Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's ALL About the Food!

Saving Dinner is one thing. But even the Dinner Diva herself, Leanne Ely, would agree that the quality of life is more than dinner...SNACKS are important, too!

Time was when a 5 cent candy bar did the trick. Now, I'm giving away my age! As the price went up and so did my weight and cavity count, candy bars just did not cut it. We had to resort to-dare I say it- HEALTHY munching!

I know, healthy snacks may seem to be an oxymoron. but let's examine the issue: the food that's grown in soil lacks the nutrients the soil does not have to offer. Couple that with the fact that American food is processed literally to death. Inedibles such as msg and sweeteners are added, as is processed salt, icky oils and other gross things that, admittedly, taste good. One of my mentors, Dr. John Cortner, used to wail about pasteurized, homogenized milk being "congealed junk". Some folks cannot afford or have chosen not to supplement their food intake with whole foods supplements. Worse, they may be taking over the counter products that are lacking in quality and frankly, whole foods.

So, what's a mother to DO? What IS there to snack on, if we can't choose from long aisles loaded with chips and dips and microwaved stuff. SIDEBAR: Please, dear visitor, do NOT use microwave ovens. We are talking about HEALTH here. END SIDEBAR.

Well, apples are good and goodness knows that Southeast Nebraska has loads of apples this time of year. All types and colors. Leave the life giving peels on and slice them. Simple. Quick. Yummy. A shake of sea salt will bring out the sweetness and flavor of the apples.

You could even dip those slices in peanut butter, almond butter, hummus, or one of those new protein powders made from sprouts. NOW we are talking HEALTHY! That's what we DO here...

How about keeping a stash of peeled hard cooked eggs in your fridge? You can quickly chop some celery and onion and toss in some commercial pickle relish. You mix it all and spoon it into lettuce leaves for a tasty wrap! THAT is a SNACK.

The old standby of stuffing ribs of celery with cream cheese or cheese food or shredded cheese is okay but why not jazz that idea up a notch? For health's sake, use almond butter or creamed spinach leftovers or tiny ribbons of dried beef.

Tiny grape or cherry tomatoes make a terrific and healthy munchie. Wash tomatoes of nearly the same size and place them on a deli lid (you know, the lid from the Dream Whip). Lay a second lid on the tomatoes and slide your knife between the two lids from one side to the other for a PERFECT half slice to your little tomatoes! Sprinkle a tad of sea salt, a pinch of pepper and a teensy weensy pinch of sugar over the whole works and snack away. ( I saw these techniques done on Rachel Ray, who credited an intern on her show for the slicing tip and I saw someone on The Food Network season tomatoes thusly.)

Here's hoping I have whetted your appetite some. For Saving Dinner , you and Leanne are on your own!

I truly wish you WELL.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Energy Medicine

I am not a television buff but I vividly recall the winter day I tuned in and heard these words:
"We're beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts were true but could not measure. As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier, in medicine, is energy medicine. It's not the mechanistic parts of the joints moving. It's not the chemistry of our bodies. It's understanding for the first time, how energy influences how we feel."
-Dr. Mehmet Oz, November 20, 2007, The Oprah Show

I got chills down my back! My goosebumps had goosepimples! THAT STATEMENT RESONATED WITH EVERY CELL IN MY BODY! I knew, in the middle of me, where I know things are true, that this was a truthful statement.

For many years I performed massage therapy. I grew bored with the mechanics of smearing oil on bodies and as I attended continuing educational classes I realized more and more that I was not "just" a massage therapist. I am a Healer. The reason has nothing to do with me and any ability I bring to the (massage) table. Pardon the pun; pun intended. The reason I can call myself a Healer is that I am able to manipulate ENERGY and it is the ENERGY that helps the body to heal itself.

To take the message about ENERGY to the next level, we need to examine Energy Medicine.
Interest in ENERGY MEDICINE has been exploding over the last 20 years. Millions of people around the world searching for an alternative have experienced and reported fabulous results - with virtually no side effects, and for very little investment - compared to standard medicine.

So many people on this planet are suffering. What if they learned that it did not HAVE to be that way? What if they could reduce stress, have more peace, be well? And what if they learned that it could happen without dreadful side effects? Who on earth would not want that? If you know someone who is struggling with issues of health, stress, distress over any issue in their life I beg of you to point them in the direction of The Healing Codes . Allow the people YOU love an opportunity to learn how affordable and efficacious Energy Medicine really is.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Three Days to Feeling Better

Jerry did not feel TOO poorly. But he felt punky enough to allow me the pleasure of moving his energy around. When I finished the session, he announced that his body felt looser, more relaxed. I noticed his skin was pinker than when we had begun. He settled on the sofa and became sleepy...whe was sent to stretch out on the bed, and he fell asleep quickly. Later, following a healthy meal replete with tall glasses of good water, I reminded him that the body takes three days to heal. Jerry and his bride departed. This was Day One.

Day Two found Jerry feeling very poorly. Of course, he gave me all the blame. If only I had not put so much energy HERE or THERE...and so on and on.

On Day Three his bride complained of Jerry being cranky. When she phoned me, I could hear him growl in the background. But there was improvement. Even Jerry noticed subtle differences and was pretty sure he would live to tell how Connie worked on him...

Energy work is only one component of having a healthy body. The body needs exercise, too, and Jerry is faithful to work that in. The body needs good water and lots of it, adequate rest, and supplements to a good diet of grains, beans, fruits, seeds, vegetables, and nuts. It needs a bit of meat, as well. Massage therapy is another component, color therapy still another. Jerry even uses The Healing Codes ! Not only that, but he and his bride are faithful users of LIMU! Jerry does a good job with every healthy component. But Jerry has an ace in the hole: an
infrared sauna !

High Tech Health sells a far infrared sauna that is the best and safest way to rid your body of all environmental chemicals and heavy metals (including mercury).

The infrared sauna Jerry uses is from High Tech Health and it has offered my good friends tremendous relief! It enhances all the other modalities Jerry and his bride have employed and it keeps their systems functioning well. It helps them maintain a proper pH balance and it prevents them from having major health issues.

You have just had a peek into three days of Jerry's life...

...whether you have health concerns or wish NOT to have health concerns, you might be wise to follow Jerry's lead and see for yourself what might do YOU a world of good! High Tech Health might be just the ticket to YOUR great health!

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Healing Touch

There has been much ranting and raving on this blog for quite some time now about the benefits of The Healing Codes.

Results reported by the people who had been told there was no hope discovered to their great joy that hope was restored after they used the codes. People on the program have made it clear that their SYMPTOMS have been relieved. They were astounded that positive results came quickly. Some reported they had tears, more awareness of their lives, insights flooded their consciousness, and they spoke of feeling peaceful, happiness, and whole. Many remarked, "I got my life back." It seems to me that these simple codes helped legions of sufferers with their issues, their healing, the very quality of their lives!

The key that unlocked the success of The Healing Codes opened the door to healing by eradicating the SYMPTOMS. The SOURCE of those symptoms was addressed directly. Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson refer these symptoms as "heart junk" -- the programs residing in the heart that manifest as dis-ease in the body.

By ridding the heart of its "junk" and replacing it with new, truthful, loving programming restores the balance in the body.

On the surface, this seems simplistic and incredible. My mom used to say that if it seems too good to be true, it probably was. But my mom never knew about
The Healing Codes.

The benefits of The Healing Codes are myriad and real. How exciting is that?

I performed massage therapy for many years. I saw the benefits of my own healing touch, accompanied by an empathetic listening ear...that was before I knew about the benefits of any codes! You can only guess how this resonated with me when I found out the kind of help that is available to alleviate suffering and enhance life's quality! Talk about benefits!!!

Here is my challenge to you: Are you satisfied with the status of your health? Are you experiencing stress and all its misery in your life? Are you happy? Have you hope and joy? If you are, I am thrilled for you! As a health buff, I wish all mankind every joy and especially vibrant good health. If not, well...you can imagine what I hope you'll do.

The Healing Codes

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Time to Tool Up!

I don't wish to wax philosophic on you, but let's assume we all agree that a human has a heart...can we also agree that a human has a soul? Is it safe to say that a human also has a spirit?

We know where the HEART lives. But what of the SOUL? The SPIRIT? As a matter of fact, what ARE they, exactly?

Dr. Alex Loyd and his mentor, Larry Napier, remind us we can understand that modern science and ancient Hebrew agree that there are three terms: Soul, Spirit, Heart and all three reflect the inner man. The HEART lives inside the body; HEART is a container for the SPIRIT. The BODY is a container for the SOUL.

The HEART holds unconscious and subconscious beliefs. The cellular memory resides in the HEART. The HEART is the seat of the stronghold and the footholds of life. Within the HEART lies the best of the best of us and the worst of the worst of us. Sobering, isn't it?

Within the HEART lies the feeling that causes belief and action.

Within the SOUL we have the emotion that creates action and belief.

The E-Harmony founder, Neil Clarke Warren, has declared that every person has 1300 words per minute of "self talk" inside our heads! 1300 words per minute! Each of these 1300 words is like a seed that is planted in the heart! Thoughts of positive AND negative notions. These seeds are nurtured with more thoughts and experiences and cellular memory and the seeds begin to flourish. What flourishes is what Dr. Loyd refers to as "heart junk". This "heart junk" GOVERNS what's already in there from our thoughts, memories, experiences, feelings...beliefs... You can see how crowded it might be in our hearts!

When a driver has a flat tire, he needs tools to get the flat tire removed and the good tire in place.

When our hearts are filled with "heart junk" we need tools to help the heart to heal.

The driver is not going to use a nail clipper to do the work at hand. He will choose a tool that's more appropriate to get things handled. He will probably use a tire wrench.

For "heart junk" we need a tool that is gentle, loving and appropriate for our need. Energy Medicine fills that bill. Your can learn more about energy medicine when you visit The Healing Codes .

Dr. Loyd suggests a three part solution to ridding your life of this potentially deadly toxin:
  1. Pray
  2. Heal the Heart
  3. Use Energy Medicine

Albert Einstein gave us this formula: Energy = MC2 This formula is the battery that powers Energy Medicine.

The first time I encountered The Healing Codes I could FEEL throughout my whole being that I was facing unvarnished TRUTH. It resonated immediately. That felt so comforting, so reassuring, so real and so good. I wish the same for YOU.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Clean Up Your Act!

In today's world, people who do not feel well will use every excuse in the book:
  • "But I MUST have my diet sodas!"
  • "Oh, I don't NEED 8 hours of sleep!"
  • "I've smoked all these years..."
  • "What do you mean, I need veggies? I don't LIKE them."
  • "But there is water in my coffee, tea, juice!"
  • "My whole family has the same condition; there's nothing I can do..."
  • "I can't exercise because_____!"
  • "I don't have TIME to fool with health stuff!"
  • "I can't afford supplements"

And I have certainly been guilty of MY share of these, as well. But my experience has taught me that when you clean up your act, cleanse your body, rid your body of toxicity and fortify your immune system you might just feel like a new person.

One of my mentors through the years was a kind and gentle soul, Dr. John Cortner, who practiced chiropractic medicine for many years. He impressed upon me that "Any condition in the body, including health, can be reversed."

Dr. Cortner's idea of changing the condition of a body that felt sick, in other words, too acid, was to clean house. LITERALLY. He advocated the use of fresh lemon juice and maple syrup for several days. He suggested using homeopathic remedies to balance the body's system, sleep to rejuvenate the mind and immune system, pure water to hydrate and eliminate the bad stuff. He was keen on gentle exercise to move the lymphatic system. He did NOT advocate the use of tobacco, prescription drugs, soda, bottled juice products. He encouraged his patients to use sea salt, to minimize their intake of meat, increase their intake of raw vegetables and fresh fruits to do away with commercial dairy products (raw milk got his seal of approval), And he advised: never ingest anything from a box! His favorite examples of that was Hamburger Helper and macaroni and cheese!

I had suffered for some long time with lung issues when Dr. Cortner came into my life, thanks to a co-worker. He told me in 6 weeks, by cleaning up my act, I could feel like a new woman. I was pleased that the process took only 3 weeks!

There are many ways of enhancing your health. Not every ailment must be a reason to invade the body with surgery or instult the system with toxic drugs. I have given you a few simple suggestions to get you on your way. If you are interested in going the distance, I strongly encourage you to look into The Healing Codes: http://tinyurl.com/5nez4y

So, clean up YOUR act, beginning today. First, take baby steps, then take the plunge:


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is Your Power Cord Plugged In?

Little George, age 8, watched his mother run the sweeper over the carpet and was delighted that every bit of dust, fuzz, and soil was sucked into the machine. He begged for the opportunity to use the vacuum in his bedroom, so his mother agreed. His frustration turned to tears when the crumbs and dirt just stayed on the floor...that's when his loving mommy put her arms around the child and tenderly explained that the cord to the cleaner had not been plugged in!
George needed to be 'powered up'!
Sometimes we adults need the same thing. We may drag ourselves out of bed with dread for all the things we MUST do: we MUST make a living from our job, even though we detest every part of it. We MUST perform certain tasks around our home, even though we'd prefer to be doing other things. We MUST work so hard to maintain the relationships in our lives because we feel we MUST and there's no other way to live... on and on the list goes...We worry. We can't wait for the time to pass in order for us to do other things. WE BECOME DRAINED. We have no power.
If you feel as if you MUST do things you don't have any desire for, then you have a POWER PROBLEM!
It is so much better to do things because you want to do them. It injects an element of energy and fun into your life.
POWER comes from BELIEF. If you believe in truth, that is powerful! And the truth gives you integrity!
Our beliefs come from our hearts. The heart fuels those beliefs. That is power!
Sometimes our hearts are so full of 'heart junk' or beliefs that are untrue that we have difficulties in our lives. That's how we know it's time for an 'overhaul' of our hearts, our beliefs, our lives. We need to plug in to a Power Source.
Energy medicine is the only means that addresses these issues, so far as I know. And it does so in truth and love, not because the physical body gets isolated, or because there is a lack of antibiotic or a lack of some toxic agent, or because there is a deficiency of surgery!
Here's where you go to learn the details of plugging in to the Power Source:
The Healing Codes can help you transform your life by morphing 'MUSTS' into
'JOYOUS DESIRES'! Who wouldn't want that?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September Song

Autumn has announced herself in Southeastern Nebraska.
As we drove to the farm from our little house in town we could see the yellowing tops of the cottonwood trees and watch the prairie chickens skitter across the rock road. The sumac is blazing in the road ditches and the corn is drying up just in time for the harvest.
Mother Earth shows us in the changing seasons that life is a series of cycles.
Chronologically, we must age. Our bodies change as we enter the ongoing seasons of our lives...but that needn't signal premature ill health.
Each plant and every creature is programmed to adapt to the conditions of the seasons.
Every plant and every creature lives in truth, and in the love of the Creator.
Every human is programmed, too.
We each live by the programming that occurs as our hearts record and remember the events and feelings and thoughts of our very lives.
If we are willing and able to live in truth and if we have and receive unconditional love, we are likely to be well and happy.
If not, what can be done to aright the situation?
The heart remembers all the truths of your life. The brain is the image maker. The Healing Codes are a tool to repair the damage that may have occured in your life to cause difficulty, illness, unhappiness, failure - you name it.
Medicine poisons. Surgery insults. Love heals.
If you or someone you care about would benefit from loving, truthful healing, send them to
And please, consider yourself hugged.