Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is Your Power Cord Plugged In?

Little George, age 8, watched his mother run the sweeper over the carpet and was delighted that every bit of dust, fuzz, and soil was sucked into the machine. He begged for the opportunity to use the vacuum in his bedroom, so his mother agreed. His frustration turned to tears when the crumbs and dirt just stayed on the floor...that's when his loving mommy put her arms around the child and tenderly explained that the cord to the cleaner had not been plugged in!
George needed to be 'powered up'!
Sometimes we adults need the same thing. We may drag ourselves out of bed with dread for all the things we MUST do: we MUST make a living from our job, even though we detest every part of it. We MUST perform certain tasks around our home, even though we'd prefer to be doing other things. We MUST work so hard to maintain the relationships in our lives because we feel we MUST and there's no other way to live... on and on the list goes...We worry. We can't wait for the time to pass in order for us to do other things. WE BECOME DRAINED. We have no power.
If you feel as if you MUST do things you don't have any desire for, then you have a POWER PROBLEM!
It is so much better to do things because you want to do them. It injects an element of energy and fun into your life.
POWER comes from BELIEF. If you believe in truth, that is powerful! And the truth gives you integrity!
Our beliefs come from our hearts. The heart fuels those beliefs. That is power!
Sometimes our hearts are so full of 'heart junk' or beliefs that are untrue that we have difficulties in our lives. That's how we know it's time for an 'overhaul' of our hearts, our beliefs, our lives. We need to plug in to a Power Source.
Energy medicine is the only means that addresses these issues, so far as I know. And it does so in truth and love, not because the physical body gets isolated, or because there is a lack of antibiotic or a lack of some toxic agent, or because there is a deficiency of surgery!
Here's where you go to learn the details of plugging in to the Power Source:
The Healing Codes can help you transform your life by morphing 'MUSTS' into
'JOYOUS DESIRES'! Who wouldn't want that?

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