Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Alternative Healing: Take a Bath?

People who read this blog often ask Mother Connie, "How do The Healing Codes work, really?"

Her answer may seem impudent but it's the truth: "VERY WELL, Thank you."

Here's the thing: If you take a shower you scrub and rub and wash your skin so clean that it turns pink and squeaks. It's labor and work to take a shower! However, if you take a bubble bath, you relax and soak away the grime and there is no effort involved.

When you use The Healing Codes, you do not put forth great effort. The magic takes place because your body is wise and works to activate its own healing centers on its own. The important thing is that the protocol for the codes are practiced regularly.

Dr. Ben Johnson, a traditional medical physician, used The Healing Codes and got dramatic results. You can experience dramatic results, too. Learn more about The Healing Codes by clicking here: I want to have more joy, peace and love in my life!

Mother Connie sez you will have fun using The Healing Codes and even more fun when you see what great results await you!

Connie Baum

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