Friday, May 15, 2009

Is There Wisdom in Energy Medicine?

Is it just me, or are there more awful diseases being diagnosed these days? It seems that everyone I talk to has someone in their circle of influence who is seriously ill or has received a draconian diagnosis.

All this ill health makes me want to wrap my arms around folks and "fix" them.

I am well aware that I cannot "fix" ANYbody. When I work with their colors or help them with The Healing Codes , I am only a facilitator-a hollow reed, if you will.

What alarms me is that none of us was ever meant to suffer with poor health, lack, or anything we don't enjoy. Yet, people suffer undue angst and anguish.

What if it did not have to be that way? What if something could turn on our immune systems, reduce stress and make us completely free from the illnesses and unhappiness that keep us from our bliss?

The good news is that something can. And does. It is called ENERGY MEDICINE. This modality was developed by Dr. Alex Loyd in 2001 because he was determined to help his wife be free of depression. The program came to him-most likely via Divine Intervention-on an airplane trip! The cellular memory that was causing his wife to have issues was healed and she is free from that bondage to this day!

Dr. Ben Johnson managed and worked in cancer clinics. When he was given the news that he had developed Lou Gehrig's Disease he asked Dr. Loyd to help him. He used ENERGY MEDICINE and in FIVE WEEKS, that draconian diagnosis ceased to exist for Dr. Johnson!

Larry Napier, who serves at Dr. Loyd's mentor, complained of what his medical consultants termed a basal cell carcinoma. In justTWO DAYS after beginning to use ENERGY MEDICINE he saw improvement and within FIVE WEEKS that spot had vanished from his arm!

Solomon, in his wisdom, knew about this ancient healing but modern science is just now catching up to this remarkable way of wellness. ENERGY MEDICINE is taking its rightful place as it comes to the forefront of modern medical care.

Please do not wait for a serious illness to strike you or someone you love. Look immediately into ENERGY MEDICINE !

Connie Baum

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