Monday, December 21, 2009

Mother Connie Sez, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

Mother Connie sez, "Time to take a holiday break! Play with the children! Spend time with your loved ones! Sing Christmas carols! Veg out watching movies and drinking hot mulled cider! Light candles and say prayers! Do something for others as a surprise! Make memories that make your heart go pitter-patter! Above all, have great fun!"

When Mother Connie returns, there will be interesting things to discuss and a new year to welcome.

Here's hoping your holiday will be wonderful and that 2010 will bring you and those you love best all the love and peace and joy possible!

We love you all a special much!

Mother Connie
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Decorations, Anybody?

It's quite possible that the boughs of holly that deck your halls don't include nail polish. But it was nail polish that made us especially glad we were in church today!

Unfinished preparations had been on our minds so Pastor Kathy Rahorst's sermon about being CONCERNED as opposed to WORRYING was timely and very appropriate. As we were filing out of the sanctuary we heard gales of laughter. In learning what the fun was all about, we were shown Bill Koehler's fingernails!

I hasten to mention that Bill Koehler has been 33 as many times as I have so he has a handful of grandchildren. He adores those kids and they hold him in very high esteem. Well, who WOULDN'T love a grandpa who lets the girls decorate HIM for Christmas?

Bill held out his well worn farmer's hands for all to see. On each fingernail was a teeny, tiny Christmas scene from the Baby Jesus in the manger to the Star of David with its light! Bill had patiently and lovingly allowed his granddaughters to paint the little vignettes on all ten fingernails. We giggled because it looked comical and a bit out of Bill's character-after all, he's all guy and a hard working farmer, at that-but we all knew what a kindness, what a gift Bill had given to his whole family.

Any man who is comfortable enough in his own skin to allow people he loves to deck him out in nail polish is a man who is living his truth in love. Those girls will have the best, most delicious memories to pass down to their families one day. Every kid in the world should have such a loving grandfather.

No need there for The Healing Codes!

Merry Christmas!

Connie Baum

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Alternative Healing: Take a Bath?

People who read this blog often ask Mother Connie, "How do The Healing Codes work, really?"

Her answer may seem impudent but it's the truth: "VERY WELL, Thank you."

Here's the thing: If you take a shower you scrub and rub and wash your skin so clean that it turns pink and squeaks. It's labor and work to take a shower! However, if you take a bubble bath, you relax and soak away the grime and there is no effort involved.

When you use The Healing Codes, you do not put forth great effort. The magic takes place because your body is wise and works to activate its own healing centers on its own. The important thing is that the protocol for the codes are practiced regularly.

Dr. Ben Johnson, a traditional medical physician, used The Healing Codes and got dramatic results. You can experience dramatic results, too. Learn more about The Healing Codes by clicking here: I want to have more joy, peace and love in my life!

Mother Connie sez you will have fun using The Healing Codes and even more fun when you see what great results await you!

Connie Baum

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mother Connie Sez: Take Your Own Advice?

After all the ranting and raving Mother Connie offered about not being stressed over the Thanksgiving holiday she is pretty red in the face. Oh, she made her own way, all right.

Stress does funny things to people. Even normal people. SIDEBAR: Who in their right mind thinks Mother Connie is normal? END SIDEBAR.

Here's the thing: There are two characters in the family who live in group homes in two different towns. It is a day long event to collect these guys, now 38 and 43, and all their STUFF to bring them home for a visit. While they are in our home they eat like football players and by the way, these guys will eat anything if it does not eat them first. For that, I am eternally grateful. Oh, and by the way, their return trip involves another daylong event.

Between the coming and going we have 2 extra faces to shave or see so the whiskers vanish; we have 2 more baths to supervise and there are a LOT more games of UNO to be played! It's a change in our routine, it's a change in theirs. And change is not anyone's strong suit.

So, in order to facilitate all the changes, Mother Connie immersed herself in cooking, cleanup and laundry. She made lists so everyone would remember where to be and what to bring. On Saturday, Mother Connie and The Normanator had a serious discussion about all the details of Sunday morning church. The plans were laid for an orderly Sunday morning whereby there would be a simple breakfast. The guys would have help getting ready in their Sunday-go-to-meetin' best and we would arrive in time to set up the communion elements and prepare our part for the following Fellowship time. The Normanator even baked one of his specialty cakes in honor of the day's activities.

Everything went like clock work. Some of us were up before the alarm sounded. Faces were scrubbed, teeth were cleaned, whiskers buzzed away and tummies filled with toast. We stopped to collect the boys' aunt from her home in the assisted living facility and off we drove.

We were the first to arrive at the little country church. It was not until Mother Connie turned on the kitchen light and noticed the calendar that it dawned on her: THIS is not communion Sunday! IT IS NEXT WEEK! So, of course, there would be no Fellowship Hour.

The picnic basket housing the cake was whisked away to the trunk of the car for safekeeping! After we finished laughing we sat, looking at one another; marveling that we had arrived so early, so well prepared and so erroneously.

The poor Normanator-it would have been useless to question this plan before it was executed. The stress level registered off the charts, so it was easier for him to just go along with this cockamamie, ill timed plan of Mother Connie's. Besides, he also thought the First Sunday in Advent meant communion would be served.

Mother Connie is living proof that stress addles the brain. With Christmas looming within the month, she would be wise to settle down and take her own advice about not stressing over the details of the holiday.

At least the family saw the humor in this comedy of errors!

She'll be doing The Healing Codes a little more often now, thank you very much.

Connie Baum
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