Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September Song

Autumn has announced herself in Southeastern Nebraska.
As we drove to the farm from our little house in town we could see the yellowing tops of the cottonwood trees and watch the prairie chickens skitter across the rock road. The sumac is blazing in the road ditches and the corn is drying up just in time for the harvest.
Mother Earth shows us in the changing seasons that life is a series of cycles.
Chronologically, we must age. Our bodies change as we enter the ongoing seasons of our lives...but that needn't signal premature ill health.
Each plant and every creature is programmed to adapt to the conditions of the seasons.
Every plant and every creature lives in truth, and in the love of the Creator.
Every human is programmed, too.
We each live by the programming that occurs as our hearts record and remember the events and feelings and thoughts of our very lives.
If we are willing and able to live in truth and if we have and receive unconditional love, we are likely to be well and happy.
If not, what can be done to aright the situation?
The heart remembers all the truths of your life. The brain is the image maker. The Healing Codes are a tool to repair the damage that may have occured in your life to cause difficulty, illness, unhappiness, failure - you name it.
Medicine poisons. Surgery insults. Love heals.
If you or someone you care about would benefit from loving, truthful healing, send them to
And please, consider yourself hugged.

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