy vendors, setting up booths and rides; 4-H Clubs grooming their critters for show; families living out of campers for several days are common sights.

Our local Johnson County Fair begins today. We walked through the Fairgrounds early this morning and what we expected to see was calves, hogs, chickens and people scurrying to set up their displays in the Exhibit Hall. We did see every bit of that.

What surprised and delighted us, though, was the line of golf carts! Each cart was driven by a staff member of the local nursing home and there was a Resident beside each driver, looking, pointing, smiling, and thoroughly enjoying the County Fair in the cool of the morning! It was a delightful outing and I am told it is an annual routine for the facility. Kudos to Belle Terrace and their Staff!

It occurred to me that the HEARTS of these precious Senior Citizens were reliving some treasured memories. These folks were given a rare opportunity to hearken back to their rich pasts, live their truth and be immersed into a large pool of pure enjoyment. Because of this comfort they are not so likely to experience an adverse health event today. I could not help but wonder how much more joy they could experience if only they would avail themselves of The Healing Codes.

Maybe, as I watch the Fair Parade, eat lunch at the Food Stand and wander through the 4-H and school exhibits, I'll think of a way to introduce more people to the miracles of Energy Medicine. It would make a great tool for Seniors and non-Seniors alike. And no golf cart would be required!

Connie Baum

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