Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Get Well Soon, Daniel Hauser

No doubt you are as weary as I am of the flap about the boy who has been in the news because the "powers that be" insist he be poisoned in order to treat his illness.

But as weary as I am of the whole business, I cannot get this family out of my head. Or my heart.

Their story is all too close to my own. We were not dealing with cancer; we had an underaged son with sore that would not heal and the standard treatment offered was not to my liking. I was not as well educated then as I am now. Threats were made against me if I did not cooperate with Big Medicine. I would have given my own life to save this child, so I completely understand what the Minnesota family has endured.

When it was announced that Daniel Hauser and his mother ran away I was awe struck. That kind of courage is immense; it is also rare. The love for that young son is immeasurable. I wondered how I could help the situation. I do not know these people but I so resonate with their situation.

Because I am such a staunch supporter of The Healing Codes I knew I could perform those on Daniel's behalf and of course I can say prayers. I also have a fairly extensive network of prayer partners...

According to the media, Daniel is home again. He has no clue he has this cheering section in a small town in a state far from his home. But there is no defense for love and there is no more powerful healing mechanism than the body itself.

Get well soon, Daniel. I love you madly.

The Healing Codes

Connie Baum


  1. Well said Mother Connie! I think that Daniel and his family are at the top of the prayer lists in many households around the world.


  2. Thanks, Rainy!

    You and I know intimately how the powerful prayer is, and how swift--prayer gives the Hauser family such hope!

    We also understand how God can work together for good for those who love Him...let's visualize a good outcome together as we pray for this family.

    Mother Connie

  3. It's encouraging to hear that many others understand the validity of natural health care and even more importantly the power of prayer. I wanted to mention that the Hausers have a website and encouarage others to share their stories as you did on your blog. I think it would be very encouraging to them to hear that you and others are praying. Their site is www.dannyhauser.com & there is an email address on the left side. Thanks again!
    in prayer with you,


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