Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Health Nut's a Foodie!

Can you say , "EXCITED"?
I have something to share with you that has me in a tailspin!
You know what a fanatic I am about probably remember I am just as passionate about people and cooking...
WELL, I have something special to share with you today:
Here's the thing: I once stumbled across a website who caters to people who have clutter in their lives, their homes, even their bodies. Within this website was a feature that gave assistance to those of us who can appreciate a little help in the kitchen. Leanne Ely offered helpful ideas and advice about getting economical, nutritious food on the table and making dinnertime the centerpiece of the family.
I thought her menus, recipes, shopping tips and other ideas were not only totally keen, but in line with my own philosophy about food, family and fun.
Leanne and I have partnered to bring YOU all the benefits and savings and creativity of
Saving Dinner! The Dinner Diva herself has a wealth of information, ideas, tutorial videos, recipes, cookbooks---all at your fingertips! Support your health, treat your budget kindly...what more could we hope for?
Here's where to find this good stuff:
HERE IS THE PLAN: You get yourself logged on to Leanne's site. Then you come back here and COMMENT on your can even share YOUR favorite recipe! Of course you know that your information is never shared with anyone for any reason and you may, if you are shy, remain anonymous. We will be sharing more about this Dinner Diva and her fabulous tips when we return again, so do stay tuned!
Now, go save dinner!

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