Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Three Days to Feeling Better

Jerry did not feel TOO poorly. But he felt punky enough to allow me the pleasure of moving his energy around. When I finished the session, he announced that his body felt looser, more relaxed. I noticed his skin was pinker than when we had begun. He settled on the sofa and became sleepy...whe was sent to stretch out on the bed, and he fell asleep quickly. Later, following a healthy meal replete with tall glasses of good water, I reminded him that the body takes three days to heal. Jerry and his bride departed. This was Day One.

Day Two found Jerry feeling very poorly. Of course, he gave me all the blame. If only I had not put so much energy HERE or THERE...and so on and on.

On Day Three his bride complained of Jerry being cranky. When she phoned me, I could hear him growl in the background. But there was improvement. Even Jerry noticed subtle differences and was pretty sure he would live to tell how Connie worked on him...

Energy work is only one component of having a healthy body. The body needs exercise, too, and Jerry is faithful to work that in. The body needs good water and lots of it, adequate rest, and supplements to a good diet of grains, beans, fruits, seeds, vegetables, and nuts. It needs a bit of meat, as well. Massage therapy is another component, color therapy still another. Jerry even uses The Healing Codes ! Not only that, but he and his bride are faithful users of LIMU! Jerry does a good job with every healthy component. But Jerry has an ace in the hole: an
infrared sauna !

High Tech Health sells a far infrared sauna that is the best and safest way to rid your body of all environmental chemicals and heavy metals (including mercury).

The infrared sauna Jerry uses is from High Tech Health and it has offered my good friends tremendous relief! It enhances all the other modalities Jerry and his bride have employed and it keeps their systems functioning well. It helps them maintain a proper pH balance and it prevents them from having major health issues.

You have just had a peek into three days of Jerry's life...

...whether you have health concerns or wish NOT to have health concerns, you might be wise to follow Jerry's lead and see for yourself what might do YOU a world of good! High Tech Health might be just the ticket to YOUR great health!


  1. Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better.

  2. So true! Thanks for stopping by, Mind Body Shop!


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