Friday, August 22, 2008

Universal Health Plan?

I have always believed that there are more things similar about mankind around the world than there are things to separate us. No matter what color our skin might be we still have families, hopes and dreams, and everybody everywhere bleeds red! Besides, everyone yearns for vibrant health and great food!
Other cultures have always fascinated me. As a child, I heard the cacaphony of Bohemian chatter on the streets of Omaha and I was both entertained and delighted. Later in life, as a shopper, I found the non-understandable Spanish that was spoken in the local market to be melodious to my ears. I was in awe several years ago when I attended a luncheon where a Nebraska-born woman was the guest speaker. She had lived and worked in Japan long enough to have picked up a Japanese accent! It was lovely!
When we were priveleged to have neighbors from Guatemala, I was overjoyed to taste their cuisine, to participate as they worshipped, to watch the games the children played. The kids even taught me a bit of the language!
Now, living in a small rural community, I can 'see' the world via the world wide web. Because of that I have a new friend in Ghana! I just marvel that we can communicate and we have had some wonderful conversations about FOOD, wouldn't you know it...
My new friend is a technology whiz who lives the city life. But he tells me his mother is a cocoa farmer! How interesting is THAT?
Well, I wanted to know about his mum's kitchen so he wrote to me to explain how Ghana kitchens are set up. He sent the most fascinating account of the way life works in his country and even included lists of foods they commonly use.
I quickly discerned that these are not on MY grocer's shelves...
I will be including some of my friend's information in a project we will be launching very soon. You'll want to stay tuned for that!
Meantime, I have been poring over Leanne Ely's offerings. She is the Dinner Diva from the Saving, our new partner!
The items The Diva suggests for our menus ARE available at my local market, although the foods she mentions are not as steeped in the rich traditions as my Ghana pal's mother...
Life is hard, guys. And then you have to cook. Make it easier on yourself and more interesting for your family by visiting
Just see all the glorious offerings that await you!
If you are busy-and who isn't?-if you love to cook, or if you HATE to cook, The Dinner Diva will make your life so much easier.
The philosophy behind Saving Dinner is to feed the whole family as well and as inexpensively as possible while enriching the family bonds.
Whether in Ghana, Guatemala, or Timbucktoo, what could be more universally appealing?
TAKE NOTE, you politicians! This may become an interesting new component to the Universal Health Plan!
We continue,shamelessly, to solicit your comments.
Your information will never be shared with anyone for any reason EVER and you may remain anonymous if you are shy.
And, please, remember to visit

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