Monday, August 10, 2009

The Healing Codes: Are They Effective?

When you believe in something about which you are passionate it is easy to form habits around it. Whether the results are good, bad, or indifferent you follow your heart and do what you do because you BELIEVE a certain way.

I am a self admitted "Health Nut" so it was easy for me to understand the value of and protocol for The Healing Codes. I have so enamored of the results I enjoyed that I have taught others some of the basics in order to follow the advice of a much loved massage therapy instructor, "Help one another."

My situation is not unique. Others have had similar experiences. Here's what some folk reported:

"I was one of the most successful in the United States in my field
until I developed severe symptoms and was diagnosed with chronic
fatigue and fibromyalgia. After two years I was mostly bedfast, in
constant pain, on 17 medications and without hope.

After doing The Healing Codes for 6 months, I am: off all
medications, am totally free of an incurable disease, feel better
than I did before I was diagnosed, and am working again. In short, I

Here is another person's account:

"I have worked with The Healing Codes techniques for three years now
and have seen RADICAL changes in my boy, my heart and my mind. I
started the work because of chronic illness. My symptoms included
chronic fatigue, vaginitis, chronic bladder infections, and severe
pain with periods, hypothyroidism and depression.

After the first session I was amazed at how changed I felt! Now I
feel like a different person. I no longer struggle with food
addiction issues, I'm not depressed and I have an overall sense of
well-being which is profound. I'm so grateful to Dr. Alex for his
vision and for this work. It really works." ~ Trish

And one professional man offers this:

"This is the most profound body of knowledge I have ever experienced.
Anyone serious about being their best will want to be touched by
this experience. Knowing Dr. Loyd is like being with Einstein before
Einstein was known as Einstein."
~ Bill McGrane, President, McGrane Institute

You've known for awhile now that I tend to rant and rave about health and the ways to BECOME and STAY well. Why don't you check out The Healing Codes now, while you think of it?

Unless, of course, your misery and poor health are serving you in some way.

Connie Baum

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