Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cancer is Not a Disease?

Here is a concept to wrap your head around: According to author Andreas Moritz, cancer is not so much a disease as it is a survival mechanism.

In Moritz' book "Cancer is Not a Disease" he embraces the notion that cancer is not a separate illness; rather, cancer is the result of specific, identifiable causes. He maintains that removing those very causes will set the precondition for the body, mind and even emotions to become healed and whole once more.

Interesting to me is a theme that runs through the book: "Cancer does not cause a person to be sick; it is the sickness of the person that causes cancer."

This is precisely what the The Healing Codes espouses. Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson have spoken and written extensively about the heart as the "image maker" and how we must heal our hearts in order to heal our bodies.

Shakespeare said, "To thine own self be true." Andreas Moritz, Dr. Alex Loyd, Dr. Ben Johnson and William Shakespeare are all in agreement. If we are to be well- really and truly well in the true sense of the word-we must heal our hearts and learn about our sickness so we can become whole.

To accomplish this does not entail the use of remedies that attack, burn, or poison our physical bodies. It does call for the wise use of non-invasive and gentle Energy Medicine.

I fail to see the good, for example, of a "cure" that demands the presence of a HazMat team when a prescription is spilled in a health facility. It makes more sense to me that we care enough to love one another in healthy ways.

SIDEBAR: Hm...Wasn't there a major character in the Holy Bible who admonished His followers to Love One Another? END SIDEBAR.

The Healing Codes have enhanced the quality of my life, the lives of my family members and people in my circle of influence. It is my fervent hope you will open your heart to its value and benefit from this valuable tool, as well.

The Healing Codes

Connie Baum

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Get Well Soon, Daniel Hauser

No doubt you are as weary as I am of the flap about the boy who has been in the news because the "powers that be" insist he be poisoned in order to treat his illness.

But as weary as I am of the whole business, I cannot get this family out of my head. Or my heart.

Their story is all too close to my own. We were not dealing with cancer; we had an underaged son with sore that would not heal and the standard treatment offered was not to my liking. I was not as well educated then as I am now. Threats were made against me if I did not cooperate with Big Medicine. I would have given my own life to save this child, so I completely understand what the Minnesota family has endured.

When it was announced that Daniel Hauser and his mother ran away I was awe struck. That kind of courage is immense; it is also rare. The love for that young son is immeasurable. I wondered how I could help the situation. I do not know these people but I so resonate with their situation.

Because I am such a staunch supporter of The Healing Codes I knew I could perform those on Daniel's behalf and of course I can say prayers. I also have a fairly extensive network of prayer partners...

According to the media, Daniel is home again. He has no clue he has this cheering section in a small town in a state far from his home. But there is no defense for love and there is no more powerful healing mechanism than the body itself.

Get well soon, Daniel. I love you madly.

The Healing Codes

Connie Baum

Monday, May 18, 2009

Would YOU like to Save Money on YOUR Dental Bills?

Mother Connie has ranted and raved and stood on her soapbox for a very long time now about how to care for your body. You know the drill, so I'll spare you the details. But honestly, my pals keep me in the loop about the newest and most exciting products to enhance your health.

Here's how it happened: Renita came to help us move into a different house. She spent the night and of course, she brought her toothbrush. She opened her hand and on her palm were these little "things" she called Tooth Soap. I had never heard of such a thing. She grinned and offered to share.

WOW! It was an experience, using soap to clean my teeth. We giggled about it and she left me a sample to use. Then we moved on to the madness of moving.

I found later out that others knew about this stuff, too! SIDEBAR: How come I seem to be the last one to learn about this? I'm supposed to lead the way when it comes to fun and this Tooth Soap is about as much fun as, well, discovering any new product! END SIDEBAR.

This is what Shelley had to say about it:

"I started using Tooth Soap a year ago and I LOVE IT!!! At that time I noticed that it only took one week to wash away the tartar and calculus buildup that I had on many of my teeth. (It had been three years since I had the money for a dental appointment.) I also noticed that my mouth did not feel "fuzzy" after sleeping. Interestingly enough, the number of colds that my children and I caught also diminished. Maybe washing our mouths is as importaant as washing our hands in stopping the spread of germs? We recently tried the new liquid tooth soap and are even happier than ever!"

Now, boys and girls, this does not absolve you of your responsibility to drink your water, eat your vegetables and whole foods, move your body and get enough sleep. But you'll be brushing your teeth, anyway, and your dentist will be no doubt be proud of the results you'll be getting with Tooth Soap . The good folks who bring you this revolutionary new way to clean your teeth make no claims. After all, they are not medical experts.

Here is their disclaimer: 'These testimonials do not imply that similar results will happen with your use of our products. We have no competent or scientific evidence to suggest that the testimonialist's experience is due to the use of our products. These testimonials are not intended to recommend any supplement as a drug, as a diagnosis for specific illnesses or conditions, nor as a product to eliminate diseases or other medical conditions or complications. We make no medical claims to the benefits of any of our products to improve medical conditions.'

That said, I still maintain Tooth Soap is fun. Maybe you should at least check it out?

Tooth Soap

Friday, May 15, 2009

Is There Wisdom in Energy Medicine?

Is it just me, or are there more awful diseases being diagnosed these days? It seems that everyone I talk to has someone in their circle of influence who is seriously ill or has received a draconian diagnosis.

All this ill health makes me want to wrap my arms around folks and "fix" them.

I am well aware that I cannot "fix" ANYbody. When I work with their colors or help them with The Healing Codes , I am only a facilitator-a hollow reed, if you will.

What alarms me is that none of us was ever meant to suffer with poor health, lack, or anything we don't enjoy. Yet, people suffer undue angst and anguish.

What if it did not have to be that way? What if something could turn on our immune systems, reduce stress and make us completely free from the illnesses and unhappiness that keep us from our bliss?

The good news is that something can. And does. It is called ENERGY MEDICINE. This modality was developed by Dr. Alex Loyd in 2001 because he was determined to help his wife be free of depression. The program came to him-most likely via Divine Intervention-on an airplane trip! The cellular memory that was causing his wife to have issues was healed and she is free from that bondage to this day!

Dr. Ben Johnson managed and worked in cancer clinics. When he was given the news that he had developed Lou Gehrig's Disease he asked Dr. Loyd to help him. He used ENERGY MEDICINE and in FIVE WEEKS, that draconian diagnosis ceased to exist for Dr. Johnson!

Larry Napier, who serves at Dr. Loyd's mentor, complained of what his medical consultants termed a basal cell carcinoma. In justTWO DAYS after beginning to use ENERGY MEDICINE he saw improvement and within FIVE WEEKS that spot had vanished from his arm!

Solomon, in his wisdom, knew about this ancient healing but modern science is just now catching up to this remarkable way of wellness. ENERGY MEDICINE is taking its rightful place as it comes to the forefront of modern medical care.

Please do not wait for a serious illness to strike you or someone you love. Look immediately into ENERGY MEDICINE !

Connie Baum

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

General Mills vs the FDA?

The Food and Drug Administration has “busted” General Mills for the so-called claims made about cholesterol lowering results by eating their breakfast fave “Cheerios.”

I am so old I remember when the label said “CHEERY Os” and there was a cute jingle to accompany their radio commercial. Aren’t you relieved you don’t have to hear me sing that jingle on audio?

Here’s the thing, kids: If people get Cheerios from a food pantry, that’s one thing. People who are given food can’t very well look a gift horse in the mouth. But if you have food stamps from the SNAP program and you use those to buy Cheerios or any other packaged cereal, you are seriously not buying real nutrition. You are BUYING and PAYING FOR processed food products.


Okay. I have climbed down from my soapbox now and I will speak in more moderate tones. The beef the FDA has with General Mills has much less to do with your cholesterol count and your well being than it does with A/Control and B/Big Medicine. They may carry the name FOOD and Drug Administration but there is much more profit in the drug end of things. But that is a rant, uh, I mean POST for another day.

I am so passionate about this that I created a blog whose sole purpose is to help educate and elucidate those folks who take their food stamps or their hard earned cash and coupons to the store to garner all the bargains possible. People who do what they can to save money are admirable, to be sure, but I promise you that the “foods” available are not always edible nor are they good for you.

You have heard me carry on, railing against artificial sweeteners, msg, and all the toxic soup the food pocessors hide in the food items they want you to buy. They want very much for you to be addicted to food so you will eat more of it, driving their profits up there with Jack and his Beanstalk!

The fact of the matter is that organic whole grains give you all the nutrition possible with no negative side effects. You’ll get the whole complex of B vitamins, good fiber to satisfy your appetite and a breakfast that serves the brain and body well until lunchtime.

The body KNOWS the difference between processed food products, regular food, and organic selections. You can test the strength of your muscle groups by placing a small amount of any whole grain under your tongue and having someone test your grip. Then you can place a tiny amount of any boxed cereal under your tongue and test your strength again. You will always test stronger for a whole grain-unless you happen to be allergic to it.

Many people have never even tasted some whole grains. Quinoa (pronounced KEEN wah) is a good example of that. Well, I can understand why. The last time I priced a pound of it the price tag read, “$7.38″ Is it any wonder people are not using that?

So, my next choices would be barley, which is about as tasty as last Tuesday's chewing gum. BUT when whole barley is added to soups or stews it becomes a food stretcher as it cooks and adds fiber and volume to the concoction.

Another good choice is whole oat groats. Now THAT is one of the best cholesterol reducers in the bunch. You can put a potful of oat groats into the oven overnight in a bath of apple juice, add in a few raisins and your breakfast will be ready to eat as you start your day. Incidentally, I use 1 cup of oats, 2 cups of water and 1 cup of apple juice. I put in a pinch of sea salt and a handful of raisins. Play with this and see how you might like to change that ratio to suit the tastes of your family.

So. That’s what I have to say about THAT.

I'll keep my eye on the comment box to see what YOU have to say! Don't let me down, now.

If you have the time and are inclined, you'll want to scope out our partners,too. You can see that their banners appear at the bottom of this very page and you can be very sure they are all about good health, just like Mother Connie is.

Connie Baum

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Liver Damage?

Now, HERE is a set of facts that could curl your hair or raise your eyebrows:

The American Medical Association's own journal, JAMA, recently published the results of taking acetaminophen: In only two weeks, liver damage was apparent from taking 8 tablets-4 grams-a day.

Cheery, huh? I thought so, too. Isn't liver damage what we all yearn to experience?

It's way easy to get so much pain reliever in our system by ingesting acetominophen as we can get it over the counter in a variety of places. It appears in convenience stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, even the corner dollar shop.

This is the kind of stuff that makes Mother Connie nuts! We can buy a "cheap fix" for our pain over the counter, but it's "too expensive" to be well, in some peoples' opinions. People want to let the medics choose their pain relief. They want someone else to be responsible for their well being. They want to drink soda, not water . They crave fast food and claim not to have the time to prepare their meals. They don't like vegetables. They stay up too late and suffer from colds and fatigue. They want to do things the way they've always done things and get better and different results.

On the other hand, I hear people claim how "I've done EVERYTHING right and I still have this [fill in the blank] so there's no need to take vitamins or look at Fucoidan as a pain reliever or change my ways." You've heard people carry on this way, too.

I'm not the brightest bulb in the chandelier but for the life of me, I don't GET why people would not choose health over misery. Why would anyone opt for liver damage over vibrant, radiant, glowing good health?

Well, kids. Here's the thing. You can spring for something healthy and tasty, like the yummy stuff with the funny name: Limu; or you can suffer and have liver damage. The choice is entirely up to you.

If you want to do a bit of research, check out and look at all the massive info there about FUCOIDAN. Fucoidan is an element that helps your cells communicate with one another.

People who use Limu report improved sleeping, better numbers in their medical tests, less discomfort, fewer issues with blood sugar, improved mood and all kinds of good things. Even though the Limu company MAKES NO CLAIMS and suggests the consumer drink 4 ounces of the liquid every day for three months before deciding what it might accomplish for the user. My own personal experience was that I got relief much sooner than 90 days.

My buddy, Jerry, declares that "when he grows up, he's going to drink Limu like orange juice in big, tall glasses!" I hasten to mention that Jerry does not hurt and he can work circles around his cohorts, even though he is very much their senior!

Jerry won't have liver damage, either!


Connie Baum

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy, Happy Mother's Day, 2009!

The petunias say "Happy Mother's Day" eloquently!

There was a lot of giggling and snickering and I heard this admonition more than once as I prepared breakfast, "These plans are NEITHER of your business!" I knew that meant I had better stay in the kitchen.

The secret keepers disappeared for a time and when they emerged, they covered the dining room table with a flat of red, white and blue petunia patriots!

Daddy grinned while Michael Birdsong nearly came unglued over the delight of it all. He stuttered; he giggled; he pointed out the details of each posie; he was so proud to bring the secret shopping out into the open, where it could be admired, appreciated and discussed at length. He wanted desperately to please his mom, which he most assuredly did.

Almost ritualistically, we had to recall the first Mother's Day gift-a wire basket-from all those many years ago. He wondered aloud, "did it still hang in the kitchen?" That was 40 years ago so even the kitchen is not the same. But he so hoped it would be there as a monument to the love he holds in he heart for his mom.

Then we revisited the most memorable gift I ever had for my own mother and what we all remembered about our mothers through the years...we grinned and there was a tear or two.

Of course, in this family, we cannot even think of Mother's Day without reliving the treasured story of how my #1 grandson and his mother surprised my mother and me with an unexpected visit. That was the year Corey Douglas Grandson prepared three breakfasts in bed!

Lovely memories, super secrets, devotion from a family I adore. Add to that those charming petunias, gracing our newly acquired flowerbeds...Is it any wonder I love my life?

Connie Baum

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, 2009!

It is the Thursday before Mother's Day, 2009. The newspapers are loaded to the gills with ads for Mother's Day gifts. The ads on the airwaves are all about "He went to Jared's" and ";" there are even sickeningly saccharin greeting card ads.

I GET it...It's a seasonal thing and everyone wants a piece of the cash action pie. For my own part, I chose not to ride that bandwagon.

When our children are tiny, they need US. Every newborn needs mommy and daddy's undivided attention for every aspect of their existence. As newborns become toddlers, they need mommy and daddy to guide them, teach them and make them feel secure. They also need the entire extended family of grandparents, aunts 'n uncles, and cousins to reinforce what mommy and daddy exemplify. Little ones need that kind of loving support all the rest of their lives.

The roles reverse somewhat when those youngsters, in what FEELS like the twinkling of an eye, are grown.

As parents, all we need for Mother's Day is to know those kids love us. Mommies do not NEED bling or spendy, oversized bouquets or champagne brunches. Kids, we mommies don't feel that you OWE us a cruise to a Greek Isle or three days in a spa. These are lovely expressions and greatly appreciated, but entirely unnecessary. A simple phone call would be perfectly acceptable.

And breakfast in bed would be nice.

If there are children in your household who have fallen prey to the advertisers' calls and want to take action, my hope is that someone with the voice of reason will encourage those children to pick up their clothes, help with laundry detail, wash or dry dishes without complaint and keep their rooms in good order. What mom would not appreciate that sort of giving?

The real blessings and gifts of Mother's Day are the treasures God gave us as each child made his entrance into the family. If each child came with good health, that was really a bonus!

Happy Mother's Day to all mommies, grandmothers and whoever else played that role in a child's life.

Connie Baum

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall...?

When we peer into a mirror, we obviously see our own reflection. Did you ever look into the mirror, though, and think you saw a relative you resemble?

Once I walked into a salon and saw many workstations with mirrors. I looked at my reflection-that was vain of me, I know-and I "saw" my MOTHER. It brought to life the old truism about

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall

I AM my mother, after all!"

The other thing I have observed is that I "hear" my mother's voice. I will open MY OWN mouth and out will come my mother's WORDS. It really is comical. Stuff I swore I'd never say is coming out of my very own mouth and there is no accounting for any of it! wink/wink

I've been ranting and raving and carrying on for some time now about good water , organic whole foods and whole foods supplements, not using MSG and other additives and the whole routine. You've read it all before; there's no need to reiterate.

The funny thing about that is this: I understand some big outfit held a conference call last night. There were over a giga-gajillion people on this call from all around the world and the special guest on the call was telling people the same thing Mother Connie has been preaching about all these many years!

Which just matches what Norma, my dear Jewish friend, told me: If three people tell you you're drunk, GO LIE DOWN.

It is patently obvious that Mother Connie is not the only health nut who espouses these notions about food and health and all the rest of it. And now, between Mother Connie and that crowd on the above mentioned conference call, EVERYBODY around the world knows how critical it is to follow a regimen including foods, water, rest, movement and protective chips on your cell phone!

The question remains: What will you DO about it?

Connie Baum

Monday, May 4, 2009

Reiki, Massage Therapy, Aromatics?

When God was a little boy and Mother Connie was learning to perform massage, society frowned on the profession of massage therapy. It was thought to be naughty and those who discussed the benefits-there are a great many benefits-were thought to be naughty, as well.

Not one to worry much about other peoples' opinions, I pursued my studies and went on to layer the sessions with each newly learned modality. I became so enlightened about so many different techniques that it took me half a day to do a one hour session!

As you are well aware, my favorite modality has beome the Do It Yourself program of The Healing Codes because it is so simple. No appointment necessary, you can even do long distance healing for family or friends who live afar but need assistance with their issues. A big plus is that there are no rules about who may or may not avail themselves of this gift.

I've been oober delighted to watch my Firstborn learn about Reiki and aromatherapy. These are effective modalities and she has been drawn to learn about them. This affirms to me that she is following her passions. A gifted, creative young woman, she is wise about listening to her heart and traveling her own path.

Reiki, like The Healing Codes is a fast growing wellness practice. It was developed in Japan, where natural healing is highly respected. Reiki helps to bring balance and harmony for body, mind and spirit. It can be used in conjunction with any other type of healing; hence, it has integrated well into various Western medical facilities for its efficacy.

Aromatherapy offers an holistic approach to enhance life and wellness. The Egyptians used aromatherapy extensively. It is a delightful adjunct to anyone's wellness program and I highly endorse the use of essential oils for every reason it may be called for. Whether you are keen on weight management or need a good night's rest, essential oils and their winsome aromas will be a healthy way to achieve your goals.

We are surrounded by an embarrassment of riches when it comes to choosing how best to care for our bodies. How delightful that my very own family believes in traveling this path as much as I do!

The Healing Codes

Connie Baum