Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, 2009!

It is the Thursday before Mother's Day, 2009. The newspapers are loaded to the gills with ads for Mother's Day gifts. The ads on the airwaves are all about "He went to Jared's" and ";" there are even sickeningly saccharin greeting card ads.

I GET it...It's a seasonal thing and everyone wants a piece of the cash action pie. For my own part, I chose not to ride that bandwagon.

When our children are tiny, they need US. Every newborn needs mommy and daddy's undivided attention for every aspect of their existence. As newborns become toddlers, they need mommy and daddy to guide them, teach them and make them feel secure. They also need the entire extended family of grandparents, aunts 'n uncles, and cousins to reinforce what mommy and daddy exemplify. Little ones need that kind of loving support all the rest of their lives.

The roles reverse somewhat when those youngsters, in what FEELS like the twinkling of an eye, are grown.

As parents, all we need for Mother's Day is to know those kids love us. Mommies do not NEED bling or spendy, oversized bouquets or champagne brunches. Kids, we mommies don't feel that you OWE us a cruise to a Greek Isle or three days in a spa. These are lovely expressions and greatly appreciated, but entirely unnecessary. A simple phone call would be perfectly acceptable.

And breakfast in bed would be nice.

If there are children in your household who have fallen prey to the advertisers' calls and want to take action, my hope is that someone with the voice of reason will encourage those children to pick up their clothes, help with laundry detail, wash or dry dishes without complaint and keep their rooms in good order. What mom would not appreciate that sort of giving?

The real blessings and gifts of Mother's Day are the treasures God gave us as each child made his entrance into the family. If each child came with good health, that was really a bonus!

Happy Mother's Day to all mommies, grandmothers and whoever else played that role in a child's life.

Connie Baum

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