Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Time to Tool Up!

I don't wish to wax philosophic on you, but let's assume we all agree that a human has a heart...can we also agree that a human has a soul? Is it safe to say that a human also has a spirit?

We know where the HEART lives. But what of the SOUL? The SPIRIT? As a matter of fact, what ARE they, exactly?

Dr. Alex Loyd and his mentor, Larry Napier, remind us we can understand that modern science and ancient Hebrew agree that there are three terms: Soul, Spirit, Heart and all three reflect the inner man. The HEART lives inside the body; HEART is a container for the SPIRIT. The BODY is a container for the SOUL.

The HEART holds unconscious and subconscious beliefs. The cellular memory resides in the HEART. The HEART is the seat of the stronghold and the footholds of life. Within the HEART lies the best of the best of us and the worst of the worst of us. Sobering, isn't it?

Within the HEART lies the feeling that causes belief and action.

Within the SOUL we have the emotion that creates action and belief.

The E-Harmony founder, Neil Clarke Warren, has declared that every person has 1300 words per minute of "self talk" inside our heads! 1300 words per minute! Each of these 1300 words is like a seed that is planted in the heart! Thoughts of positive AND negative notions. These seeds are nurtured with more thoughts and experiences and cellular memory and the seeds begin to flourish. What flourishes is what Dr. Loyd refers to as "heart junk". This "heart junk" GOVERNS what's already in there from our thoughts, memories, experiences, feelings...beliefs... You can see how crowded it might be in our hearts!

When a driver has a flat tire, he needs tools to get the flat tire removed and the good tire in place.

When our hearts are filled with "heart junk" we need tools to help the heart to heal.

The driver is not going to use a nail clipper to do the work at hand. He will choose a tool that's more appropriate to get things handled. He will probably use a tire wrench.

For "heart junk" we need a tool that is gentle, loving and appropriate for our need. Energy Medicine fills that bill. Your can learn more about energy medicine when you visit The Healing Codes .

Dr. Loyd suggests a three part solution to ridding your life of this potentially deadly toxin:
  1. Pray
  2. Heal the Heart
  3. Use Energy Medicine

Albert Einstein gave us this formula: Energy = MC2 This formula is the battery that powers Energy Medicine.

The first time I encountered The Healing Codes I could FEEL throughout my whole being that I was facing unvarnished TRUTH. It resonated immediately. That felt so comforting, so reassuring, so real and so good. I wish the same for YOU.

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  1. 1300 words per minute! WOW! I am making a conscious effort to pay attention and start editing what I'm saying... and listening to and believing! Thanks for the great reminder of one of the best ways we can help ourselves, Connie!


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