Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mother Connie Sez: Take Your Own Advice?

After all the ranting and raving Mother Connie offered about not being stressed over the Thanksgiving holiday she is pretty red in the face. Oh, she made her own way, all right.

Stress does funny things to people. Even normal people. SIDEBAR: Who in their right mind thinks Mother Connie is normal? END SIDEBAR.

Here's the thing: There are two characters in the family who live in group homes in two different towns. It is a day long event to collect these guys, now 38 and 43, and all their STUFF to bring them home for a visit. While they are in our home they eat like football players and by the way, these guys will eat anything if it does not eat them first. For that, I am eternally grateful. Oh, and by the way, their return trip involves another daylong event.

Between the coming and going we have 2 extra faces to shave or see so the whiskers vanish; we have 2 more baths to supervise and there are a LOT more games of UNO to be played! It's a change in our routine, it's a change in theirs. And change is not anyone's strong suit.

So, in order to facilitate all the changes, Mother Connie immersed herself in cooking, cleanup and laundry. She made lists so everyone would remember where to be and what to bring. On Saturday, Mother Connie and The Normanator had a serious discussion about all the details of Sunday morning church. The plans were laid for an orderly Sunday morning whereby there would be a simple breakfast. The guys would have help getting ready in their Sunday-go-to-meetin' best and we would arrive in time to set up the communion elements and prepare our part for the following Fellowship time. The Normanator even baked one of his specialty cakes in honor of the day's activities.

Everything went like clock work. Some of us were up before the alarm sounded. Faces were scrubbed, teeth were cleaned, whiskers buzzed away and tummies filled with toast. We stopped to collect the boys' aunt from her home in the assisted living facility and off we drove.

We were the first to arrive at the little country church. It was not until Mother Connie turned on the kitchen light and noticed the calendar that it dawned on her: THIS is not communion Sunday! IT IS NEXT WEEK! So, of course, there would be no Fellowship Hour.

The picnic basket housing the cake was whisked away to the trunk of the car for safekeeping! After we finished laughing we sat, looking at one another; marveling that we had arrived so early, so well prepared and so erroneously.

The poor Normanator-it would have been useless to question this plan before it was executed. The stress level registered off the charts, so it was easier for him to just go along with this cockamamie, ill timed plan of Mother Connie's. Besides, he also thought the First Sunday in Advent meant communion would be served.

Mother Connie is living proof that stress addles the brain. With Christmas looming within the month, she would be wise to settle down and take her own advice about not stressing over the details of the holiday.

At least the family saw the humor in this comedy of errors!

She'll be doing The Healing Codes a little more often now, thank you very much.

Connie Baum
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  1. Oh I do have sympathy for you and your situation. Been there done that kind of thing before. :) It happens...however, laughter is the best way to recover; exactly as you have already discovered. Besides...it allows an opportunity in the future, when stress builds up, to break the tension by remembering this little moment.

    In the larger scheme of things...it really is a little moment. Glad you got to church EARLY, LOL! Focus on the positives, sister!

  2. Oh, I totally agree that we must focus on the positives!

    I think it's healthy to be able to laugh at our own mistakes; so I guess I am quite healthy. Must be all those Healing Codes, keeping me as well as can be expected! grin

    Thanks so much for commenting, dear heart!

    Mother Connie

  3. Mother Connie is posting the following comment on behalf of Michele Eiger, The Bodacious Boomer:

    You are too human! (I was wondering about that since you always have it together). You made me laugh aloud this morning. Not an easy task at this time of day. Are you really able to stay away from a cake for a week? Another superhuman feat in my opinion. Have a great Tuesday.

    Michele Eiger

  4. Oh, Au Contraire, Michele!

    What on earth persuades you I always have it together? The Normanator finds that hysterical, since he is acutely aware that we BOTH need adult supervision.

    So happy this made you laugh aloud. We do need one another, eh?

    Thanks for commenting; sorry you had "issues" in getting the comment online. Go figure cyberspace.

    Mother Connie

  5. It's one of those days...Mother Connie is posting this comment from Sheila because she, too, had difficulty in posting her comment.

    "Oh, Connie, I have laughed myself silly, and it's not 7 a.m. yet. That Normanator desires a huge reward. I'll let you choose what it is.

    Oh, my dear, I love you from my tippy-toes. So glad I was lucky enuf to be a classmate of yours.

    Then after I tried to send as I never take time to preview, and I re-read it and died laughing again cuz of my Freudian slip. I meant to write deserves but instead the Freud in me wrote desires which is truly correct. OMRG"


  6. Oh, my dearest friend, Sheila!

    Who needs entertainment when we have one another?

    I will send you a tutorial, so you can comment with ease.

    Thank you so much for making the effort!!!

    Big Hugs,

  7. Connie,

    You are tooo human. I am so glad that I am not the only one that does those things. Only I have a harder time laughing at myself for those mistakes. I always want to go and hide. So I admire you for that. My mother-in-law was the same way she could laugh at all of her mistakes so the rest of us could laugh with her. I love that in you.

    Norm is so special for being able to handle all of that also. Tell him hello for us.

    Thank you for letting me in on your life.

    You are to special.



  8. Renita, you are so thoughty. Happy to have you pop by and leave your dear comment. Your compliment is deeply appreciated.

    I am blessed to have you in my life, so we can laugh together!

    Here's hoping LOTS and LOTS of people make2tell2 ( as in www.make2tell2.com )for our soldiers, Grandma!

    Hugs from The Funny Grandma aka Mother Connie
    That's It; I'm Going to Grandma's Grandma!!!

  9. It is wonderful to read about real human events because we have all been there done that. I was not just laughing at you, but laughing at myself because it triggered memories of things over the years where mistakes were made and I was the one left with pie on the face. It is nice to be reminded that we all have had things to cause red faces. Just thinking of some of mine makes me smile so thanks for starting my day with a smile and a laugh.

    I so appreciate you and what you add to my life. Thank you for being you.

    I do have one question though Is the cake still hiding in the trunk for next week?


  10. Thanks for your comment, Kathy, and all your kind words.

    About that cake--remember, those boys WILL and DO eat ANYthing so you can imagine any cake in the region has no chance of lasting a week!

    Isn't life FUN?

    Mother Connie

  11. If we don't laugh at our selves when we make silly mistakes ,who should we laugh at? I too am Always making them like the time I had 10 min. to get somewhere to get some help on a quilt i was working on and I threw it over my arm and then I was hunting for my purse for my drivers'License etc. and couldn't find it. I went into panic mode.(talk about stress) I had my husband helping me look for it. he went to the garage to see if it was in the car. I went and said i know it's not bthere I had to have had it to get in the house when i came home. As I turned around and my husband said a choice word and I said "don't get mad just help me.(the mins. are ticking away) He said no."look on your arm.You guessed it. In my hurry I had thrown the quilt over my purse and couldn't see it.At first I wanted to cry and then I couldn't do anything but laugh.I think that one tops most of my blunders.laughing brightens the day!!!lol Delilah

  12. Oh my goodness! It's such a comfort to know that I am not alone in my stress and mis-steps! And you and I both know we are MUCH too young for these incidents to be chalked up as Old Lady things!

    If laughter is the best medicine, we have had our dose, Delilah.

    Thank you for taking time out to stop by and to share your human-ness with us!

    Mother Connie


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