Thursday, August 14, 2008

Whole Foods, Please!

Here's hoping that by now all of you are familiar with the term "whole foods". In my humble opinion, it is the only sensible way to eat. Whole foods, as you are no doubt aware, refers to the completeness of each food. The whole grain has the complete grain present in the food product; the fruits and vegetables have not been fragmented and are there for you to eat and enjoy. Of course, the same holds true for the simple, humble, lowly egg.
The advertisers tout it as 'the incredible, edible egg...'
Why, then, would food processors separate the yolk from the whites? For monetary gains, I suspect. There has been much ado about good and bad cholesterol, too much cholesterol, and the press picks this info up and runs like Olympian sprinters. We are left in the dust to make up our own minds and many people listen closely to those who insist that eggs, yolks in particular, are bad for them. All this, while they keep their anti-cholesterol prescription filled regularly.
When will you come to the understanding that WHOLE FOODS nourish the WHOLE BODY?
Conversely, ALL prescription drugs have dreadful side effects.
Here's my solution: Eat eggs. Put them into your potato salad! Scramble them! Use them in your favorite meat ball recipe! Boil, peel and eat them! Enjoy them!
No one is asking you to devour a dozen a day. No one is hoping you will 'overdose' on them.
Use common sense and follow a practical, middle-of-the-road approach to all foods, not just eggs.
Whole foods in your entire diet every day, and organic whole foods where they are availabale to you, will increase your body's ability to be well. Your body will have no need to fight against toxicity, fragmented foods, foods with additives, drugs, and such it has more capability to keep your body well nourished and nutritionally supported.
Incidentally, you will not find whole foods in packaged products like cold cereal, meal enhancers, entrees in a box, pre-packaged frozen meals, and the soda pop aisle. You will find toxic additives and preservatives. Whole foods are pretty much placed around the perimeter of your food stores. Another fine example of food not being complete: 2% or skim milk.
Had you stopped to think of that before?
A really good place to begin using whole foods as a supplement to the whole foods you ingest are the fruit caps and veggie caps offered by BioPro on . Just click on the BioPro link there to take you to more information and easy online ordering.
When you visit your local market or grocery store or food co-op, do be mindful of getting WHOLE FOODS to include for YOUR regimen to insure YOUR good health!
Hearing YOUR comments about whole foods will be great, so we again invite your comments. As always, each comment must be moderated. Shy people may remain anonymous.
Thank you so much for your participation!

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