Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall...?

When we peer into a mirror, we obviously see our own reflection. Did you ever look into the mirror, though, and think you saw a relative you resemble?

Once I walked into a salon and saw many workstations with mirrors. I looked at my reflection-that was vain of me, I know-and I "saw" my MOTHER. It brought to life the old truism about

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall

I AM my mother, after all!"

The other thing I have observed is that I "hear" my mother's voice. I will open MY OWN mouth and out will come my mother's WORDS. It really is comical. Stuff I swore I'd never say is coming out of my very own mouth and there is no accounting for any of it! wink/wink

I've been ranting and raving and carrying on for some time now about good water , organic whole foods and whole foods supplements, not using MSG and other additives and the whole routine. You've read it all before; there's no need to reiterate.

The funny thing about that is this: I understand some big outfit held a conference call last night. There were over a giga-gajillion people on this call from all around the world and the special guest on the call was telling people the same thing Mother Connie has been preaching about all these many years!

Which just matches what Norma, my dear Jewish friend, told me: If three people tell you you're drunk, GO LIE DOWN.

It is patently obvious that Mother Connie is not the only health nut who espouses these notions about food and health and all the rest of it. And now, between Mother Connie and that crowd on the above mentioned conference call, EVERYBODY around the world knows how critical it is to follow a regimen including foods, water, rest, movement and protective chips on your cell phone!

The question remains: What will you DO about it?

Connie Baum

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