Friday, September 12, 2008

Clean Up Your Act!

In today's world, people who do not feel well will use every excuse in the book:
  • "But I MUST have my diet sodas!"
  • "Oh, I don't NEED 8 hours of sleep!"
  • "I've smoked all these years..."
  • "What do you mean, I need veggies? I don't LIKE them."
  • "But there is water in my coffee, tea, juice!"
  • "My whole family has the same condition; there's nothing I can do..."
  • "I can't exercise because_____!"
  • "I don't have TIME to fool with health stuff!"
  • "I can't afford supplements"

And I have certainly been guilty of MY share of these, as well. But my experience has taught me that when you clean up your act, cleanse your body, rid your body of toxicity and fortify your immune system you might just feel like a new person.

One of my mentors through the years was a kind and gentle soul, Dr. John Cortner, who practiced chiropractic medicine for many years. He impressed upon me that "Any condition in the body, including health, can be reversed."

Dr. Cortner's idea of changing the condition of a body that felt sick, in other words, too acid, was to clean house. LITERALLY. He advocated the use of fresh lemon juice and maple syrup for several days. He suggested using homeopathic remedies to balance the body's system, sleep to rejuvenate the mind and immune system, pure water to hydrate and eliminate the bad stuff. He was keen on gentle exercise to move the lymphatic system. He did NOT advocate the use of tobacco, prescription drugs, soda, bottled juice products. He encouraged his patients to use sea salt, to minimize their intake of meat, increase their intake of raw vegetables and fresh fruits to do away with commercial dairy products (raw milk got his seal of approval), And he advised: never ingest anything from a box! His favorite examples of that was Hamburger Helper and macaroni and cheese!

I had suffered for some long time with lung issues when Dr. Cortner came into my life, thanks to a co-worker. He told me in 6 weeks, by cleaning up my act, I could feel like a new woman. I was pleased that the process took only 3 weeks!

There are many ways of enhancing your health. Not every ailment must be a reason to invade the body with surgery or instult the system with toxic drugs. I have given you a few simple suggestions to get you on your way. If you are interested in going the distance, I strongly encourage you to look into The Healing Codes:

So, clean up YOUR act, beginning today. First, take baby steps, then take the plunge:

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