Friday, September 19, 2008

A Healing Touch

There has been much ranting and raving on this blog for quite some time now about the benefits of The Healing Codes.

Results reported by the people who had been told there was no hope discovered to their great joy that hope was restored after they used the codes. People on the program have made it clear that their SYMPTOMS have been relieved. They were astounded that positive results came quickly. Some reported they had tears, more awareness of their lives, insights flooded their consciousness, and they spoke of feeling peaceful, happiness, and whole. Many remarked, "I got my life back." It seems to me that these simple codes helped legions of sufferers with their issues, their healing, the very quality of their lives!

The key that unlocked the success of The Healing Codes opened the door to healing by eradicating the SYMPTOMS. The SOURCE of those symptoms was addressed directly. Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson refer these symptoms as "heart junk" -- the programs residing in the heart that manifest as dis-ease in the body.

By ridding the heart of its "junk" and replacing it with new, truthful, loving programming restores the balance in the body.

On the surface, this seems simplistic and incredible. My mom used to say that if it seems too good to be true, it probably was. But my mom never knew about
The Healing Codes.

The benefits of The Healing Codes are myriad and real. How exciting is that?

I performed massage therapy for many years. I saw the benefits of my own healing touch, accompanied by an empathetic listening ear...that was before I knew about the benefits of any codes! You can only guess how this resonated with me when I found out the kind of help that is available to alleviate suffering and enhance life's quality! Talk about benefits!!!

Here is my challenge to you: Are you satisfied with the status of your health? Are you experiencing stress and all its misery in your life? Are you happy? Have you hope and joy? If you are, I am thrilled for you! As a health buff, I wish all mankind every joy and especially vibrant good health. If not, can imagine what I hope you'll do.

The Healing Codes

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