Thursday, August 28, 2008

Saving Dinner!

HOORAY! Dinner is SAVED at our house!
If life at your house is anything like life at our house, YOU ARE BUSY!
There's no time to dilly dally over menu planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning up when it comes to food! Meals need to be filling, pleasing and under budget. Plus, they need to be QUICK and EASY!
Furthermore, there is no room in the budget for "outsourcing" the food prep!
That's where the Dinner Diva, Leanne Ely, came to our rescue with Saving Dinner:
Leanne and her Team have simplified and de-mystified getting a nutritious meal on the table and still having the energy for scintillating table conversation, clean up, and organizing for the next day's food plans.
They have ideas, tips galore, plans, even video tutorials about how to prepare various recipes.
It's not beyond our reach. Her offerings on Saving Dinner
are economical and helpful; her ideas are simple and easy to do.
If you love to cook or if you dread being in the kitchen-either way, you will LOVE what the Dinner Diva has to offer YOU.
I highly recommend that you click on
and look over everything available to you! Then come back here and tell us how you were inspired to use her ideas in your own home!
We can't WAIT to hear your stories!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Universal Health Plan?

I have always believed that there are more things similar about mankind around the world than there are things to separate us. No matter what color our skin might be we still have families, hopes and dreams, and everybody everywhere bleeds red! Besides, everyone yearns for vibrant health and great food!
Other cultures have always fascinated me. As a child, I heard the cacaphony of Bohemian chatter on the streets of Omaha and I was both entertained and delighted. Later in life, as a shopper, I found the non-understandable Spanish that was spoken in the local market to be melodious to my ears. I was in awe several years ago when I attended a luncheon where a Nebraska-born woman was the guest speaker. She had lived and worked in Japan long enough to have picked up a Japanese accent! It was lovely!
When we were priveleged to have neighbors from Guatemala, I was overjoyed to taste their cuisine, to participate as they worshipped, to watch the games the children played. The kids even taught me a bit of the language!
Now, living in a small rural community, I can 'see' the world via the world wide web. Because of that I have a new friend in Ghana! I just marvel that we can communicate and we have had some wonderful conversations about FOOD, wouldn't you know it...
My new friend is a technology whiz who lives the city life. But he tells me his mother is a cocoa farmer! How interesting is THAT?
Well, I wanted to know about his mum's kitchen so he wrote to me to explain how Ghana kitchens are set up. He sent the most fascinating account of the way life works in his country and even included lists of foods they commonly use.
I quickly discerned that these are not on MY grocer's shelves...
I will be including some of my friend's information in a project we will be launching very soon. You'll want to stay tuned for that!
Meantime, I have been poring over Leanne Ely's offerings. She is the Dinner Diva from the Saving, our new partner!
The items The Diva suggests for our menus ARE available at my local market, although the foods she mentions are not as steeped in the rich traditions as my Ghana pal's mother...
Life is hard, guys. And then you have to cook. Make it easier on yourself and more interesting for your family by visiting
Just see all the glorious offerings that await you!
If you are busy-and who isn't?-if you love to cook, or if you HATE to cook, The Dinner Diva will make your life so much easier.
The philosophy behind Saving Dinner is to feed the whole family as well and as inexpensively as possible while enriching the family bonds.
Whether in Ghana, Guatemala, or Timbucktoo, what could be more universally appealing?
TAKE NOTE, you politicians! This may become an interesting new component to the Universal Health Plan!
We continue,shamelessly, to solicit your comments.
Your information will never be shared with anyone for any reason EVER and you may remain anonymous if you are shy.
And, please, remember to visit

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Health Nut's a Foodie!

Can you say , "EXCITED"?
I have something to share with you that has me in a tailspin!
You know what a fanatic I am about probably remember I am just as passionate about people and cooking...
WELL, I have something special to share with you today:
Here's the thing: I once stumbled across a website who caters to people who have clutter in their lives, their homes, even their bodies. Within this website was a feature that gave assistance to those of us who can appreciate a little help in the kitchen. Leanne Ely offered helpful ideas and advice about getting economical, nutritious food on the table and making dinnertime the centerpiece of the family.
I thought her menus, recipes, shopping tips and other ideas were not only totally keen, but in line with my own philosophy about food, family and fun.
Leanne and I have partnered to bring YOU all the benefits and savings and creativity of
Saving Dinner! The Dinner Diva herself has a wealth of information, ideas, tutorial videos, recipes, cookbooks---all at your fingertips! Support your health, treat your budget kindly...what more could we hope for?
Here's where to find this good stuff:
HERE IS THE PLAN: You get yourself logged on to Leanne's site. Then you come back here and COMMENT on your can even share YOUR favorite recipe! Of course you know that your information is never shared with anyone for any reason and you may, if you are shy, remain anonymous. We will be sharing more about this Dinner Diva and her fabulous tips when we return again, so do stay tuned!
Now, go save dinner!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hi-Ho; It's Off to the Fair!

The County Fair, in all its glory and rich tradition has come and gone!
Last year our church family was responsible for a food booth and we worked long and hard in the searing Nebraska heat to serve up home made offerings. We were glad the Methodists had that responsibility this year.
We had a very special treat at this year's fair. No, it was not the spectacular parade or the wonderful array of needlework, cake decorations or even the autobiographies of the school kids.
Sidebar: My personal favorite: 'If I had $100.00 I would buy a 4wheeler' End Sidebar.
Our special treat was watching our son and daughter in law introduce our grandson to the cows, sheep, goats, chickens, and horses. He even watched a bit of rodeo action. However, he was far more intrigued by the grandstand steps. (Remember that Jacob is 16 months old; this accounts for his interest level.)
But the piece d' resistance was DADDY taking Jacob on his first Merry Go Round ride. At first Jacob was more concerned with where Mommy was standing but by the time the ride ended Jacob was "into" it. It made for great photos for the album...
Having family close by and sharing those wonderful firsts is good mental health for us all. Our hearts will remember these precious times and send the brain the treasured images that encompass love, caring and concern. The richness of these warm relationships will serve us all well in our quest for good health.
Your quest for good health and enhanced well being can be vastly improved by getting involved with The Healing Codes as found on the front page of and if you have not signed up for Mother Connie's reports you are cordially invited to do so.
This is a free service and your information will never be shared with anyone for any reason.
Your comments will be moderated and are greatly appreciated. We'd LOVE to hear about your experiences with County Fairs!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Whole Foods, Please!

Here's hoping that by now all of you are familiar with the term "whole foods". In my humble opinion, it is the only sensible way to eat. Whole foods, as you are no doubt aware, refers to the completeness of each food. The whole grain has the complete grain present in the food product; the fruits and vegetables have not been fragmented and are there for you to eat and enjoy. Of course, the same holds true for the simple, humble, lowly egg.
The advertisers tout it as 'the incredible, edible egg...'
Why, then, would food processors separate the yolk from the whites? For monetary gains, I suspect. There has been much ado about good and bad cholesterol, too much cholesterol, and the press picks this info up and runs like Olympian sprinters. We are left in the dust to make up our own minds and many people listen closely to those who insist that eggs, yolks in particular, are bad for them. All this, while they keep their anti-cholesterol prescription filled regularly.
When will you come to the understanding that WHOLE FOODS nourish the WHOLE BODY?
Conversely, ALL prescription drugs have dreadful side effects.
Here's my solution: Eat eggs. Put them into your potato salad! Scramble them! Use them in your favorite meat ball recipe! Boil, peel and eat them! Enjoy them!
No one is asking you to devour a dozen a day. No one is hoping you will 'overdose' on them.
Use common sense and follow a practical, middle-of-the-road approach to all foods, not just eggs.
Whole foods in your entire diet every day, and organic whole foods where they are availabale to you, will increase your body's ability to be well. Your body will have no need to fight against toxicity, fragmented foods, foods with additives, drugs, and such it has more capability to keep your body well nourished and nutritionally supported.
Incidentally, you will not find whole foods in packaged products like cold cereal, meal enhancers, entrees in a box, pre-packaged frozen meals, and the soda pop aisle. You will find toxic additives and preservatives. Whole foods are pretty much placed around the perimeter of your food stores. Another fine example of food not being complete: 2% or skim milk.
Had you stopped to think of that before?
A really good place to begin using whole foods as a supplement to the whole foods you ingest are the fruit caps and veggie caps offered by BioPro on . Just click on the BioPro link there to take you to more information and easy online ordering.
When you visit your local market or grocery store or food co-op, do be mindful of getting WHOLE FOODS to include for YOUR regimen to insure YOUR good health!
Hearing YOUR comments about whole foods will be great, so we again invite your comments. As always, each comment must be moderated. Shy people may remain anonymous.
Thank you so much for your participation!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Highway Warning

This is hard to believe, people:
The average person over the age of 60 uses from 5 to 10 prescription drugs!
I suppose they are NOT thinking! They are not thinking for themselves, at any rate.
If you are connected in any way to one of those over-60 users of prescription medicines I beg you to note this news item:
"Lipitor or other statins, do NOT stave off a heart attack. Nay, statins HURRY the process!" Furthermore, some drugs are known to shrink the brain and rot the intellect within 5 years of use. The statin drugs contribute to Alzheimer's, sudden amnesia, suicide, and loss of nutrients that keep the brain healthy.
Every age group is admonished to drive as though everyone on the road is suffering from the various and sundry stages of brain rot.
No wonder our nursing homes are flourishing and Alzheimer's facilities are filling up so fast!
Thanks, but I will pass on medicine's offerings. I'll stay with my fruit caps in the morning, my veggie caps with my evening meal and the little 2 oz swigs of Limu morning and night.
You are well advised to do the very same. has all the information and it is so easy to order online with a secure ordering process. Just click on the links to
and begin YOUR healthy regimen today!
There is no need for anyone's brain to rot!
You are invited to comment about your experience with prescription drugs and if you have enjoyed the benefits of BioPro and Limu, please share that, as well. The comments you make must be moderated before they are published to the webl Thanks, everyone!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Did You Know...???

...that you need 10 servings of vegetables to equal just ONE serving from
FIFTY years ago?

In the 193o's our government declared that the soils were depleted.
These days, the produce you buy at your local grocery store just doesn’t have the nutritional power that fruits and vegetables had decades ago. Over farming, soil depletion, commercial fertilizer, hybrid crops and genetic modifications are slashing the nutrients found in your fruits and vegetables.

Thank GOODNESS for supplementation! We are so grateful for the little twin packs of
fruits and veggies that accompany our meals every month.

We are nourishing our bodies to enhance our well being, energize us, and even more than that, these supplements, which are whole foods, offer protection from electromagnetic pollution. No kidding!

The products advertised on the telly and wherever else are not likely to be whole foods. They are not guaranteed to be assimilated into your body. And they most assuredly do not address the issue of protection from the deadly toxin that is electromagnetic pollution.

Two little fruit capsules in the morning and two little vegetable capsules in the evening and you are good to go. What's not to love about that?

Check it out.

Go to the product page on and click on the BioPro button!

You'll also find useful information about being protected from cell phone dangers on that site.

As always, your comments are deeply appreciated and we hope you will add yours to this post.
The comments will be moderated before they are published to the web.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Good Old Summertime

Summer is my personal fave.
Ideally, there is an unlimited supply of lemonade. We fancy that we lie in hammocks, smelling freshly cut grass, hearing the joyous shouts of children running through sprinklers, and we think of how we walk along the city sidewalks, chatting with neighbors as we stroll along.
In reality?
We crank the A/C to its max. We complain bitterly about the heat and humidity. We fuss that our clothelines harbor garments that take too long to dry. We complain when it rains. We complain when it does not rain.
Surely there is a happy medium.
The summertime in our house has been loaded with the best of times and the worst of times.
Currently we have a houseguest who revels in the joy of spending time in a Certified Wellness Home.
We are reveling in the joy of having him with us!
The bed, the air, the water, the food, and even his garments
support the quality of health we all enjoy.
Not to mention his gregarious, hospitable host couple...
It's true. Norm and I are a pair of health nuts.
People snicker when they see that we carry our own iWater bottles around with us. They roll their eyes when the subject of supplements come up.
When I offer to 'do someone's colors' there is a great show of skepticism.
But we must be doing something right.
My favorite husband began to feel poorly awhile back. His brother had popped up with a diagnosis that was no fun, so Norm finally agreed to visit his local
There were no if's, and's or but's about it.
Norm needed a pacemaker AT ONCE.
That would be the worst of times in our current summer!
When Norm's pulse dipped to 10 beats per minute the pacemaker was placed.
This was on a Thursday. On SATURDAY morning, he was released from the bondage of his hospital bed and he drove home!
To make a long story short, he is quite fine now.
The postscript to that event is the phone call we got this week.
They learned from his blood work that he has had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which is contracted from ticks.
Norm just chuckled.
When you have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, you are one sick puppy.
You hurt, your head aches, you feel hot, then chilled, it's miserable.
Norm had none of that. AND, the morning of his appointment with his doctor he 'only' walked 17 blocks, plus the 3 blocks to the doctor's office.
When he reported this at the time of his doctor visit, Doc just shook his head and swore.
He was astonished at the recovery and progress of his patient.
Having Norm feeling so well is the best of times for us!
What made that possible? Well, to be sure, there had been prayers on Norm's behalf. And we would not discount the skill of the surgeons and pros who managed Norm's case.
But what about the Limu? What about the BioProduce? What about the magnetic insoles and mattress pad? What about the iWater? What about the alkaline air he breathes?
How does his vegetable rich, whole foods diet figure into this equation?
Could it BE that his regimen has supported his immune system to the point where a pesky tick had little influence on his body?
Could it be that being well hydrated, fit as a fiddle, and well nourished has really paid off in spades?
What do YOU think?
We would love for you to comment on Norm's situation.
Simply click on the word 'comments' - wait for the comment box to pop up and then type your remarks. All comments must be moderated before they are published. We appreciate your taking the time to do this.
You, too, can begin to live in a Wellness Home.
It's as easy as shopping online.
Visit and click on any of the links there:
Limu BioPro Remedies The Healing Codes FarInfrared Sauna
The sooner you take action, the better you will feel.
Thank you again for your comments, people!